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Almyra Mayu

Pokemon Team


Previous Life; Almyra.

It was a cold stormy night. In the forestry that would surround Pallet out, the heavens had opened up high above, raining down hell upon the lands. Pellets of hail beat down on the battle field of the two trainers. Winds whipped wildly about matching the fierceness of the storm. Blood littered the ground, mixed in with small pools of accumulating muddy water. A teenage boy, probably no older then fifteen, struggled in a crawling manner to escape the scene. Gashes were scattered through the boy s body, some shallow and one or two that appeared to be life threatening. Twigs and branches were rammed through his back like a pin cushion surely injuring some internal organs among the boy.

Not too far from him, Almyra leaned casually against a tree. Blood from the human was being washed down her face, dripping off of the edges of her jaw line. Damp hair shadowed the female s eyes, as a small fanged grin came to her face. She could smell the sense the intoxicating fear, brought a rush of adrenaline coursing through her veins. A gloved hand had come to settle on the weapon that rested in its sheath on her left side. The sound of metal scrapping against metal was heard as the sword was slowly drawn out from the sheath. Violet optics looked through the wet bloodied matted strands of hair, admiring the blade for a moment. Then her attention went to the boy.

Do you fear death?

The voice of the female was heard, not aloud, but in the mind of the trainer on the ground before her. The trainer however, didn't respond with words. Only the sound of a gargled cry of pain was heard from him. His life would soon come to an end a gruesome end.


The sound of Mewtwo's voice cut into her mind with surge of psychic energy being forced into her body, causing the female to jolt backwards against the tree with the sickening crack of bone against bark. For a brief moment, vision was blurred. Instinctively, her hand had caught the tree to avoid falling to the ground. The pain had quickly subsided however as she slowly began to gain control of her own limbs once again. Slowly her eyes opened and a different scene began to play out before her.


Time had turned back several years, nine to be exact, to the night that had changed Almyra s life forever. It was a stormy night, one that closely resembled like the present one. The residents of Pallet Town had all but settled in for the night. Not a single soul would be caught outside in the storm. The DeWynter household was dark. Almyra was safely secured in her room. However, the child had trouble sleeping this night. Tree branches scraped against the window of her second floor room, keeping the child awake. For hours Almyra just laid there, watching the onslaught of rain outside thinking to herself about miscellaneous things to help calm her nerves so that she could sleep.

It would be well past midnight now. Almyra had just finally drifted to sleep when a crashing had jolted the young girl out of her slumber. The atmosphere in the house had changed; it was dark, malevolent evil. For a moment, small trembling fingers clenched at the blanket that covered her small form. Silence had befallen the house hold once again, leaving her to wonder what was going on.

Almyra removed herself from the bed and slowly inched her way to the door knob. Shaking fingers grasped the knob slowly turning it, her voice shaking as she whispered. Momma, Pappa? There was no answer. The hallway was pitch black. As Almyra stepped out into the hallway, she had slipped on a wet floor, turning and landing on her stomach. For a moment she laid there, unsure what had just happened. Climbing to her knees, a flash of lightening would illuminate the hall and her mother s body not too far from her. The substance on the floor was her mother s blood. Almyra froze now in a shock state as she remained still. M-Momma? The young girl whispered out crawling over to body of her dead mother. Her bloodied hand slowly reached out to touch her mouth. However, her actions were stopped in that instant. She could sense it; that malevolent creature. Eyes of the creature illuminated behind her, piercing through the darkness with ease.


Mewtwo's voice sounded it like it came from all directions of her. Quickly the child turned around, as another strike of lightning illuminated the hallway and Mewtwo s face. The frightened child s hues stared wide eye up at the Pokemon who had murdered her parents.

The scene changed now, fast forwarding to a few years later. Almyra was thirteen now. The wave of psychic energy had caused the teenager to fly back like a rag doll, her back colliding with a tree causing the child to scream out in pain. Her body fell forward to her hands and knees. Mewtwo slowly walked up to her. As her gaze lifted to his, a jolt of psychic energy would be forced into the child causing Almyra to let out a blood curling scream.


Mewtwo's voice rang out in a painful echo through Almyra's head, causing her to curl into herself until her head was parallel with the ground and she let out a painful scream. |END FLASH BACK|


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The Psychic, reincarnation; Mayu.

Disclaimer: These are just events that's happened with Mayu up to date. I will write a more in depth Biography at a later time once I've finished her previous life Biography.

Quick Info

Name: Mayu.Almyra
Age: 10.
Home Region: Johto.
Current Region: Alola.
Hair Color: Purple.
Eye Color: Purple.

Mayu is the reincarnation of the Psychic wielder, Almyra, who met a very violent death at the hands of Lugia.

Mayu is an Orphan from the Johto region. Her mother had died during childbirth and her father remained unknown and she became a warden of the region straight out of the hospital and placed in an orphanage.

Mayu spent her first three years in the orphanage. During which both the other children and adults treated her like an outcast because of her differences and unstable outbursts to physical contact by other humans. This was cause physical human contact only opened up an instant connection to their minds and their thoughts flooded her own head. Often called a freak or a monster by her older peers, Mayu became quiet and often kept to herself until the day she had ran away from the orphanage.

After she left, Mayu took up residence in a makeshift shack within the Ilex forest. Fending for herself by a trial and error process of finding out which berries were good to eat.

Mayu often appears happy and cheerful to those around her, careful to hide her fears and sadness.

Due to her underdeveloped control over her own powers and the mental and emotional abuse she endured during the time spent in the orphanage, Mayu chooses not to interact with other humans. When another human gets to close, she shuts down mentally and her psychic powers are exerted and usually results in injury to both the other person and herself.

Her first friend would be the Celebi who had guarded the forest and had been watching over the child for the first year she resided in the forest. It was this Celebi who would ultimately lead Giratina to her where abouts.

With Celebi's help Psychic barriers were put in place in Mayu s mind that would block out other's thoughts from forcefully entering her mind upon physical contact.

Giratina was the first pokemon she grew really close to. Mayu looks up to him as a father figure and refers to him as papa. He bestowed a small reflective mirror in the form of a mirror to her which she never takes off so he can keep a watchful eye on her.

After Giratina s disappearance, she had left Johto and traveled to Alola.

Due to an injury that never healed correctly that resulted from one of her mental break downs, Mayu has a limp when she walks.

At current age, Mayu is only ten years old.

Mayu's appearance mirrors Almyra's to a T and although she had no memories of her previous life. She does have dreams and nightmares of events of Almyra's life.

Mayu often hums a dark lullaby. It is the same lullaby the Lugia hummed at the time of Almyra's murder. Mayu has no memory of it and passes it off as something her mother might have hummed during her pre-birth developments.

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Mar 2nd 2020 - 5:52 AM

I'm so sorry, i was spending time with my bf yesterday, would you like me to continue when im on later.ย  ??

Mar 1st 2020 - 2:03 PM

Bede's gonna f***in' dieย 
It's everything he's ever wanted uwu

Mar 1st 2020 - 1:45 PM

Bede could always use more friends, he is... Also a f***ing bastard child so he might screw that all up.uwuย 
But, he can easily relate to her plight, he was also pretty much raised by pokemon.... Definitely not mfkin Giratina though >w

Mar 1st 2020 - 4:39 AM

Hey! No problem at all!!! I love me some spontaneous group status RPs, they don't happen much in this verse.
And pffff , he'll be okay he's just gotta be dramatic first ๐Ÿ˜‚

Feb 29th 2020 - 9:48 PM

Oops! I guess I forgot to post the rest!!!! ;u;ย 
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