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“...If someone ever did manage to master such magics they would transcend all those who came before them and become a being that is
beyond human

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Characters: Amara
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Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Slice of Life, Supernatural,
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About me:

Hello there and welcome to my page. If you are here then I expect you are searching for someone to Role-Play with. Hopefully, you find me an interesting and suitable partner for your wants and desires and your search ends here. You should know that this character is fantasy based, where our possibilities are limited only by our combined imaginations.

Amara's main theme is magic and spell casting to achieve things that would otherwise be impossible. As for settings, she can exist in a world in which things like elves, dwarves, orcs, and other fantasy creatures exist and magic is a known phenomenon practiced by many, or a world comprised of only humans and other animals, where the art of magic is lost to all but a few and is thought only to be fictional. The setting will depend largely on your preferences, but know that my character will be played as a spell caster either way.

If the idea of having a powerful enchantress as either your ally or enemy interests you then I suggest you continue your exploration of my page as we may have a future together.


Honesty -- Hey now, you don't have to lie to me to get what you want. I want to help you out and the best way I can do that is if you tell me what you want. I'll be honest with you as well. Sorry, but I might be a bit blunt sometimes, but at least you'll know where I stand. Don't be afraid to tell me no if it comes to that.

Long-Term Relationships -- I want my character to make friends, rivals, enemies, and maybe even lovers. It takes dedication to keep a Role-Play going long-term, but if you think you've got what it takes let's get to developing stories and events.

Continuity -- I want the decisions and experiences of our characters to carry over to future Role-Plays. In order for that happen, we have to...

Finish Our Role-Plays -- I don't want us to get stuck in a Role-Play that never ends. We can close out a scene and start another one, that way things stay fresh and there is a chance for time to pass.

Flexibility -- I try to be as flexible as possible when it comes to Role-Playing. I want to have fun and even more so I want YOU to have fun.

Discussion/Improvising -- I like to discuss my Role-Plays at least a tiny bit before we start, but that is certainly not mandatory. We can start and have fun improvising a scene and seeing where it takes us.

Goals -- Our characters should all have one or more, but will they ever achieve them and what are they willing to do in order to reach them?


Medieval Fantasy -- A world of castles, villages, magic, monsters, etc.

Adventure -- Exploring new places, braving dangers, taking risks, facing enemies, saving the world, etc.

Slice of Life -- Not every Role-Play has to be an adventure. I don't mind slowing things down a bit and just dealing with the problems of our characters' everyday lives. These are sometimes the scenes that lead to adventures.

Drama -- Things won't always be so easy going. When the going gets tough characters might get serious and emotional. Death, betrayal, loss, and the threat of those can make situations tense.

Romance -- Who knows where her heart will lead this young woman. Don't force it and don't ask for a romance themed Role-Play. If it happens it happens.


Bounty Hunt -- A bounty has been placed on a person or beast that has your character and my character trying to collect the prize and make the world a safer place.

In this scenario the bounty can be placed on either one of our characters, immediately giving us a reason to pit our characters against one another. In the case where the bounty is placed on someone or something else this scene can see our characters working together to bring down a common enemy, or it can see them competing against each other to be the person to defeat the target and collect the bounty.

War Isn't a Place To Show Off -- The kingdoms are at war once again and the land is engulfed in chaos. Our characters have been conscripted to fight in the coming battle and that could lead to glory or death.

If our characters are not allied to the same army then this is another scenario that can pit our characters against one another. How will they deal with one another as enemies? In the case they are fighting for the same side, do they know each other or do they meet for the first time on the battlefield? Where are they stationed? Fighting in the trenches and on the front lines can be vastly different than a fight up on the ramparts.

Obviously, this is probably a combat heavy Role-Play, but if that isn't your thing we can experiment and focus on other aspects of a battle, such as strategy, defense, healing and medicine, team work, etc.

Magic Is Not a Toy -- Rumors and stories surrounding Amara have lead others to seek her out in hopes of learning from her. Some want to learn about the magics she has mastered, while others are after the secret to her long life.

This is a Role-Play that places Amara as a teacher and is probably best suited for those who are interested in slice of life scenes that has your character playing a student, or someone who wants to learn the secrets Amara has amassed. Amara might test those that come to learn from her before agreeing teach them anything, or she might ask for a favor before she takes them on as a student. If Amara refuses to teach them will they be able to take no for an answer? Depending on the magic she is teaching and the student, things could even get messy. What if her student messed up a spell, or tried to summon something they shouldn't have?

...If You've Got The Gold For It -- There's been talk about a small time business in town that is selling enchantments to those who can afford them! No, seriously. You bring the shop keeper whatever you want: weapons, jewelry, armor, tools and she'll enchant them with the magic of your choosing!

Amara has a shop that she runs when she has time for it which makes for a good place to meet her for the first time and introduce your character to her. She doesn't mind window shoppers. You can use her experience with enchantments to strengthen your character while also getting to know her. Certain enchantments, specifically the more powerful ones, usually require Amara to have certain ingredients on hand; rare ingredients. That means she is going to have to go out and collect them and she is probably going to drag your character along, too. They better be able to pay her for her time and effort.

Your Ideas -- I want to hear the ideas you have for a Role-Play scene between us. The ideas I have listed above are not the only things I'm willing to play, they're just something to get the creative juices flowing; a starting point for more amazing ideas.

Who I'd like to meet:

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