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About me:
zatar was born in a very poor family. his family would speed most of the time working or begging for money. even being in this bad situation zatars parents would some how gathered enough money to all their son to go to school, but this turned out not to be good for him, not being able to make any friends since most of the kids would make fun of him cause of his families social status calling him a hobo, and bum-boy since he would come in with ragged clothes and sometimes covered in dirt. everything wasn't all bad for him since there was one person that he actually manage to make a friend, they enjoyed many conversations what they wanted to and studying in the for test. seeing this person made everything at school worth dealing with the endless teasing, but the good times abruptly came to an end one day when he cam home to his parents screaming at each other, even though he didn't understand what they were talking about he knew it was about money, hearing them arguing always drove zatar to just sit down on in the other room against wall. this day was the final straw for his father causing him to leave the family never to return. after that day home life change for the boy his mom going into prostitution and becoming more and more abusive with each different man that entered her life, driving the boy into more isolated and self-hating mentality, this even effected his only friendship at school where once these to kids were very close now became distance no longer talking since zatar kept distancing himself from this person more everyday. one day walking home from school zatar wanted to delay his usual routine of going home and getting abused a little and decided to walk through the forest for a little, enjoying the wildlife, but his little stroll turned into frantic wondering when he became lost the bright sunny sky gradually became a dark night, which didn't help at one bit. when all hope was lost a bright green light would appear in the distance. seeing this zatar would ran towards it crying thinking someone was looking for him, but once he came close enough to the light to see what it really was zatar stopped in complete fear seeing it was a barghest. confused and terrified zatar turned and hoping the beast didn't see him, but when he looked back the monster had gave chase and was gaining on him quick. once the monster was close to the boy it leapt on top of him biting down on his shoulder breaking the bone in the process. now on the ground looking out to the distance scared and wishing someone would save him. zatar shut his eyes passing out, but when he came too he found himself in a stone room laying in a bed. his shoulder banged and in a splint getting out of the room seeing the whole building was made out of stone. he'd wonder around check each corner making sure one of those monsters don't appear again. walking further and further into this mysterious place sounds of people grunting and swords slamming against each other could be heard echoing through the halls, growing louder and louder as he came closer. when he finally reached the noises source he saw people with gray hair fighting. standing there watching them completely enthralled with what they were doing. a woman looking to be in late twenties tapped the boy on the head offering to take him home, but he refused knowing it wasn't going to be good and didn't feel like he belonged there. the woman smirked not knowing what the boy wanted but allowed him to stay regardless. days went by and the boy continued watching the men spar and train with swords they would even come to him from time to time showing him things he could use with a small knife, but once his should had finally healed the woman came back and offered him if he wanted to become a witcher.
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