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Wolf Verse(but open to many). Myspace Veteran, New Character. 18+ PLEASE.

26 years old
Ace, Texas
United States

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May 21 2020

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Member Since:May 18, 2020

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About me:
Oh pssh HAI THERE :D
Don't mind the nakedness of the profile~ I'm working on it slowly.
Oh your still here? Well, I'll get to it then!
Name is Kasper!
I'm an Orphan Pup!
Here to have fun.

Uh... I like blue? OH OH I love watermelon!
My eyes are Watermelon pink but that's not why I love watermelon.
They're quite tasty! YUM!
Ummm..... what else is there? Hmph. I can't think of anything.
Well, if you want to know more, Add and send a Message or a comment!
I won't bite... hard?

Eye color: Watermelon Pink eyes(#FE7F9C), Baby Blue(#89CFEF), White(#FFFFFF), Black(#000000).
I'll get to the rest later...

RULES/THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW Ugh. I know, but everyone has them right?
-1-. YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 18 TO ROLEPLAY WITH ME. No ifs, ands, or butts. I am 25 years old, about to be 26. Once I find out you are under 18 after you told me you were older, I'll immediately cut all contact with you, put out a beware and block you.
-2-. I am happily engaged in real life. With that being said, ROLEPLAY RELATIONSHIPS are STRICTLY for roleplay. I'm okay with being friends in RL, but that's it. If you try to get with me in RL, I'll drop the RP relationship and block you.
-3-. I have children and pets. With that being said, please be patient with me. I won't always be able to reply or be here.
-4-. I have health issues, just like a lot of others. I have a comprehension issue as well, however. If I stop replying or just really slow at replying, it's most likely because of this, or I'm tending to my children/pets/hubby(I'm a girl in rl).
-5-. DO NOT ASK ME FOR MY NUMBER. Unless we've started to get to know each other after a little while, do not ask.
Uh... think that's it.
Who I'd like to meet:

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DarkShadow(The Shinigami)

May 19th 2020 17:43

Thanks for accpeting my ad dhope to hear form you.
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