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Characters: Vorax
Verses: Original Omniverse / Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Playbys: Something normal, odd, horrifying or adorable
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Psychological, Science Fiction,
Member Since:April 18, 2020

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Imagine a realm of existence specifically forged and isolated. Its borders, even through the tiniest of cracks, are fortified beyond comprehension. Entry is possible. Exit is astronomically difficult. Imagine that the sole purpose of this realm is to discard and quarantine plagues from all across the Multiverse. Illnesses that not only afflict mortals but immortals as well.

Imagine being begotten from within such a realm, only to then be its sole custodian. No one else within to rely on for assistance. Innate with abilities to manipulate facets of reality with grand cosmic authority and nigh-effortless ease, yes, but still confined to attend to, catalog and maintain in the most secured incarcerations the ever-expanding archives of various filth and invasive torment.

Imagine the isolation; the lack of the chance to be heard, to speak in turn, to interact with someone else acknowledging well an interaction as lifetime after lifetime passes by with naught a piece of a chance. Imagine the loss of will to resume the task; focus lost which renders these diseases free from any safe confinement but not free the realm itself.

For the countless filth to bind and blend with cosmic forces once used as a means to imprison them like caged feral beasts, bearing a deep-seated hatred for whoever looks after them and keeping them imprisoned. New forms of sentience created with only the once lone custodian locked in the realm with them, cosmic predators all converging to feast on a single prey. To be corrupted, tortured and reshaped again and again, later reborn with the insatiable need to spread, to conquer and to torment.

Imagine that the being afflicted and morphed beyond conceivable recognition by the conjured horror of horrors is you. Would such existence be worthwhile?

To Vorax, the answer is best left lost in Oblivion.

Once called as the Keeper, the relative-omnipotent entity has long been cataloguing the myriad of pestilences extracted out of from worlds, galactic civilizations, pocket dimensions and realities. In Plagatorium, an expanding self-sustained reality, the cultures of parasites, bacteria and viruses, both physical and magical, hold value, making them worth the preservation instead of just mere obliteration.

However, due to the unstable nature within this repulsive reality, Plagatorium is only watched and maintained by a single powerful entity to ensure the diseases will not breach out of the borders of this cosmic compound. None else dares to even try and stay longer than it takes for a thought to begin being thought of. One may not be able to even endure the slightest the oddness and madness within this universe. Only the Keeper seemed to be immune from what were driving anyone else to the brink of insanity.

It is simply an incredibly colossal compound for well-quarantined diseases, is it not?

As eons had come to pass, ill suspicions had been raised. Allegedly, The Keeper had been maliciously unleashing much of the quarantined pestilences back into the Multiverse with tremendously horrific effects. Or so what The Keeper had been accused of. The suspicions caused a major uproar within the Grand Cosmic Pantheon. A Trial of the Transcendent was held. The Keeper offered evidence for everyone to witness Its comings and goings without an iota of censorship in hopes to truthfully counter such astral accusations.

They find Its astronomical activities to strengthen the parasitic forces and to worsen their inflicting nature as unbelievably atrocious. However, since activities have been solely confined in Plagatorium, The Keeper was judged innocent for the cosmic crimes It was being strongly accused of.

What those from Creation are aware of about Vorax

[] Vorax is innately genderless, without true requirement of such an identifier.
[] Vorax uses god-like Science and Magic to perform and bring into fruition a litany of feats.
[] Vorax can travel between dimensions and realities.
[] Although It has the great potential to do so, it is claimed that Vorax does not manipulate Time. At least, It does not do so outside any reality It governs. It is incredibly-resistant to the effects of anyone who or anything that manipulates Time. However, Vorax does not use such power.
[] Vorax often uses Avatars to act on its behalf.
[] A popular Avatar of Vorax is called Cute'Hulhu. It is wonderfully adorable and squishy, posing no harm yet still incredibly powerful.
[] Vorax can interact with different dimensions and realities simultaneously and in different ways, making It a multiversal being.
[] Although Death is an aspect of Creation It acknowledges as a necessity, Vorax is personally not an enthusiast of invoking it as a way of punishment. It considers Death to be a dull sentence to give upon a designated being or non-being of interest.
[] Vorax is not officially categorized as a divine or a damned being. It can be one or the other... or even both, depending on what forces in Creation It wills to control.
[] Vorax adores music, even more so when scenes of unspeakable macabre produce audio sequences reminiscent of melodious songs and compositions.
[] Vorax salutes sh[i]tposters.
[] Vorax sometimes--or more than sometimes--conduct dialogues with an unknown entity nigh-unconditionally imperceptible to all else within Its vicinity or even far away (hint: anyone viewing this web page...... get it~? ^_~).

Qualifications for
Multiversal Mayhem

4th wall awareness
4th wall interaction
Anti-matter manipulation
Astral projection
Cellular regeneration
Cosmic awareness
Cosmic manipulation
Dimension manipulation
Disaster manipulation
Disease manipulation
Dream invasion
Dream manipulation
Energy absorption
Energy blast
Energy manipulation
Force field
Forced immortality
Logic manipulation
Mass manipulation
Matter absorption
Matter manipulation
Mind control
Mind control immunity
Multiversal remote control
Oblivion immunity
Paradox manipulation resistance
Psionic manipulation
Radiation absorption
Reality warping
Science manipulation
Siphon abilities
Space manipulation
Super strength
Temporary invulnerability
Time manipulation resistance
Transcendent science
Viral outbreak


Direct physical, mystical and cosmic attacks
Incapable of long-distant interstellar travel by Itself
Proper and thorough disease cure
Omnipotent beings

Alpha Designation: Vorax
Aliases: Plague, Defiler of the Cosmos, Vor, Cute'Hulhu
Race: Cosmic Entity
Abstract Advocacy: Weirdness, Grotesqueness, Resolve, Curiosity, Greed, Torment, Chaos
Birthplace: Plagatorium (Plane of Plagues)
Most competent foe(s): Rick Sanchez C-137, The Living Tribunal, The Specter, Marquis of Death, Mr. Myxzptlk, Superboy-Prime, Kek

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