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Here for:Friends,
Orientation: Bi
Body type:No Answer
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Religion:I will let you know . . .
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Characters: Keitaro Nagame
Verses: Camp Buddy, slice of life, BL, Yaoi, video game crossover
Length: Multi Para, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Anime, Crossover, Manga, Open, Romance, Slice of Life,
Status: Single
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About me:

Keitaro is an average boy who grew up with his friend Hiro Akiba. In his younger years, he enjoyed spending time at Hiro's house with Hiro's mother and tasting their cooking. However as the years went by, he slowly had less and less time to spend with them. Distracted by school and other work for him to do, Keitaro was unable to see his friend as often. Hiro soon realized this and without telling Keitaro, signed him up for a summer camp at Camp Buddy in hopes to get to spend more time with his friend again, thus beginning the story.

A few other things important to note that we know about his past however is his passion for photography. He is also known to enjoy nature, and barely ever uses electronics.

Keitaro's color motif is verdant green which is brought out by his green eyes and donning green-colored clothing & accessories. He has brown hair and a lean & firm body type. He also has average weight & height and carries a camera around his neck. When in swimwear, he has frog goggles as well as light green and green swim shorts; the frog goggles alluding to his favorite animal, the Frog. He wears green wrist bands at all times, one on each wrist. He has a green and white checkered pattern band-aid on his cheek that he seems to keep on most of the time with the exception of a few of the CG's. He also has two white bandages in a cross on his left knee.

Personality & Traits
Keitaro is a cheerful and lovable character to most of the cast, therefore, making him a good subject of the story. He gives everyone more chances than most others would as displayed with Taiga and it takes a lot to really frustrate him. When he does something bad he feels as if he is the one that always needs to apologize or fix it no matter if it was his fault or not.

He has a love for photography that is shown through all the pictures he loves to take. He puts many of these pictures into the journal of which he records everything that happens in. This journal was given to him at the beginning and means a great deal to Keitaro as shown throughout the story. He has a great attachment to memories and fears losing them as well if he were to lose the book.

Being that he is a protagonist, much of the rest of his personality is dependent on what route you are going down at that time. However, in most endings, he develops to realize that the memories he made really are important to him and he strives to make more and more memories that will last him his lifetime.

Hunter Route

Day 1
Keitaro first met Hunter at the Mess Hall as Yoichi tried to extort food from the [Hunter] After escaping, Hunter made his way back to the cabin where Keitaro later met him. Upon seeing Hunter, Keitaro quickly introduces himself and try to befriend the quiet boy. Hunter reply with his name and the two boys continue to converse. Noticing that Hunter was quite engrossed with the book he's reading, Keitaro decided to ask him what the book was about. Hunter told Keitaro not to laugh as he explains that the book is about a knight who embarked on a journey to find a cure for his sickly prince. Keitaro replies in delight that he may have read a book with a similar story. Surprise that Keitaro also enjoys reading books, Hunter responded positively, saying that most would think of his hobby as weird. Keitaro reassured Hunter that reading is a normal hobby. That's when Hiro returns and comment that he found books to be boring. This caused the timid Hunter to panic and he left the room.

After unpacking their things and getting their scout uniforms, Keitaro and Hiro were invited by Natsumi to the Mess Hall. Scoutmaster Yoshinori has thrown them a welcoming party. Upon arriving, Keitaro notices that there was someone missing from the party. Hunter was nowhere to be found. Worried, Keitaro left the party to find Hunter. After spending some time searching, Keitaro found Hunter back at their cabin alone. Keitaro asks Hunter to join the party but Hunter reply that he felt more comfortable in quiet places. Seeing that Hunter did not want to join the party, Keitaro offers to stay with Hunter in the cabin instead. That's when Hunter's stomach growl. Realizing that Hunter is hungry, Keitaro offers Hunter the candy bar that Hiro gave him earlier. They shared the candy bar together.

After conversing a little bit more, Hunter confesses to Keitaro that he has a hard time making friends as he wasn't very good at communicating with others. That's when Keitaro reply in the sincerity that he'll become Hunter's friend. Before they could talk more, Hiro interrupted them and told Keitaro that they are wanted by Scoutmaster Yoshinori at the Mess Hall. Just before Keitaro left, Hunter decided to join the party with Keitaro. At the party, Yoshinori introduces Keitaro and Hiro to the rest of the scouts and welcoming them to the scout family. Keitaro decided to take a picture to commemorate the party.

Day 2
After being awakened quite early by Natsumi, Keitaro and Hiro decided to wash up and get ready for camp activities. When they got to the washroom, they were startled in surprise by Hunter who already awakes and ready to go. Not even noticing that Hunter was there the whole time, Hiro snaps at Hunter for not making his presence known. Not knowing how to deal with Hiro's aggression, Hunter quickly left the washroom. Keitaro reprimanded Hiro for being so harsh but to no avail.

After getting ready, all of them met up with Scoutmaster Yoshinori and he introduced them to Scoutmaster Yuri. They were notified that the scout was gonna have an overnight activity and the scoutmasters told them to go prepare. After the scoutmasters left, Yoichi comments on how lame the activity was and how he didn't want to do it. Natsumi reply in enthusiasm that it would be fun. Hunter too wasn't too fond of the activity and wanted to stay behind. His request was, however, turned down by Natsumi and went into the cabin to prepare.

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