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Characters: Belladonna Marie
Verses: Homebrew Universe
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Open, Thriller/Suspense,
Member Since:October 23, 2020

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About me:
Hello! I am new to this website but not new to roleplay. I prefer Para/Multi-para style roleplay. Feel free to shoot ideas my way. Looking to start some fun Roleplays. Roleplay profile: Belladonna Marie Race: Mortal Witch Weapon Proficiency: Archery Powers: Powers mostly rely on spells besides innate ability to heal. Heal is limited to organisms outside of self. She cannot bring people back from the dead without powerful blood magic. Her energy is drained whenever she heals another person, and it takes her at least a day to full recover. Age: 24 Height: 5’5” Appearance: Long curly black hair, with eyes that change color with her emotions. Full pink lips. Hourglass figure with plump thighs. Background TW (kidnapping/Torture): Belladonna Marie was born to an ancient line of warlocks on her father’s side, and her mother is a human that was adopted from an unknown background. On her father’s side. She is the first female born into the family in over 2000 years. Belladonna’s family was incredibly overprotective of her growing up and was kept on her family’s estate with rare outside contact. Here she learned thousands of spells, how to defend herself in combat and she became a very proficient archer. On her 10th birthday, she grew weary of being kept on her family’s estate, and convinced her parents to let her go for a stroll alone in the garden, as she was usually accompanied by one of her parent’s guards. She stepped out of the garden for the first time in her life, and a powerful warlock, was waiting. He grabbed her before she had a change to scream. This is when she found out why her parents kept her locked in her house. Belladonna’s blood had the ability to enhance spells, over-power supernatural beings’ abilities, and even give humans temporary supernatural powers. The warlock kept her locked up, and tortured her for 10 days. When the warlock had felt bold enough to let his guard down, Belladonna sent up a beacon spell with the last of her energy and her father and her family found her within minutes. They saved Belladonna, and vanquished the Warlock to a different realm. Belladonna spent the rest of her childhood training even more fervently, barely leaving the house unaccompanied until once again she had the desire to be out on her own. She left her family’s estate, well trained, Ready to face what comes to her.
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Thanks for accepting me
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