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Sonic Verse, Guitar Hero Verse, and Legend of the Dragon Verse, cross overs arre welcomesince this is a fan character account

22 years old
Montpelier, Indiana
United States

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April 23 2014

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Random things off the internet I find cool
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Just a album of drawings that Ill surprisingly do for friends.
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GeneralPlaying Guitar, Guitar hero, Martial Arts, Saving the World, Wrestling, and Rocking out. Basically I'm a fun dude to hang around with. If you need a guitarist in your band I'm there!
MusicI listen to alot of Hard rock, Thrash Metal, and Classic rock. Here are the bands I listen to and singers metallica, Tenacious D, Sonic Underground, Crush 40, Insane Clown Posse, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, AC/DC, Michael Jackson(haters don't hate this man he is a legend) The Who, Dragon Force, Scorpions, Guns and Roses, Charlie Daniels Band, Eddie Van Halen, Journey, Bret Michaels Band, Poison, Johnny Cash, and Megadeath(what can a Metal fan like listening to Megadeath?)
Moviesmy favorite Movies are Ghost Busters, Jurassic Park(all of them), starwars(all of them), Free Willy(all of them)Metallica Live shit Binge and Purge DVD concert, Metallica 1999 Sanfransisco S&M Concert, Pokemon The First Movie, Digimon The Movie, Dragon Ball Evolution, Transformers and a lot more to come.
TelevisionI grown up watching alot of shows back in the 90's. Yep I'm a 90's kid. Thats when TV made sense back then. Here are some classic shows I like to watchDarkwing duck, Pokemon, Digimon, Invader Zim, Ed Edd N Eddy, WWF(which is now the PG crap WWE today), WCW, ECW(yeah thats the first wrestling show I started to watch)All of the sonic cartoons, Power Rangers and all of the Dragon Ball Z Series.Today I only watch shows like Family Guy, Robot Chicken, South Park, sonic X, Ben 10, WWE, and a few other shows I like watching.
Heroes Here are my heroes God, Jesus, My Family, The Rock, Stone Cold, Undertaker, Ric Flair, Goldberg, Shawn Michaels, D-Generation X, Sonic The hedgehog, Miles Tails Prower, Shadow The Hedgehog,(mostly all good Sonic characters) Sting, Hulk Hogan, All of the Marvel Comic Heroes and DC Comic Book Heroes, The Power Rangers, The Autobots the armed forces soldiers who protect our country.

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About me:
Hello My name is Spark The Hardcore Maniac AKA Spark The Shadow Tiger. Alot of you probably dont know me but here is my background story. As a little kid I was abandoned when i was about 6 years old and i grew up living on the streets most of my life. My parents were shot and killed by a gang member and i was left alone. When i was 15 years old I was found on the streests by my friend Chris Thorndike and the legendary Sonic the Hedgehog. They seen that I was attacked by a group of gangs and they came to help. After the fight was over they asked me where was my family at. I told them my family was killed in a gun war and i grew up living on the streets ever since. Chris Thornidkes family then took me in and I was accepted into a new family. Anyways I ran into a very special person in my adventures. Beingal the Tiger Guardian later on becomes my sensei who teaches me how to fight Tiger style and defends myself. I then get the power of the Shadow Tiger spirit which allows me to turn into the Shadow Tiger. I also have the ability to turn into a black and yellow hedgehog. Im also in a cover band called the Sonic Underground which is my friend Sonic the hedgehogs band. Anyways thats all I got to say about myself. Till next time see you all later.
Who I'd like to meet:
I would like to meet anyone nice and my heroes God, Jesus, My Family, The Rock, Stone Cold, Undertaker, Ric Flair, Goldberg, Shawn Michaels, D-Generation X, Sonic The hedgehog, Shadow The Hedgehogm Sting, Hulk Hogan, Spiderman,

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Crimson Cojete*God Slayer

Apr 22nd 2014 09:58

I can fuck with that plan, call it "The something old, something new." match
Crimson Cojete*God Slayer

Apr 22nd 2014 09:44

hmmm well then maybe what we can do is this. Since we will battle once more for the title at ER, AJ can assist me then since it would really stick in your craw that I had just broken her heart before. Then you enlist a diva of your own for a mixed tag match, pick a good one. we each deserve a hottie who loves us for who we are lmao
Crimson Cojete*God Slayer

Apr 22nd 2014 09:03

That actually sounds dope, I wanna get 2K14 despite knowing very little about today's roster. Also I wanted to ask are we gonna do the traditional feud where we rematch the next two PPV's or did you want us both to suddenly be in world title ranks. Fair warning the world title is when AJ comes back to bite us both, she helps me win but I get the pyscho as my manager for a few months
Crimson Cojete*God Slayer

Apr 22nd 2014 08:35

I was expecting you to go all HBK on me and zip line into the ring. but the elongated opening was sick
Tsukasa Kadoya

Apr 19th 2014 17:00

I guess didnt look into it much after that Jason just randomly showed up out of the blue and suddenly hes doing conventions again but doesnt want to be around the others thats kinda fucked up
Tsukasa Kadoya

Apr 19th 2014 16:39

The general consensus is Austin ST john doesnt like going to conventions where the other rangers are at 
Hannibal lecterl[Chesapeake Ripper

Apr 18th 2014 14:45

ok bro but tipy in hannibal NBC and you will see it it as a pix of a guy name will grhman XXXD and but i will satd it out two you win i get on my laptop XXXD
Hannibal lecterl[Chesapeake Ripper

Apr 18th 2014 14:33

Awwwwww man XXXXC and no i dont have goolge thing oh i made a hannibal fan page on facebook and i need help on two put likes i need and but i knew you dont knew much about hannibal but soon you will be XXXXD
Hannibal lecterl[Chesapeake Ripper

Apr 18th 2014 14:19

hey bro do you have a ps vita if you do you can party chat what me and my friend law and we can really hear the voices lol do you have a vita XXXXD it will be kool and okdokey
Roletrax Radio & Podcast!

Apr 17th 2014 21:56

Maybe, maybe not it depends, most guest I will have on does already have Skype though.
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