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"Quirkless boy, that has gotten the chance to achieve his dream, by his idol"

20 years old


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September 20 2020

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Here for:Relationships, Friends,
Orientation: Not Sure
Body type:Slim / Slender
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:In college
Characters: Izuku Midoriya
Verses: Boku No Hero Academia
Length: Multi Para
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Spar/Fighting,
Status: Single
Member Since:September 16, 2020

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About me:
Izuku Midoriya, a once quirkless boy, who followed his dream of becoming a hero to save people from evil, bring them to safety, help people in need with a big smile on his face, just like his idol, All Might, also known as Yagi Toshinori. The young greenette, meet his idol, when he was in danger, he was rescued by his idol himself! And the same day he discovered the big secret of him, his inability to stay in his hero form for longer than 3 hours. Izuku was not only shocked to see his favourite hero in his 'weak' state but has to discover that his quirkless being, is the reason he'll never be able to be a hero. Traumatised and heartbroken, he moves to go home, when he discovers his childhood friend and middle school bully being attacked by the same villain, All Might saved him from. The words of his favourite hero were still deep-set in his bones, but one look into the desperate and fear struck red eyes of his best friend made him lose control over his body, jumping into the scene, trying to help him. And so the journey of becoming the Nr. One Hero, Japan's Symbol of Peace, started.
Who I'd like to meet:
I'm willing to RP with anyone and everything considering almost every topic. Though romance wise, I'd like to keep it strict Boy x boy, sorry.. My favourite ships Izuku-ships are Bakudeku, Kirideku, Tododeku, Shindeku, and a lot more! I also love to write aged- up Izuku, so a relationship between two characters that normally would be unappreciated is no problem! I am searching for a long term RP partner for either Discord (message me for the @!). I'd love to establish an amazing relationship based on our love for Boku No Hero Academia <3 PLUS ULTRA!

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