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kitsune kyuu: an original multi genre character who is a straight crossdresser. .. crossovers welcome also if you hate my style dont add me oh and i dont rp hentai er*t*ca or romance and i hate trolls who add and dont talk or just be a bully

27 years old
New York
United States

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June 01 2020

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kitsune undertaker the white shadow/blind grim reaper   (7  photos)
kitsune in black butler is a fox with some mysterious air around her like she's one foxy grim reaper oh and she's undertakers blind crossdressing daughter
attack on titan: kitsune  (3  photos)
Kitsune in attack on titan is levi's adopted blind little sister.....kitsune first met levi when she was six years old and she had wandered in to the underground city freshly blinded after her family was killed and levi took her in
cosplay pics  (9  photos)
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    Kitsune Kyuu-toshinori[engaged irl]'s Interests
GeneralCosplay, anime, and a bunch of other stuff
Musiclindsey stirling

     Kitsune Kyuu-toshinori[engaged irl]'s Details
Orientation: Straight
Body type:More to love!
Education:High school
Characters: Kitsune Hatake
Verses: Attack on Titan, Naruto, Rurouni Kenshin, Cutical Tentei Inaba, oran high school host club, Danny Ph
Length: One Liner, Semi
Genre: Crossover, Mystery, Spar/Fighting,
Status:In a relationship
Member Since:June 25, 2014

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   Kitsune Kyuu-toshinori[engaged irl]'s Blurbs
About me:
Kitsune kyuu Hight: 4ft 2in Appearence: looks like a male with short spiked slightly shaggy and super soft pure white hair with one long blond right bang that she tucks to the side; foggy mismatched eyes: left is dark ruby red and the right a dark sapphire blue almost midnight blue but still more blue colored; kitsunes nine white fox tails can be see fanned out behind her and her ears can be see peeking out of her hair; kitsune uses a black blind cabe that has a reverse edge katana in it and mostly wears a whitr T-shirt and a pair of black cargo pants with a pair of simple black sandals; kitsunes skin color is light copper tan Bio: kitsune Kyuu is a hidden white nine tailed fox and she is known to be very aloof towards human's until she gets to know them better... she can be very closed off towards most people about her past due to the fact that her entier family was hunted down by poachers and she was blinded thanks to them...and Kitsune inherited her family's fortune but she rather live a simple life and not flaunt her money around . . . . . . Kitsune can become a mother hen when she sees one of her friends badly hurt...just dont tick her off or you will find your family jewels*coughs to hide a snicker* gone or put bluntly she will end your family at you... . . . . . . Kitsunes weaponry consists of various kinds of ninja stars,kind and a reverse edge katana (which is hidden within her blind cane)
Who I'd like to meet:

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Yamimeishu Vex

May 24th 2020 15:27

Yamimeishu Vex

May 24th 2020 14:01

Do you want a place where your opinion matters? A place where role-playing is one or the primary focuses, besides friendships, and a place universal? **Come to the Village hidden in the Darkness. A time rift opened in your world and place and brought you to this island which is protected by a barrier of Darkness. This barrier is take down once you join the village, and get approached by a high ranking Official.** We have polls up to ask you your opinion of what should be done! Get in on the phone today! Discord.

May 21st 2020 08:24

--thanks for the request let's chat or roleplay a bit--

Apr 24th 2020 19:04

Hey, messages aren't working at the moment for some reason, but once they're fixed, I'll reply. =)

Apr 24th 2020 18:19

Okay, sounds good. =)

Apr 24th 2020 18:07

[OOC: Hello there! Thanks for being my friend, I hope you're having an awesome day. ^_^]
Noel NightShade

Jan 21st 2020 15:34

oops sorry
Noel NightShade

Jan 21st 2020 15:25

u ok
Ilknu Bloodline

Nov 18th 2019 23:03

Pleasure to meet you, Im Demetrix
Friends call me Demi.
Hope we can chat soon, I look forward to making a story with you.

Nov 8th 2019 14:04

Can you send me a message instead?
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