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May 22 2019

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MusicMy music spans through out all time. I learned when the life of this planet first started to make noise if it sounds good listen to it.
BooksThe library in my home holds books that have been forgotten to even the great halls of the kingdom of heaven.
Heroes I am a hero to all that are in need, as i am a beacon for the divine power of the Great Creator, I will use the powers of creation to uphold the balance of life on this planet as i have done from the start of creation.

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Body type:No Answer
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Characters: Frost Dreken
Verses: warehouse 13, supernatural, walking dead, marvel, DC, Tron, Tin Man, Fairy Tail, open.
Playbys: Karl Urban
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Any, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural,
Status:In a relationship
Member Since:August 26, 2014

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About me:
(Know that Frost is a multi universe player, also know that he can be played with out his history of being a Primordial Titan, but in those stories he is a very skilled human) What is there to say about the Titan that stands before you? My past is like most, the only difference is the amount of time i have walked this planet. My past starts before time its self. Back when the gift of life was first given to this realm. In the time that has passed from then to now i have seen hardship, love, war and death. Now in this modern day however, i no longer poke my nose into the business of the world or that of the supernatural, i will be summoned when needed by the Creator and until that i live among the mortals that have grown so little in such time. But now i go by the name Frost Dreken and spend most of my days doing as i please. If you would ever care to join me for some fun please do not be shy.
Full Name: Frost Dreken
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Birthday: January 13
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Gold
Height: 6�2�
Weight: 235 Lbs
Bloodline: The Line of Creation
Tattoos: Four feathered wings on his back
Personality: Calm and collected he gives off a very oldfationed manner about himself due to the time he has spent on the planet and the things he has seen in time.
Weapons: The arsenal consists of the Hammer spear, his golden gauntlet, the magic band that he wore around his left bicep and the Phobos and Deimos (witch are two very large handguns)
Element: Creation
Fighting style: Exceptionally skilled in the art of the shield, sword, spear, bow, firearms, hand to hand combat and magical ability.
(More to come in time. . . )
Who I'd like to meet:

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DarkShadow(The Shinigami)

Nov 30th 2018 12:39

DarkShadow(The Shinigami)

Nov 29th 2018 18:35

Hey how are you?

Nov 29th 2018 06:59

Hope you are okay. I haven't had a reply from you
DarkShadow(The Shinigami)

Nov 21st 2018 14:12

Hey there.
DarkShadow(The Shinigami)

Nov 2nd 2018 18:26

Hye there
ւɑτιno тнυԍ.

Oct 11th 2018 04:28

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||{The Heart of A Thug, The Mind of A King:}||~

Red = Spanish

||Always in Character! So please don’t take offense to the words of Dante Primo. It’s only Roleplay, of course. ^^ ||

“Thanks for acceptin' my request, compañero. Most peope would try to avoid a gangsta out of fear or some sh*t. But here you are. Eso es un montón
Let me put 'respeck' on your name.
Because you got a back-bone, Ill be blunt.
I like that sh*t.
I don't tolerate people who bitch or moan. That sh*t
gets me real annoyed. If you don't got a back bone, hurry up and grow
some damn balls so we can get sh*t goin'.
People need to hear it believe it or
not. Don't let roleplay hurt yo' feelin's.
A gangsta being nice now, I can't express how many times I
had to explain that this is only roleplay and they still get butt-hurt.
I'm a reasonable guy.
No vayas a dudar de mí ahora.
Speakin' of, most of us are here to roleplay. So if
you wanna jump right in or discuss, I'm up for
it. Mierda, we can just chat or have a mini-roleplay
in comments. Smoke a blunt and get to know each other or some sh*t.
If you're interested, let a gangsta know.
Ears are open.

(((Eso es un montón cojones = "That's a lot of balls.
Mierda = Sh*t
No vayas a dudar de mí ahora.= Don't go doubtin' me now.)))

DarkShadow(The Shinigami)

Oct 5th 2018 14:07

So how are you?
DarkShadow(The Shinigami)

Oct 3rd 2018 23:30

Hey there.
DarkShadow(The Shinigami)

Sep 29th 2018 15:00

DarkShadow(The Shinigami)

Sep 29th 2018 14:45

Still wanna rp?
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