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36 years old
Huntsville, Alabama
United States

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May 27 2020

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Here for:Friends,
Orientation: Straight
Hometown:New York
Body type:Average
Ethnicity:Black/African descent
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Length: Multi Para, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Crossover, Fantasy, Open, Spar/Fighting, Supernatural, Video Game,
Status: Divorced
Member Since:April 16, 2020

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About me:

Name: Xander Vigil

Age: Appears to be in his thirties. He actually over a thousand years old

Species: Nephil

Family: Mother Lahash(Demon of Desire and Rage) Father Samuel Vigil a failed magician.

Occupation: Traveler(He travels through dimensions)

Alignment: Depends what world he is in. Sometimes he likes to play the role of the bad guy

Features: Mostly bearded and wearing his unholy robes given to him by his mother. A brownish color and he is always mostly hooded

Powers/abilities: Elemental User leans towards lightning cause he like the sound of the crinkling. God like speed, strength, agility. Healing factor. A minor field around him that can detect life around him. The field has a two mile radius from his position. An above average hand to hand fighter and weapon of choice is a staff called Blood Wake given to him by his father.

Height: 6'4

Weight: 210 pounds

Detailed features: Black Hair, Brownish eyes with the pupil being white. Beard trimmed with his sideburns thick and connecting his hair with his beard

Marriage status: Divorced. Wife: Sandra Meyers

Children: Kelvin and Lyn Vigil

Pets: A raven name Doug.

POB: New York

Current Location:?

Orientation: Straight

Eyes: Changes depending on the story

Hair: Black

Persona: Laid back only get excited within a good spar or a serious fight

Who I'd like to meet:

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May 26th 2020 18:34

Hmm, good question. I actually I like both! XD I will leave it up to you :) And it's okay you can take your time.

May 21st 2020 21:36

Okay, I will try to get to your post here for now.

May 21st 2020 21:28

Same as on this site. And right now yes I am.

May 21st 2020 20:24

It's the other site same as ani.rp http://www.roleplayer.me/ but mostly people use real-life characters from tv shows and movies over there.

May 21st 2020 19:38

A star wars story yes I would like that. Do you have a Rp.me account? Perhaps we can have a Star Wars story over there.

May 21st 2020 11:34

OOC: Hello there. You are Demmion are you not? I was on Hiatus and still, I am on/off on this site.

1. I don't mind I will do anything as long as you won't kill my character is fine with me. You can hurt her but don't kill her. (She actually enjoys pain. Just saying.)

2. I love the extra characters in the story. So yup bring them on! It will be interesting.
3. Mature is fine with me. After all, I am a succubus - demon. 
4. I am not sure I just normally go with the flow. But I will be up for anything as long as we won't kill each other characters.
5. I wouldn't kill your character. Hurt him yes but Kill him no. But I think your character most likely is more powerful than my Morrigan. 
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