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"WIP" Born in the Early 1500s Samayou was born from English woman by the name of Genevieve and Lucifer Morningstar the fallen Archangel and ruler of hell. Because of this he was known as a Nephilim. Samayou was the first of his kind though to be born as half archangel. Because of this his potential of power heaven was forced to act and quickly force lucifer back into hell. But Samayous mother went into hiding and even giving birth to him. But due to his powers she died during birth living him alone without anyone to care for him. Fortunately for he was found by a foreigner by the name of Zackel Kasheki He was a Japanese Samurai who had been captured and traded as a slave. Eventually he earned his freedom and even became the most trusted right hand man of the lord he now fought for. He had been traveling the countryside with a small group of soldiers patrolling the borders of a small kingdom in Britannia known as Fairmound. Taking Samayou in he raised him as his son unknowing what he was. Zackel Gave him the name of Samayou Kasheki from that point on. Over the Years samayou was trained as both a samurai and trained to be a knight to serve their lord of the kingdom. Even into his teenager years though samayou had no idea that he was not human. But due to his talent and almost super human skill he was quickly knighted and was sent off to fight in many wars along side Zackel. With every victory he achieved for his kingdom he quickly become one of the most famous knights in the Fairmound ranks. Due to Samayous step father Zackel he had grown up close to the lord and his family. The lord’s daughter Kathrine and samayou grew up together and even grew a fondness for each other resulting in them falling in love and eventually even being wed. shortly after being married Kathrine became pregnant with their daughter Guinevere. Samayou seemed to have everything you could have every wanted in his life. Unknowingly that great misfortune was about to befall him. War had really started to break out and the Kingdom was being forced to fight on multiply fronts. Zackel had been deployed with his army to the eastern front and samayou was sent to the northern front with his army to try to hold back the invading forces. Samayous army had managed to hold the northern front against the enemy forces but Zackel and his men had been wiped out by a much larger force. Now in morning of his father being killed samayou was ordered to return to the capital and be there for his father’s funeral. On his way back to the capital though that was when he ran into the Arch Angels Michael and Gabriel. Unknowingly that they were divine creatures samayou tried to fight back against them when they attacked him. But due to their power he was quickly out powered and defeated. But instead of killing him they used their powers to brainwash samayou and send him back to the capital where they used him to kill the lord and everyone in the keep. But samayou could still see everything he was doing but was unable to control his body or actions. It was not until samayou had gone into his and Kathrine’s chambers where she was hiding with their daughter.Samayou preyed and begged for them to stop what they were making him due but none of it mattered as he cut them both down. Filled with grief and now rage building up in his heart and soul as he started to turn his blade on himself that’s when it happened, and his angelic powers erupted from his body in a massive explosion of light the consumed all of the castle and the kingdom. Catching everything a flame and burning the capital to the ground. After days of the fires burning and everything now in ash samayou slowly emerged from the smoke and ruins now with glowing royal purple hues and large black wings from his back. From that point samayou vowed he would have revenge. From there samayou became a wanderer. Over the years he learned to use his powers and slowly grew stronger working ever more towards his goal.
Name: Samayou Kasheki Partner: Eyes: Royal purple Hair: midnight blue Height: 6'3 Race: angelic/human Build:medium toned. The Six Soul Gates � Due to Samayou being a half breed angel his human body cant handle the massive power that comes with his angelic half. Because of this he placed six seals to lock down fractions of his power and his angelic half. With each gate that is broken his power level will sky rocket but at the cost of his humanity and the strain it begins to place on his body. Samayou also takes on a new form with each gate that is unlocked. Flash step � the ability to quickly dodge or change positions in order to strike at enemy. The speed of this can range from supersonic to near speeds of light. The Fallens wings � Samayous angelic wings are one of samayous strongest weapons that is a part of his body. Normally his wings are not visible unless he decides to reveal them or is forced to be revealed from the release of gates. His wings can both act as a way to fly attack or even defend. Samayous wings are stronger than lonsdaleite one of earths strongest and hardest materials. His wings has many powers of their own. They can repel energy based attacks and even fire out a swarm of feathers infused with energy that strike at attackers. His wings can also manipulate gravity around Samayou up to 10 meters around him. The Dark Halo � Samayous strongest and most powerful attack. Due to its power Samayou cannot use it very often and once used he can almost be completely drained of his energy. The attack gets its named from the glowing black ring that forms around a black hole that is formed where Samayou launches the attack. Once released everything in the area of effect will be dragged towards the epicenter of the black hole where it will be torn apart down to the molecular level. Because of the amounts of energy needed to contain the black hole Samayou can only leave the hole opened for 10 minutes before it absorbs so much energy that it can�t be contained anymore and will go wild and destroying everything in its path. Zackels katana � a sword forged by his step father Zackel once a normal katana but then later samayous real father Lucifer Morningstar imbued it with the power of Hell and that of his own power to make the sword a holy relic. Now an unbreakable weapon it has the power to cut through energy attacks and even absorb energy and throw it back in a energy slash attack. The sword can also take on new forms based on samayous needs and will or even his state of mind. Light Matter Energy, dark Matter Energy , and kai energy manipulation � due to samayous age he has learned many forms of energy control ranging from his own unique power of being half angel to that of power that all living things use. Light And Dark matter energies both have their own range of Unique abilities and traits as well. Energy barrier � simply a force field Samayou can form by using his ether kai or his angelic power Angelic take over � this is where Samayous angelic half takes over when ether samayous mental state falls to a point he can�t control his powers anymore or if he is knocked out and his life is in mortal danger. Black Thunder Clap � Samayous dark energy being injected into the atmosphere causing the lightening to turn black. As Samayou injects more power into the air his own body will start to be surrounded by a electric charge that will then draw all the energy in the air and the storm above that is forming to be drawn to samayous location or the point he focuses the power to. Angelic healing � he can heal most wounds and battle damage at a rapid pace. Does use up his power though. Hells divine chains � due to Samayou being the son of Lucifer Samayou can summon hells chains to in trap those who have darkness in their hearts or those that should be punished for sins. They have the power to ether set the target on fire or used to bring the one who is bound by them to suffer their worst nightmares Various forms of basic energy attacks � energy balls, beams , and waves.

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Sɪʀᴇɴ·s Lᴀᴍᴇɴᴛ

May 7th 2019 22:53

Hello there. I am unsure if I need to introduce myself.
The name is Novalee. I've been around here for a while, but some times I fade to black like others.
That isn't the point of this comment, however!
This mass comment is to let everyone know I'm back!

I have been working on some major changes around here and it's pretty big.
Soon my whole layout will change and all those new things will be super visible and accessible. Until then, all I can do is answer questions if you have any!

I can't wait to get storyline's going with so many people.
If you'd like, we can get to chatting right now! Discord is the best way to get ahold of me: BANSHEE#9809 

If I haven't forced you into slamming the "Abort Mission" button, smash the reply and we can write some wonderful ghost stories together.



Apr 5th 2019 21:58


Im okay. Exhausted lately. @.@ Work is a pain in the ass. 
How about you!?! How you been?

Apr 5th 2019 21:41

Ehh everywhere and no where. o:
I could say the same to you though. 
You always disappear. xD

Apr 4th 2019 20:20

HA! Miss Me? CB
✿Enchanted Beauties(Mcrp)

Apr 2nd 2019 22:31

That would be Very nice good Sir.
✿Enchanted Beauties(Mcrp)

Apr 2nd 2019 22:27

That can work hun
✿Enchanted Beauties(Mcrp)

Apr 2nd 2019 22:21

that could work
✿Enchanted Beauties(Mcrp)

Apr 2nd 2019 00:30

Well you have the eldest amazon queens sister.
well we can wing it or think of something good?
✿Enchanted Beauties(Mcrp)

Mar 31st 2019 22:48

Hm Well what are you interested in? 
Actions,adventure and fantasy are good one.
✿Enchanted Beauties(Mcrp)

Mar 31st 2019 13:32

That works with me
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