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Name: Akira
Age: 16
Race: Demon
Martial Status: Single & Ain't Tamed by anybody
Orientation: Homosexual
Position: Uke but won't admit it.
Sex: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Golden
Creator: Lucifer, King of Light / Father
Affiliation: Illuminati
Purpose: Defeat Rin Okumura and Eliminate Mephisto Pheles & Yukio Okumura.

--< Abilities >--

Pyrokinesis- Similar to Rin's Exception his Flames are Yellow and embodiment of Light. He can control his flames at his own will and can manifest them anytime he desires without the need of a Demon Sword. It is said his Flames has the ability to Burn any Corrupted or Impure beings reducing them to ashes rather then Cleansing. Another note is his flames only becomes Stronger by the absorption of Rin's Flames.
High Speed Regeneration Abilities- At the cost of his own life span, he can have remarkable Recovery rate such as, reattaching his missing limbs, recover from almost any mortal damage, increase of Stamina and energy. Making him almost impossible to take down one one on one matches.
Chronic Telepathy- Akira is capable of sending out a wide range Telepathy to any users he desires. Is also capable of sending a ultra sound wave through telepathy to subdue his targets temporarily.
Super Human Strength and Senses- Just like Rin, he is capable of lifting object without putting any strength into it. His awareness is further Heightened and able to move to location at high speed movements. Which overpowers most opponents. He also has the ability to 'hear' thoughts of others if he focus's hard enough.
Familiar- Upon the creation of Akira, he was given a Familiar to sync and linked their minds with. The Daemon became Akira's only friend and trustworthy ally, similar to the connection with Rin and Kuro.
Absolute Control- Any Familiar or Demons who are affiliated with Light, aka Lucifer. Will heed by his commands at will.


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Characters: Akira
Verses: Ao No Exorcist , Blue Exorcist
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Comedy, Crossover, Romance,
Member Since:July 08, 2014

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About me:

Who I'd like to meet:

Several years ago, within one of the labs of Development. The Doctor Michael Gedoin had taken the liberty to use Lucifer's DNA Cells along with extracted cells from Rin Okumura to create a Artificial being who is both infused with the ability of Light and Flame Control. As a little boy the doctor mistreated him but Akira didn't care. He wasn't designed to have emotions to begin with. Although Lucifer did ordered the doctor to give Akira a 'will' since Akira is like his child. Overtime he was experimented on and begin to age rapidly, to increase his powers, and eventually. Lucifer with the permission of someone from Gehenna allowed Daemon to connect with Akira's consciousness to see if the boy is compatible with it. Surprisingly he was, and since then Akira been talking to Daemon through his mind, as the two begin to sync, increasing his powers. Once at the correct Age. Akira was finally released from the Labs and met his 'Father' Personally.

Akira found out through Michael that his purpose of being created is to be equally on par with Satan's recent son Rin, and to defeat the boy and drag him back to Illuminate by force. His other task is to Eliminate Mephisto and Yukio Okumura, due to Yukio's dormant abilities is beginning to risen also Yukio is the key to breaking Rin's mental state.

Since then Akira had been training, and begin to develop a personality of his own. He became Mischievous and Cunny, full of Trickery and Sadistic expression. He despise humanity, even more so, humans themselves are nothing more but cattle to him. They were given powers from the supernatural but otherwise they're scum and pathetic. Cant even muster their own abilities.

But the only side effect that Akira has, is his similar persona to Rin such as grinning, laughing, being a loud mouth and troublemaker. But holds a much more darker personality then he does. Akira claims no one can tame him, not even the Illuminati, althhough Lucifer is an exception.

Allies & Enemies >:D

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๐… ๐‘ ๐„ ๐„ ๐™ ๐„

Quatre Rabarba Winner

strฮฑwะฒั”rrั‡ flฮฑvฯƒur




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Violet VOID

Sep 4th 2016 18:31

Tell you what...let's get somewhere more private and I'll give you all the attention you can handle and then some, hm?
Violet VOID

Sep 2nd 2016 18:12

-He laughed, bitinf his lip as he sighed softly as he listened to the demon.-

Alright, alright. I'll be good. Don't be such a brat. Is that what'll make it up to you? Being filled up again?
Violet VOID

Sep 2nd 2016 17:26

-He continued his innocent look, leaning in to kiss along the neck of the small demon.- Oh, do tell me more. I can probably do even more than "those other things".
Violet VOID

Sep 2nd 2016 12:58

-He perked a brow, a coy smirk curling on his face as he pet the demon's head.-

Hm? Miss when we did what, little one? Tell me...
Violet VOID

Sep 2nd 2016 04:51

-He scooped up the smaller demon with a chuckle, giving the male's forehead a kiss.-

Fine. Then lets go to my house. There, I can pamper you all you'd like.
Violet VOID

Sep 1st 2016 23:00

-He grinned and sighed softly, hugging the demon and nuzzling their cheeks together.-

Okay. Okay. And how shall I spoil you? Anything you ask shall be yours.
Violet VOID

Sep 1st 2016 14:20

You have?? -Hugs back and grins with a sighs- And here I thought you went away...I am sorry, little one. I'll let that baka slip...and a way I can make it up to you.
Violet VOID

Sep 1st 2016 13:18

Holy crap! Did I delete you?! I am so sorry!! Forgive me??
Lorem Ipsum (MCRP)

May 25th 2016 15:21


Thank you for the add.
I hope we can rp or hell even just chatting is fine by me
My characters are located in my albums,if you have any question
shoot them straight to me i dont mind any~

Violet VOID

May 11th 2016 16:07

I should say the same to you! But don't worry. I'm getting to everything. I haven't forgotten you~
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