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Verses: Superhero, Boku no Hero Academia, One Punch Man, Magi, Fairy Tail, Word Trigger, Fullmetal Alchemist
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crossover, Fantasy, Romance,
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About me:
Name: Monta Scimmia.
Alias: Chimera.
Gender: Cuntboy. (Male if preferred).
Species: Primate.
Orientation: Gay.
Position: Verse/Seke
Height: 155cm.
Weight: 61kg.
Hair/Fur: Deep Crimson.
Fur Locations: Everywhere other than; Face, Throat, Chest, Stomach, Hands, Feet, and Rear Bottom.
Body Type: Muscular.
Skin: Tan
Eyes: Vermilion w/ Red pupils.
Piercings: Staff posing as an Industrial.
Weapon: Staff/Bow.
Powers: Weather manipulation/Beast Transformation.
Occupation: Home schooled super hero.
Likes: The open minded, Food, Fighting, Learning new things, Exploring, Meeting new friends, talking, Being a dumbass, his tail, grabbing sh*t with his feet, etc.
Dislikes: The closed minded, deep water, bananas, stereotypes, stuck ups, etc.
Fetishes: See Here. To those new to hardcore fetishes, just don't click. If you're familiar, then you will know that my fetishes are mild compared to others. It's rare to find those interested in similar fetishes as mine, so I don't expect many to want to use them, so no pressure.
Climatic Howl: Monta's various howls greatly affect the weather, making him a great manipulator of such. The teen's howls can summon great horrific lightning storms, excruciating heat from sunlight, devastating typhoons,deathly hurricanes and tornados, and other various weather. This ability can also greatly aid allies if the weather corresponds with their element if they have one. For example: If Monta uses a lightning storm howl, a being with lightning manipulation could greatly take advantage of it. This ability could be greatly devastating. As a result Monta hardly uses this ability, also because of his inability to completely control it.

Alabarda: This is the name of his trusty staff. Monta has no clue how this staff came to be or where it originally came from. It simply came to him one day, and since then it had become a loyal weapon that he could rely on. The staff can change in size greatly, be it length or width. He usually wears it as an industrial in his right ear, an example of how small it can become. The staff may also work as a bow, something that Monta favors. All he has to do is hold out the staff in front of him and focus his energy. He then has to pretend to draw a bow, then both ends of the staff will pull back and bend in the shape of a bow as an arrow of light will form. When he releases, the arrow will shoot and his staff will snap back into place. The element of his arrow may change depending on the weather. It's default is set to light. Making it the strongest during the day, but weak at night. If there is a storm then the arrow will be electrical, if there are powerful winds the arrow will be a razor air shot, if there is a blizzard the arrow will be ice, and so on and so forth.

Superhuman Agility/Reflexes: Agility is what Monta can easily take his pride in. He is, by far, more agile than any human. He can easily avoid and dodge attacks as well as feint an opponent with no problem. No situation is completely impossible for him to escape from, his quick thinking and ability to detect make him an extreme nuisance on the battle field, constantly dodging and toying with his enemy with his monkey-like movements.

Acrobatics: Acrobatics can correspond with his agility. He is easily able to jump at great heights and leap great distances, letting him easily scale up and down tall buildings and/or leap to and from them.

Enhanced Strength/Speed: Although strength is not Monta's forte, he is still very much stronger than a human. His strength can't match most other super beings. Monta also wasn't gifted with lightning fast speed. Yet his speed does excel more than he could say his strength does. His speed is naturally above average. Surely able to completely outrun any olympic runner, but still not fast enough to match that of a super being gifted in speed.

Hand to Hand Combat: Monta was trained thoroughly by his father, who was an ex superhero. He was quickly able to learn most of the moves his father taught him, training every chance he could get to improve his skills. He can handle himself very well and fair against the strongest of foes. This combined with his great agility, could prove him to be quite troublesome.

Supporter Attacks

Climatic Howl - Kiko Seigyo | Clima di controllo

Ancient powers passed through the blood line of the royal family. What Monta says connecting him to the following attacks.
^The following attacks must literally be yelled at the top of his lungs.

*Lightning Yell - Kaminari Eru | Fulmine Chiamata

Monta calls upon the power of Electricity, causing a large lightning storm to form above the battlefield, random flashes of low lightning may prove to be dangerous. Supportive towards lightning users.

*Blizzard Yell - Mofubuki no Eru | Tormenta Chiamata

Monta calls upon the power of Ice, causing a relentless snow storm to cover the battlefield. Supportive towards ice users.

*Typhoon Yell - Taifu no Eru | Tofune Chiamata

Monta calls upon the power of water, causing a powerful downpour of rain and strong winds to cover the battlefield. Supportive towards water users.

*Tornado Yell - Tatsumaki no Eru | Mulinello Chiamata

Monta calls upon the power of wind, causing the battlefield to be surrounded and covered in brutal gusts of wind. Supportive towards air/wind users.

*Sunlight Call - Nikko no Yobidashi | Luce Del Sole Chiamata

Monta calls upon the power of fire, causing the sun to brighten and focus a large amount of light and excruciating heat on the battlefield. Supportive towards light and fire users.

*Fog Call - Kiri no Yobidashi | Nabbia Chiamata

Monta simply conjures a thick fog to cover the battlefield, making it difficult to spot things out.

Weapon Attacks

*Extend - Kakucho | Estendere

Not really an attack but this is when Monta extends his staff at his will.

*Expand - Tenkai | Espandere

Also not much of an attack, when Monta thickens his staff at his will.

*Penetrate - Shinto Suru | Penetrare

A form of his Extend but more violent, where it extends at top speed, blasting into the opponent. When Montas staff is in Halberd form, this attack can prove to be more fatal.

*Heavenly Maul - Tengoku no Moru | Celeste Maglio

This is when Monta stands his staff upright then jumps on top to balance on it. He then commands his staff to Extend making his staff lengthen fast up to the clouds. Monta then shortens his staff so he could grab it then once he has a good grip he Extends and Expands his staff to make it fairly enormous, then rains down on his opponent, causing the earth to crater and crumble.

*Heavenly Axe - Tengoku no Ono | Celeste Ascia

Pretty much the same exact attack at Heavenly Maul but its when his staff is in Halberd form.

*Lumberjack Chop - Kikori Choppu | Taglialegna Tritare

This attack is more simple, it's actually so simple it shouldn't even have a name. Monta simply hacks at his opponent with his staff in Halberd form.
- - - - - -
Monta hardly remembers a thing from his childhood. All he remembers was growing up with the man that he called father. The lonely construction worker found the creature as an infant, lying still in a broken crate by the railroad tracks. The man knew that nothing good would come from returning the boy to it's owners, especially if he was being shipped in a crate and handled with such poor care. He decided to keep him, and raise him himself in his apartment, safe from danger as he felt sympathy for the small misfit. Although seeing a boy covered in fur with strange abilities was not too surprising in the world they lived in. There were famed beings with various powers and abilities. Some good, some evil. Although Monta was the only of his kind, he wasn't alone in the world when it came to strange beings. The man that took care of him tried his best to be a good father figure. He was strong and rugged from years of work in construction, never really knowing what to really live for till he found the boy, glad that he had someone to take care of and give his love to.

It was any other day when Monta came up with a strange idea in his head. He was always watching tv and playing video games, being a homes-chooled shut in that wasn't allowed outside die to his appearance, not wanting to shock people or be found by those who had him originally. While watching the news he saw many men and women who claimed to be superheroes, saving the day and keeping evil at bay. He didn't know why he didn't think of this earlier, but he came to realize that, that was what he wanted to do. He was tired of living the same day to day life that was completely uneventful. It was also a method to find out how he came to be and where he came from, thoughts that forever haunted his life since he could remember. He was thankful to his father and loved him very much, but he knew this was his calling and that was what he would do. When he told his father, he wasn't too happy. He denied it and refused to let Monta live that dangerous life. The boy was ignorant. He knew not of the real dangers that superheroes faced everyday. It wasn't a game, and he needed to realize that. Monta wouldn't take no for an answer, and his father knew that there was no stopping him. The boy could easily turn into a massive gorilla and break out and leave forever, with no preparation for the outside dangers. The best he could do was help the boy.

What Monta didn't know was that this lonely construction was retired. An ex-superhero that was done living the life of crime fighting. This was too convenient, but to this day, Monta is still unaware of his father's true past, just as he is with his own origin. The best that his father could do was prepare the teen. Train him in combat so that he would be safer out in the city, or wherever he chose to go. It was probably over a year before Monta actually took on the role of a superhero. Difficult training and conditioning on his body and combat skills. He wondered why his father was such an expert at hand to hand, but he never read too much into it.

It was then time for him to go out and seek danger, cleansing the streets of havoc. He thought about maybe joining a group, remembering that some superheroes would band together. Then again he decided that he would make a name for himself first, and prove his worthiness on the field. Although he is just a young teenager, his strength and powers are far more superior than any human's.

Recent events have brought Monta to question his humanity. Some information he had gathered told him of the laboratory he came from, making him wonder if he is just a mutation. Something that once was human, but now just the product of an inhumane experiment. Other information makes him wonder if he is even from planet earth. Some other superheroes weren't. So it could be possible that he was captured and taken to that laboratory for experiments. None of this is confirmed, just bits and pieces he picked up from his escapades. Until he finds out his origin, he would continue this grave career.

More to come...
Skype: Arcivescovo
AIM: monta.mon
Runescape: Haiena
PSN: Hyena-Monkey
Pixiv: Hyena-Monkey
DeviantArt: Hyena-Monkey
FurAffinity: Arcivescovo
F-list: Monta
Just a little over a dozen things I'd appreciate you would abide by~! :D

1.) No Godmodding.
2.) Please be literate, I understand a few typos.
3.) Please have decent Grammar.
4.) Absolutely NO one liners.
5.) At LEAST Para to Novella.
6.) No personal information will be given out.
7.) Don't ask for my number.
8.) No baby talk at all.
9.) I'm not on every second of the day, chances are that I wont be on often at all, so please be patient with my replies.
10.) This is ROLEPLAY. Please don't take anything seriously.
11.) I do edit and I have no problem editing for CLOSE friends. Even so, I wouldn't understand why you'd like an edit from a novice such as I.
12.) I'm not picky when it comes to messages or comments, so go ahead and throw me either/or.
13.) I like PLOT. Long lasting rps with fights, adventure, comedy, and occasionally sex. Let's have fun with this and get an actual story going on~!
14.) If you have a problem with me, then please delete and possibly block me. I don't wanna sit here and listen to your boring nonsense.
15.) Loosen up and enjoy things~! Have fun~?
- -
Who I'd like to meet:

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And yep, of course we will, I look forward to it.
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