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32 years old
Gilbert, Arizona
United States

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December 13 2018

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Member Since:February 06, 2014

"Hiiiii! The goddess, Quetzalcoatl, steps into the ring looking in top shape! Get out the drinks, get the Lucha on, and let's body slam a Jaguar! CAN YOU FEEL THE ELECTRICITY IN THE AIR?!"

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Blair Amani Rose

Castiel (Taken by Yuki Shinya)


zero nova


Aya Shiryu {The lost princess}





Haruna Sairenji


Tormented Succubus(D.F)|Single|

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⚔ Erika Auditore ⚔

Nov 19th 2018 21:55


Good Morning/Evening/Night 
Thank you for adding/ accepting 
I do hope we can get something started soon.
Can't wait to hear from you. 

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⚔ Erika Auditore ⚔

Nov 19th 2018 00:34

What kind of roleplayer are you? We're friends but we don't talk, I'm wondering why???
Fairy Kitten

Oct 26th 2018 15:04

Welcome to my page, new comer. My name
is Yuri Plisetsky.
Feel free to call me Yuri. Or if you have a nickname,
you can use that as well.
Seeing how I have some odd one's already; I wouldn't
mind having any more of them.

I'm pretty open-minded when it comes to roleplaying.
We can either wing it or talk one out.
Seeing how Yuri is from Russia and traveled all the way
over to Japan, I can easily fit Yuri pretty much
anywhere if needed.

I'm mostly a Multi Para writer. I don't normally do one-liners
unless it's in discord, status or OOC chat.. If it's a short
story line that we are actually doing.... I will be ignoring it. I'm warning
you a head of time on this one.

If you have discord, feel free to add mine.
Small Fairy#3283

Oct 9th 2018 21:43

Reply please before meh Go Beddy Bye!

Oct 7th 2018 20:44

REPLY! Oops sorry.. *pats myself's cheek* SH*T SH*T I'm so SORRY!!

Oct 7th 2018 19:14

Hope I'm not bugging you! *hugs* I want know so.. we can stay friends forever and then maybe become best friends! I'm Loving are roleplay I hope You Are also! *hugs more* I hope you reply Soon! I know I'm Impatient but I'm Trying the best for you! You'll see! *kisses Zeke's Cheek*


Oct 7th 2018 18:52

*pokes Zeke* psss Wake UP! AND REPLY TO ME! *frowns and continues to poke him while waiting for roleplay reply*

Oct 6th 2018 20:11

*hugs* Hope you reply soon!

Oct 4th 2018 20:48

*hugs* Might go to sleep pwelase reply!

Oct 3rd 2018 13:14

*hugs* Love you zeke,And are roleplay! *tackles him with hugs and a smile spreads across her face*
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