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About me:



Nicknames: Foxy

Occupation: Adventurer/Thief

Age: 22 years old

Gender: Female

Height: 167cm - 5'6"

Likes: Sweets, traveling, alcohol

Sexuality: Bisexual

Relationship Status: Single

Fighting with: Daggers/magic

Magic: The shadows. The fox's hair can turn into black smoke, yet not only that, but it can also appear around her hands and arms and her tail. There are many secrets to this, that yet need to be revealed.


A dark-haired fox, her eyes are golden, yet they sometimes glow blue in the dark, she is not really aware of it herself. In the world she lives in, big fluffy ears and tail or magic powers are nothing unique, yet those features are something that identifies her. She is quite light and fit, after all, that's where running away from guards gets you.


Kate is stubborn and a loud individual. Others may see her as annoying as well. She loves jumping into things with her head first, which is not always the safest option, but danger shouts her name louder than staying safe. The fox is quite fond of money, quests that would earn her some gold? Throw it her way! Though she is also known for not completing quests, if she knows that selling the specific artifacts or items would earn her more than the person would pay her, she will disappear without a word, without a trace.


One day, a girl was wandering around the forest, jumping around like a fox. Big fluffy ears and tail, red kimono wrapped around her, where did she come from? The forest was silent, only filled with the sounds of other creatures that lived there and as the time passed, the girl grew older, got bigger, smarter.

Kate, which was the name she chose for herself after wandering the world, listening to the other species, such as humans or elves and many more, began to see that there was no life for her without any gold. So she began to steal, she was faster than some after all and began to make quite the amounts of money , but it wasn't enough. As the lone nights passed, strange whispers rang in her mind. Once around the age of 19 human years, she even had a lover, a vampire.

They traveled the world together, Kate was amazed that there were so many places, so many secrets and forests just like hers filled with spirits. One day, her significant other died, it broke the fox. But after a few years, she recovered and began to travel on her own, strange things have been happening lately, the whispers got louder. And this is where we are now~

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Jan 8th 2021 - 5:42 PM


This site sometimes does a terrible job of telling me when I have multiple new friends at once, almost didn't notice you were on my list till I changed from new friends to all friends. 

Either way! Thank you for accepting. I do look forward to learning more about your character, aside from everything on your profile. Getting a grasp of what kind of rps you like and such. Most importantly, discussing a story and seeing your style.

So hope we can get started soon. 
~The Wolfess~

Jan 8th 2021 - 2:44 PM

Ooc; Thank you for accepting, my name is Nakoma, shall we start discussing a story or just jump right in?
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