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23 years old
New York
United States

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July 20 2020

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Body type:Slim / Slender
Ethnicity:No Answer
Characters: Peter Parker / Spider-man
Verses: Marvel, DC, open
Length: Multi Para, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Comedy, Comic, Crossover, Science Fiction, Video Game,
Member Since:July 13, 2020

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  • No Drama, we're all here to have fun, let's not complicate matters.
  • My status stream may seem that I'm not taking my writing very seriously, but I'm just keeping in tone with the character's more jovial nature, so you can take most status messages with a pinch of salt.
  • I'm playing MY own version of Peter Parker / Spider-man; taking a little inspiration from all different incarnations of the character, and adding a few bits in myself.
  • Discord is available, and is given on request
  • I write smut from time to time, but don't expect it all the time.
  • I'm no snob, I'll roleplay with canons and OC's, as long as you're literate and interesting!
  • There will probably be more rules to come!

If you've ever been around the New York area, and thought you saw a flash of red and blue go swinging overhead, or a man scaling up the side of one of the city's monolithic skyscrapers, then don't panic, you aren't losing your mind, you've just seen your friendly neighborhood spider-man!

Now you’re probably thinking “Who’s spider-man?” and “Where did he come from?” well true believer, I’m going to let you in on a little secret, but let’s just keep this between you, and I, shall we?

You probably think this guy is a world class athlete, or some millionaire playboy philanthropist, right? Nothing could be further from the truth! Under the webbed guise of everybody’s favourite wall-crawler is struggling student, and part time photographer, Peter Parker!

But wait, this scrawny little pencil neck geek is New York’s hottest superhero right now, you’re pulling my leg, right?
Wrong dear reader; now lend me your ear, and I’ll tell you how Peter Parker went from Zero to Hero, in the space of a couple of days!

Peter was pretty much like any other nerdy kid at highschool, bullied by jocks, and ignored by pretty girls until they needed some boffin to help them with homework. Peter’s prospects did indeed seem relatively grim, but his life would soon change on that fateful day of the field trip, when a radiated spider had bit him on the hand.

Over the course of the next few hours, our geeky teen would experience the awesome metamorphosis, eventually discovering that he had gained the strength of a hundred men, agility greater than any gymnast, and lightning quick reflexes, but the real shock came when Peter realized that he could latch onto, and climb walls, like a giant human spider!

Peter’s brilliant mind raced with limitless possibilities, thinking of how he could use his newfound abilities to make money, and buy the kind of life that his uncle Ben and Aunt May deserved. That’s when he got to work making a costume, and gimmicked up some wrist mounted web shooters to really sell his arachnid themed persona!

The first thing Peter got into was wrestling, never in a million years would Parker ever believe that he would stand a chance against some of Behemoths that he would see getting in the squared circle with him, yet one after the other he took them down with ease, earning quite the record - however, wrestling can be a shady business, with even shadier dealings… Peter was ultimately conned by the promoter, who owed him a lot more than he was paying him, that was the night that Peter called it quits on his wrestling career, and went out the door, not even bothering to stop the robbery which had taken place seconds after.

Peter’s night would only get worse, as he comes home to see a cop car outside Ben and May’s home, and it was bad news: Uncle Ben had been carjacked earlier that day, and gunned down in the ensuing struggle. Overwhelmed by grief, Peter dons his costume, and makes for

the old warehouse down at the pier. He captures and detains his uncle’s killer, but is shocked to find out who it is; The man from the promoter’s office, the robber, the one he let escape. A moment of anger and spite had cost Peter dearly, the life of Uncle Ben, a man who was like a father to him. It was on that day forth, that Peter Parker swore that no one else would ever had to know such pain, it was that day that he learned with Great power comes great responsibility. It was on that day a hero was born.


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Jul 14th 2020 - 2:26 PM

*The proud princess of Themyscira stood with her arms neatly folded across her chest, arching a single brow to being mistaken for a mere fan. Her demeanor returned neutral as he realized his own mistake before she could correct him, a smile began to form across her lips, wife enough to bare flash of her pearly white teeth when hearing his offer of assistance. Yet still, hearing his greeting start with sarcasm, she felt the need to return the favor.*

"So, you know these streets as well the inside of your  mask.. and how exactly that so, if you may only view through the eye holes?"

*Perhaps not the best joke is the world, but it was enough to cause a small girlish giggle to escape her own exhaling breath. Relaxing her arms at her side momentarily, before extending her hand in a formal manner.*

"Truly a pleasure to make your acquaintance, the infamous and amazing Spider-Man! Or, are you yourself but a cosplaying convention goer under that mask you seem to know the inside of so well."
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