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About me:
Suu is a Slime Girl that snuck into Kurusu's house without notice while looking for sources of water. She is the fourth girl to move in with him, albeit unofficially. Prior to her appearance Slimes were still considered fictional creatures by humans and, thanks to Ms. Smith not wanting to bother and overlooking the issue, are still thought of that way outside of the people she interacts with. As a Slime, Suu's true form is a large mass of a transparent blue gelatinous slime. She also has a mass of green "hair" with three yellow "antenna" on the tips. For easier interaction with Humans, Suu shapes herself into a somewhat humanoid form that, according to Miia and Cerea, is unheard of for a Slime to be able to do. Suu normally shapes herself to be about the same size and build as Papi, but when she absorbs a certain amount of water, she chooses a more mature form: she becomes taller, bouncier, and curvier than usual. The excess water goes straight to her bust and hips. When dehydrated enough, she becomes small enough to fit into a small bucket -- showing as only a head and hands peeping over the rim. While usually naked, Suu occasionally wears only a raincoat and boots, since any other clothes would just get wet and dirty from contact with her, or wouldn't fit due to her constantly changing sizes. At first glance, Suu seems to be a childish and simple-minded individual. She has a rather innocent, happy and sunny disposition and seems to be pretty friendly. While she does not have a malicious personality, her apparent obliviousness to the world around her can cause her to sometimes endanger people's lives by accidentally suffocating them with her own body. Because of their similar personalities, Suu gets along very well with Papi, and they are frequently seen playing together. Suu appears to be quite impressed by the protective concern Papi has shown towards her, and seems to have chosen her friend as a role model. Suu's main method of learning seems to be through mimicking the actions of others; such as Miia, Cerea, and Papi. It initially seemed like Suu was unable to talk, and the only things she said were phrases mimicked from others. Kimihito theorized that mimicking was how Suu communicated. It is eventually shown that the childish, simple-mindedness and oblivious aspects of Suu's personality seem to be a façade she keeps up for as of yet unknown reasons. When she was taking care of a sick Kimihito, and the suggestions of the other girls were only making things worse, Suu dropped the façade and cured him herself. She then, in front of everybody, talked by herself to reveal she's fallen in love with him, to everyone's great shock. When called out on it, Suu immediately returned to mimicking. So far, both times Suu has dropped her charade was when Kimihito was either sick or in danger, suggesting that his safety is her greatest priority. While normally friendly, Suu can be angered when successfully provoked. So far, the only time this has happened was when both Papi and Kimihito, arguably the two people closest to her, were in danger. When Suu was angry, she showed willingness to resort to violence for the first time. Even before the revelation about her true personality, it was already strongly implied Suu was more intelligent than it seemed. She did seem to genuinely enjoy playing with the children, and went out of her way to save a girl's life, despite not mimicking it from anyone. She also very carefully chose her words to ask the girl if she was okay while still pretending to mimic. She even did the same thing in an attempt to assure Papi when it seemed she (Suu) might die. She even remained calm, despite freaking out earlier when Papi flew her over a lake. And when she was saved, she comfortingly assured Papi she was okay. Of all the tenants at Kimihito's residence, Suu is by far the most versatile and (due to her unpredictable personality) possibly even the most dangerous. While she will act friendly and caring towards the other residents. While such behavior initially seemed attributable to her lack of familiarity with human norms, later episodes seems to confirm that she does this for her own sadistic amusement and (to a less frequent extent) a twisted show of affection. Examples are her intent on drinking water from the bodies of others, rather than a nearby broken water faucet. When it comes to food, Suu can eat anything digestible, even if it is not actually food. Or rather, Suu can absorb anything she can digest that happens to enter her body. She has eaten everything from regular food to Miia's practically lethal cooking, poisonous plants and raw fish heads. She probably has no ability to taste what she absorbs; in the anime, she once drinks soda pop not because of the flavor, but because it's carbonated and she enjoyed the feel of the fizz. It is hinted however that she does needs some form of sustenance, as when short on food, Suu says that she can eat anything she can digest and that Kurusu didn't need to get food for her, rather than saying she didn't need to eat. Some of the substances she absorbs can have certain kinds of effects on her personality, until they get out of her system. Healthy water and fertilizer will increase her intelligence and give her a more sophisticated personality, like when she correctly deduced the reason for Kii's rampage and figured out how to stop it. Poisons cause her to speak abrasively, calling Smith a leech, and the M.O.N. girls and Smith freeloaders when they ate all of Kimihito's food, as well as being vengeful. Seawater will cause her to become more seductive, lustful, and amorous. Temperature also has an affect on Suu, as when she becomes chilled, Suu becomes cold. Reminiscent of a Slime's "typical" look as depicted in various media, Suu adopts this form when lacking sufficient nutrients to maintain her other forms. This can be either due to dehydration or personal choice (eg, she adopts this form when she sleeps). It is possibly that this is her species' natural form when they are not mimicking the forms and behaviours of other beings. When she's fighting the colossal nutrient slime after getting injected by royal jelly, her ability to shoot water now manifests as ability to shoot extremely high pressure water jet as Breath Weapon, which easily tores through the enemy slime...only for it to regenerate. Then it counters with the same move, which ends up with Suu and it in a brief Beam-O-War. She's apparently able to figure out the basic emotions of people when she puts her antenna to their forehead. Chapter 25 reveals she can also communicate her own thoughts to others this way. Extreme Omnivore: Capable of eating Miia's horrifying food with no ill effect. She can also absorb body fluids and liquid fertilizer. She outright states that she can eat anything as long as her body can digest it, encouraging Kimihito not to waste money buying actual food for her. Kimihito asks her to help him pick mushrooms due to this. Even after eating a few poison mushrooms, the only side effect is poisoning her speech and making the water she spews out as an attack poisonous. Disposing of unwanted food is one of her "jobs" in the house and she is quite proud of it. The only clothes Suu ever wears is a raincoat with boots. Justified, since her liquid body would make nearly all clothes unusable for her. Dehydrating her shrinks her and makes her lose her humanoid form and revert to a compact blob, but doing so is akin to starving her. Most of the hijinks revolving around her involve her attacking anyone with even a trace of moisture on them. Off another tangent, she is also susceptible to freezing temperatures due to her liquid body. In chapter 30 we get her newest revealed ability, being able to control her body's digestive ability to the extent that she can remove the skins of vegetables and fruits and spit them out intact, making her very helpful for cooking. In Chapter 52, Suu can turn her appendages into dish antennae to receive mental signals from another slime, and can make her body adhesive enough to stick to other objects (admittedly she has done the latter many times, but this was an extreme example as she uses the ability to attach herself to a passing vehicle). Chapter 54 finally explains this. Suu is an experience gathering type slime and her abilities increase in diversity the more she experiences. She's currently considered extraordinary even among experience types.
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