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Characters: Ran Yakumo
Verses: Touhou, BNHA
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Slice of Life, Spar/Fighting, Supernatural,
Member Since:September 20, 2020

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About me:
Ran Yakumo is a shikigami possessing a youkai fox. Ran's body is that of a youkai fox with nine large tails, which is a clear sign of great power and intelligence. Ran's true identity is that of a shikigami that is possessing a youkai fox, or youko. The fox she is possessing is an entirely separate being, but since it never comes to surface, there is no problem in thinking of Ran as a nine-tailed fox herself. Because she is a shikigami herself, it's highly unusual that Ran has a shikigami of her own. Ran has yellow eyes, short blonde hair, and nine fox tails. She wears a white dress with purple cuffs and collar, an indigo tabard with a white print, white and blue footwear, and a light pink two-tailed hat with many amulets that hide her fox ears she is also fairly tall. Having nine tails, the highest number of tails a kitsune ever has, is a clear sign of Ran's power and experience. Since kitsunes are said in many stories to grow an extra tail every hundred years to a maximum of nine, it's thought that Ran may be 900 years old. Even though Ran looks similar to a human and has more than enough intelligence to speak she is still essentially an animal and is often regarded as such by other characters. Haughty and prideful, but not snobbish or prissy. Extremely proud of her achievements. Protective and motherly towards her family, both her Shikigami and her Mistress Yukari. Relatively friendly to humans, especially ones who give her tofu. Ran Yakumo is a kitsune, and has been for a very long time. She is one of the most powerful youkai around in fact. So powerful, in fact, that she has her own shikigami, Chen. She hangs out around the boundaries of Gensokyo, sometimes looking into the human world, but she's been exploring alot more lately, mostly out of boredom. Despite having a somewhat humanish appearance and form, she still considers herself to be a fox first and is proud of the fact. Sometimes she'll return to a fox form to explore, but she still has nine tails even then. She loves the tofu, especially fried tofu. A kitsune, Yukari's beleaguered but loyal shikigami, looking after the house and her duties while her mistress sleeps. A grand youkai in her own right, she is wise and strong, old enough to possess a full set of nine tails and is powerful enough to have her own shikigami, Chen. Action Mom: She and Chen generally have a mother-daughter relationship, which normally leads to her going "CHEEEEEEEEEENNNN!!!". Familiar: She's Yukari Yakumo's shikigami, and is powerful enough to have Chen as her own shikigami. Good with Numbers: Capable of doing complex calculations in an instant. She also worked out the formula used to calculate the width of the Sanzu River (which changes depending on the amount of spiritual wealth the soul carries to pay off the ferryman) in her spare time. Most likely, this skill of hers is part of an ongoing joke where ZUN compares shikigami to computers. Kitsune: She's a nine-tailed fox, which are traditionally quite powerful in mythology (almost divine). Presumably this is meant to contrast with her status as a shikigami and make Yukari seem even more threatening. Indeed, it may be hard to remember at times, but Ran is a fully-fledged Extra Boss in her own right. Multiple-Tailed Beast: She has nine tails, which indicates how long-lived she is; as the legends of kitsune go, a fox's tail will split in two after living for a hundred years, and they gain a tail for every century after, so theoretically she is between 800 and 899 years old. Little Bit Beastly: Nine-tailed fox, though she keeps her ears covered under a hat. Nice Hat: A modified mob cap wrapped with a few ofuda and two pointed "sleeves" for her ears adorned with tassled pom-poms. Trademark Favorite Food: Fried tofu is traditionally loved by kitsune, and according to Perfect Memento in Strict Sense Ran is no exception. It's said that one could persuade her out of fighting by offering her some. She's seen at Reisen's stand in Wild and Horned Hermit, buying some.
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