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26 years old
Freeport, Illinois
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June 03 2020

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Orientation: Straight
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Status: Single
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About me:
Trayssan was born on the planet Alderran, having a family that didnt belong to any of the houses that made up the planets government. As a result, instead of being raised with the fine lifestyle and shiny buildings most Alderranians are used to, they lived up in a small and simple home hidden in the planets snowy mountains. However when he was about eight years old, the evil sith empire attacked Alderran. This forced his parents to join in the fighting in hopes of defending their family, leaving Trayssan alone in the home, his parents never returned. He spent the next two weeks alone in the small and quiet home until a republic scouting party found the home while searching for a place to set up camp. This team was led by Jedi Master Shao. Shao discovered the hut among the mountains and could sense a young life form inside and found young Trayssan when investigating. When he got closer to the boy, he could sense his powerful connection to the force and offered to take him away from the fighting to the Jedi Temple on planet Tython. Twelve years later Trayssan is a young Jedi Knight who just passed his final trials on Tython and set out to help lead the Republic to victory against the Empire and preserve peace throughout the galaxy.
Who I'd like to meet:

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Wolf of Exandria

Aug 15th 2017 11:27

Greetings and thank you for accepting my friend request. My name is Morza and it is a pleasure to meet you. I was hoping to get the chance to discuss any roleplay ideas with you that the two of us may have. If at all possible, maybe we could get one started soon. Anyways, I'm sorry if this greeting is short and simple however I believe in sending something than nothing. Look forward to hearing from you in the future.
F O R C E Embraced

May 5th 2016 22:00

With the Force, I am Whole;

Hello from galaxies far away. I go by the name of Kokurai. If the name is to much, feel free to give me a nickname.

You may or may not be busy, but when you do have a free chance, we can have a simple discussion to break the ice and maybe discuss a storyline between our character.

So until i hear from you again, I bid you adue
tortured soul

Aug 5th 2015 16:07

lone shapeshifter

Hello there my name is haruhi, its a pleasure to meet you miss/sir
if you would like to role play please just ask and we'll think of a storyline
the roleplay gender i never really do is romance or hentai

lone shapeshifter left her mark here


Dec 17th 2014 12:05

I'll check it out as soon as I can -nods and smiles;

Dec 17th 2014 09:43

-chuckles; Alright then, during. You just send your starter when you're ready -nods;

Dec 17th 2014 07:48

Should the invasion come after they finish off Naraku, or should it come during his 'rule' so to speak, making it two enemies to defeat at once ?

I'd like it if you would send it. I RP in messages only... even after they changed it to the Sh** it is now -growls annoyed that they still haven't changed it back yet;

Dec 17th 2014 05:40

Alright so late in the show where Naraku is gaining a lot of power, and then suddenly you crash down with an ultimate weapon for Naraku to use if he gets his hands on it, if he gets information that it exists.
So who should send the starter ?

Dec 12th 2014 16:23

Alright, I would love to hear your idea for no 2 -smiles;
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