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Relationships, Friends,
Orientation: Straight
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About me:
Hi,here's what to know about me...

-I'm Reeve Tuesti
-I'm the main guy now behind the WRO. I dare you to threaten the planet with harm. I. Dare. You.
-Cait Sith is my sidekick. He's can tell by his delicious cooking.
-I was born in Junon before Shinra polluted it with their militant trash.
-I used to work for Shinra Inc. and YES I was the guy everyone turned to. I was that nice of a guy,charming too. Sadly Rufus likes to be a bitch and brag the Dark Nation got him sexy points.
-That's BS! No girl wants to hang around a menacing cougar-like pet that summons barrier when you pet it.
-I own a an airship that flies me about space when I get bored of Planet Gaia not being under attack. Thank you Palmer,wherever you are.
-Wanna get to know me let's get some RP's going huh?
Who I'd like to meet:
You!...You!...-points directly at you-

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May 12th 2019 15:54

"I'll be going now. I'll come back when its all over."
--The Last Ancient & a simple f l o w e r girl;

Thanks for accepting ~.
I do look forward in RPing and chatting with you soon.
I am certain that we'll be close friends within the near future.
Whenever you like to discuss something for a storyline or rather wing it, instead just let me know.
With that being said.. I hope to hear from you soon! :D
Legen-Hold it-Dary

Feb 26th 2019 00:17

Greg smiled some. " True. He been in his hidding for the most part. You know, facking dead is harder then you think as he is STILL sending me work to do." 

He looked at the cat and lowered his sunglasses. " I do like them. And trust me, I may not be killed off by them. My luck it will be my boss with a shot gun first. "

 Looking at the other he let out a breath. " That.... Yea.... That was so much fun. In a way. But he maynot be gone. Trust me. Men like him don't give up"
Legen-Hold it-Dary

Feb 25th 2019 18:58

Looks up from his paper work and smirks. The Turk rolles his cig and sat back. 

" Veld was right. You have not and will not ever change. "

Jan 22nd 2019 11:20

Hey, thanks for accepting/adding!
I’m the Barbarian Ranran but these days people just call me Ran! It’s nice to meet you and all that other formal stuff that goes with the first greetings. Honestly I get so weird at doing them that I always lose sight of what I’m supposed to say. Anwyays if you’re ever up for a story let me know and we can get a discussion going! I’m also free to chat. 
ℙick ℙocket

Dec 29th 2017 21:12

Weeks! No, maybe it had only been days, but it certainly felt like weeks that she had been trying to get in touch with Reeve. Being in Wutai was both a breath of fresh air and a stifling reminder of the returning normality of basic existence. If she wasn't working with the Wro or out saving the world with her friends, then she was more or less kept to herself. Didn't help any that the only outlets she tried to reach out to were those with the busiest of lives. Vincent was busy living out his days in his tomb or somewhere secretive, Reeve was trying to bring Gaia back to its glory, Cloud was being avoidant, and Cid... Well who really knew where Cid had gone to.

So of course when reports from locals came back as they returned with their wares from a trip out of the forest of some wandering cat creature, she'd been the first to her feet. She Yuffie had been the first one out in those woods, wandering the darkened night, peering for any hint of life, light, smoke, something that would give her a direction to go. So out of habit and perhaps a hint of cleverness, she was scaling to the top of the largest tree she could, limb after limb ascended till she reached those that barely sustained her weight, peeking out to the north. There was nothing. Rounding to another precarious limb, she'd felt her heart sink for a moment. Nothing. No. No! Not nothing. A mile south at most, she swore she had seen the flickering light of a campfire.

If, big if, something she considered as she leapt limb to limb, carelessly quick through the foliage, limbs whipping all around her. If that was Cait Sith, surely Reeve must have sent him. An AI with his own goals aside, she just hoped her actual friend wasn't far, hoped he was here to whisk her away from the mundane life of ritual and running a village for the most part on her own with Godo getting further up in age. If he could just save her from her own mind for just a while, entertain her with some gritty job for the Wro or just company, maybe her sanity might be preserved. It was the only reason she had taken to sprinting through the trees, bounding over downed hollows, vaulting over stones that protruded Earth with lichen and moss to decorate their dissatisfying neutral tones.

She could hear the voice now, the mock accent, see the flicker of the fire and the great figure it cast across the surrounding area. He was boasting, almost calling to her as he jingled the contents of the bag he proclaimed as his own, tempting her from the night. And it worked all too well, at least it would have, had she not ceased up the small robot, squeezing and turning him to face her, eyes bearing into that of the AIs. "Cait, you tell me where Reeve is and I won't make a very embarrassing moment of this reunion!"

- ℙick ℙocket
ℙick ℙocket

Dec 23rd 2017 23:59

Salutations to you new friend! Thank you kindly for becoming a new addition to the most amazing fanclub in all of Wutai, maybe even in all of Gaia. I know! Who wouldn't love the greatest warrior of all time?! But before I can go accepting your well earned praise for being quite the charismatic legend, maybe we should get a few ground rules out of the way.

Rule #1: All materia is subject to being taken if it is worth its weight.

Rule #2: All conversations directed at me shall start with praising my amazing skills.

Rule #3: Do not mention any moments of my... -coughs- clumsier moments.

Alright! Now if that is all settled, let's get to the point shall we. I would love to work out a storyline. Yes I do prefer discussion in messages and rp in comments, but I am willing to negotiate on this. I will crossverse. I typically prefer multi-para, but will write novella time and muse allowing. I am not actively searching or desiring a love interest or rps of a romantic nature. As for discussions, I don't need much and I don't need a full plot out idea, but I want mutual input.

Please be mindful, I have other accounts and a job, so rushing me will not get quick replies. And yes, this is a generic greeting, but that should have no merit on my ability or willingness to write something original or fun. I look forward to talking with you and setting up connections with some of you. So please don't be a stranger. I promise I am quite friendly and willing to write with just about anyone who wants to write seriously.

- ℙick ℙocket
& & A N G E L ; ;

Sep 30th 2017 19:28

[ɪ x]

Jan 30th 2015 01:18

Hello, stranger! -Stands his sitar upright, leaning against it.- I'm Demyx. Organization XIII's Number IX. I'm the Melodious Nocturne. You're a rather interesting fella, so let's be friends and go on adventures.
Your Personal Reno

Nov 23rd 2014 19:47

Jean Reno? He'd take that mockery over JANET RENO. Being knocked to the ground by the defense nature of the cat-like puppet, his hair fizzed over from the current. "Oi " That puppet was free now, his hands now in a locked position as well as his legs. It took a bit to rouse him from his shock therapy. Sitting up he pressed his fingers to his forehead, feeling the heat still of the current. "Geez, shoulda warned me before THAT happened." In a way he did, just a little too late. "Your puppets are dangerous, mate." Groaning he placed himself to full height again, shifting his leg backwards in a playful gesture as to kick the puppet. But he didn't.

"Keep those away from kids.. did you say Gold Saucer?" He personally haven't been there in ages. "Do you do your puppet shows there?" Man, he had a headache now.
Your Personal Reno

Nov 20th 2014 20:54

"So.. this place will be people who are into 'Caits' or kitties like him? Or is it gonna be like some weird amusement park with puppets and animatronics.. That sh*t is scary." He continues to squeeze the puppet all the more. "Feisty kitties are fun."
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