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114 years old
Planet Vegeta
Antigua and Barbuda

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April 19 2019

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Normal/Passive Skills

-Unnatural Zenkai Boost
-Ki Blast/Waves
-Ki Manipulation/Control
-Kiai Blast/Explosive Wave
-Afterimage/Afterimage Strike
-Mild Telekinesis
-Sonic Sway

Advanced Abilities
-Seismic Strength
-Lesser Instant Transmission
-Empathic Sense
-Rage Empowerment

-Saiyan Rage Mode [Unlocked]
-Great Ape [Mastered]
-Golden Great Ape [Locked]
-Super Saiyan [Unlocked]
-??? Transformation [Primed]
-??? Transformation[Locked]

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Body type:No Answer
Ethnicity:No Answer
Member Since:May 26, 2014

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About me:
Name:Paipuru (パイプル, Pineapple)
Age: 30-ish
Birthday: February 14th, Age 733
Weight: 301lb
Height: 7'5 (Seven Feet, Five Inches)
Likes: Food, Food, More Food, Aliens, "Neat" things, Saiyans and Treasure.
Dislikes: No Food, Overly Sweet Things, Frieza's Race, Robots and Felines.
Voice Comparison: Robert Blotworthy (James Raynor, Starcraft I & II)
Alignment: Neutral
Occupation: Pirate Captain


As a start one can expect the same qualities of Paipuru that are found in his kin. Pride, Aggression, a Lust for Conflict and insatiable hunger. Vices of his own include a strong love of Alcohol and 'anything that bats an eyelash' to him. Essential to a Rock Star lifestyle. These defects all culminate to the profession Paipuru found his true calling in: Piracy.

As expected of a Pirate it was quintessential the possibility of casualties and collateral damage be kept in mind. Sometimes a hero would try to rise on a raid of a merchant ship. That poor fool was met with the softer side of Captain Paipuru; harsh beatings within an inch of their life.

With the career as a Pirate and knowing the possibilities that one day he may take the life of the person, like a courageous child surprising him in a cargo hold swinging a wrench at him. That incident haunts him. Incidents like that happened... often. He never meant to kill nor did he want to... but he crossed the line and knew the job's risks.

Through thick and thin Paipuru could be defined as a reliable friend. Loyalty was always worth more than a price tag. Friends are hard to come by in these times, true friends at least. With that said if anyone were to befriend the hulking Saiyan they would never be alone in an endeavor. A red star in the vast darkness of space that you could call on in the cosmos and be met with support.

For those he know and are close to, his tales as a Pirate are kept silent out of respect. That is another amenity in short supply; respect. How one got it was varied but once it is gained it is a forever oath to hold that bond.

Blood Type: AB+
Race: Saiya-jin (サイヤ人)
Physique: Well Built and Lean.
Hair/Fur Color: Sandy Brown/Blonde
Tail Length: 3'6 (3 Feet, 6 Inches)
Mutation(s): ??? Saiya-jin Gene [Awakened]

-Pai Mei, Father
-Momo, Mother
-Achillieus, First Cousin
-Selary, Third Cousin
-Broly, Fourth Cousin
-Paragus, Third Cousin Inlaw
-Fumei, Illegitimate Son
-Hiei, Great(x4) 'Future' Grandson

-Ama, Comrade
-Kiuizaru, Brother in Arms
-Sakuzaru, Brother in Arms

-K.R.O.N.O.S, Archenemy
-Irry, previous employer
-Lord Slushy, previous employer

Combat Style: Aggressive Brawler/Berserker, Grapple and CQC .
Ki Color: Red-ish Orange.
Super Saiyan Ki Color: Fiery Orange.
??? Transformation Ki Color: Bloody Red w/ Sparks.
Super Saiyan Hair/Fur Color: 'Glowing' Orange-Red
??? Form Hair Color: Dull Red
Preferred Ki "Attack": Explosive Wave/Kiai Blast
Aggression Level: Mildly High
Who I'd like to meet:

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「ᴅᴇᴠɪᴏᴜs ɴᴏʙʟᴇ 」

Void in birth






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ɪɴғɪɴɪᴛᴇ ᴘᴏᴛᴇɴᴛɪᴀʟ

Mar 24th 2019 19:36

NAME: Syaoran
Age: 14
CLASS: Z-Fighter
Why HELLO there! Thank you for accepting my friend request!
Would you care to roleplay with me? :)
blue-eyed saiyan,

Feb 4th 2019 12:48

火山龍 нυǒѕнāɴ lóɴɢ

Jan 30th 2019 23:37

火山龍 нυǒѕнāɴ lóɴɢ

Jan 30th 2019 23:07

link doesnt work bruh
火山龍 нυǒѕнāɴ lóɴɢ

Jan 30th 2019 22:51

honestly it doesnt matter to me a starter is a starter whether its used multiple times or not
火山龍 нυǒѕнāɴ lóɴɢ

Jan 30th 2019 22:33

i can agree to such terms
火山龍 нυǒѕнāɴ lóɴɢ

Jan 30th 2019 21:56

alright would you like to see my abilities and decide what should be illegal in our spar? i ask this because my character is OP and i wanna keep things fair between me and any other fighter. so i allow them to see my powers and decide what shouldnt be used in order to make the fight fun and fair for both parties ^^

obivously i know how to not use my abilities without being cheap but one can never be too sure.
火山龍 нυǒѕнāɴ lóɴɢ

Jan 29th 2019 19:29

Fighting action and or adventure
火山龍 нυǒѕнāɴ lóɴɢ

Jan 28th 2019 21:14

Thanks for Accepting me
primus draco.

Jun 1st 2018 15:04

Hey just a heads up. I didn’t forget about you. I’m in the process of finding a new house to move my family into so a lot of my time is being taken up, but I’ll get to you soon. 
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