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I’m either going to delete this profile or hiatus OK, I’m already tired of the sex every morning and every day all day, I don’t have time to think about anything else except when I’m at work and I’m about to be Quarantine so...

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Shαmєlєss Trιckstєrs

Apr 1st 2020 18:48

Understandable. It can be quite a switch between people and personalities.

Marishka could be in town, doing a job. He could be multiple roles, depending if he's human or something else.
Shαmєlєss Trιckstєrs

Apr 1st 2020 16:30

It's alright, sometimes I forget stuff sometimes as well. I picked Trevor.

Marishka is a vampire, use to be the wife of Dracula. I took her from Van Helsing movie, she had supposedly died but was saved in a moment of enslavement, though she gained freedom from that.  She and her husband helps hunter keep monsters from getting out of hand.
Shαmєlєss Trιckstєrs

Apr 1st 2020 14:55

Thank you!

So you picked Marishka. Did you wish to discuss or wing it? I'm down for either.
Shαmєlєss Trιckstєrs

Mar 30th 2020 15:27

Ahh, okay. 

Oh no, not a background story, just information about the character, but thats perfectly fine. As you said, to each their own.

Lol, perfectly understandable. That can be kind of tough when you've just set things up. XD

Certainly sounds like a harrowing experience and an interesting connection between them all. Kids that all suffered horrors on a sex train. 

It sounds like a start to some thriller suspense film, honestly.  Then, years later, they all end up in this same therapy session thing and thats when things go weird, where they all connect the dots of being on that same train. A mention of a person there, or here, or a detail of sounds that get to several others in the group.

Would kind of be like that movie with those people on Skype, where a killer is slowly taking them out one by one.

Sorry, I ran away with the idea there. XD

Just let me know who seems interesting from my cast for you and we can discuss or wing it from there!
Shαmєlєss Trιckstєrs

Mar 29th 2020 16:12


I didn't really give a reason, other than letting stories flow - which I realize might not make sense to most.
 My main one being that I don't have roles I need filling or there isn't a particular person I have in mind for a story.  At least not readily apparent to me at this time.

Unelss there is another reason for the application? I've never done them, so I don't mind being educated on it.

I just wasn't sure if that was a requirement in order to ro with you.

May I ask if you have information on Trevor?
Shαmєlєss Trιckstєrs

Mar 29th 2020 13:12


Hey there, how are you? I look forward to chatting and roleplaying with you.

I had a brief look over your page, I noticed you have characters in the albums and a muse application. Are the ones in the albums open to any rp or are those reserved for people? 

I don't wish to do the muse application as I enjoy letting stories flow. If those in the albums are reserved for those who do the application I understand.

I have multiple characters myself.  They all have pictures in the albums (all but one at current), but their information can be found under the crow picture on my page.  There is a series of links that take you to group pages, clicking on pictures there lead to bios.  I understand that the number and links can get confusing, but if you have questions just know I'm here to answer them.
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