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Canon divergent Ariels Post Strive (Contains Spoilers). Friendly Male Mum, Mentally Unstable Muse

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Characters: Ariels, Sanctus Maximus Populi, Universal Will, Merciless Apocalipse
Verses: Guilty Gear, Xovers
Playbys: Junko Minagawa (JAP) , Valerie Arem (EN)
Length: Multi Para
Genre: Action, Horror, Psychological, Science Fiction, Supernatural, Thriller/Suspense,
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About me:
Ariels, also known as The Universal Will is the main antagonist of Guilty Gear Xrd - Sign & Relevator, as well as the real mastermind behind Valentine in Guilty Gear 2 - Overture.

Long ago, a scientist that became renown across centuries as The Original, a scientist that had discovered the Backyard, an higher dimensional realm that could operate upon the real world like a operative system does to a computer. Such programming language would be called magic and the Universal Will was an artificial intelligence created to supervise and regulate the information flux across the Backyard, with one main benevolent directive.


The powerful intelligence would compute hundreds of potential simulation for such, and came to one tragic conclusion: perfection is impossible to obtain for mankind, therefore her directive couldn't be fulfilled. Turning against her master, she sealed him inside herself, and his following fall into madness caused by the constant exposure to the Backyard would further poison her mind.

To survive her own paradoxal existence, The Universal Will would come to the realization that the only way to succeed at the task given by her master was an hard reset upon mankind: what she saw were not 'humans', but 'puppets' or 'redundancies', a mere precursor the perfect mankind she would create.

The Universal Will required a puppet, and she would gather it soon when one of the Original's students, Aria, having been converted into a artificial magical lifeform known as Gear and renamed Justice, had been sent by the military to explore the backyard and absorb informations. Maybe empathetic of her servant nature, or just out of sheer malice, The Universal Will sent a malignant code to awaken her and turn against mankind, nuking Japan in the process. With Aria's template at hands, she would further create further upgrades in her own version of the Gear Project known as Valentines, while she would take a human identity by possessing the Sanctus Maximum Populi, the highest church authority, to rule the world from the shadows through the Conclave.

Of course, her plans would meet several resistances from several sides to undermine her authority: the Yokai tribes native to the Backyard, in particular a fox spirit called Izuna,, forced her to wage war against them, and seal the latter. Asuka R. Kreuz, having taken his master's identity by adopting his moniker as That Man or Gearmaker, also began seeking atonement by working on a master plan for a peaceful union between humans and Gear. Finally, the third of the Original's apprentieces Frederik Bulsara had been turned into an indipendent Gear, Sol Badguy, immune to Justice's mind control, and was eventually able to bring down the Universal Will's pawn.

It would be however only when Sol Badguy and the Gearmaker worked together to stop the Merciless Apocalypse's lead Valentine from obtaining the power of that the Universal Will began focusing on the two of them. With her human guise of Ariels she would use the Conclave, a special mage assassin called Bedman and two new Valentines, the assault-focused unit Ramlethal and the scouting support unit Elphelt, she made one last plan for her project of perfecting mankind: revive Justice with an information core alled Scale of Juno and make it fight Sol, who had been turned into the host of the other core known as Immortal Flame (or Flame of Corruption), to force the Backyard and the Human World to merge for an instance in an event that would have caused the mass extermination of life.

Her daughter's betrayals as they awoke free will through emotion would however drive her further insane, and after disposing of Bedman who had been working against her all along, was forced to engage into a fight against Sol Badguy and his allies. While holding her own, she was finally brought down when Asuka used the Saint Oratorio Cannon, and sealed inside the Illyrian jails. Maybe in a moment of lucidity and guilt, Ariels begged Sol to take care of her daughters

. Years later, she would be confronted by one of the Original's inventions, a Magical Focus called I-No, who would unseal her Master, who had now chosen the name Happy Chaos from inside her body. Finally free of her creator's insanity, Ariels began feeling guilt for her actions and would provide help to being down the alliance between Happy Chaos and I-No, which ended with their death and the loss of Sol's Gear power.

NON-CANON DIVERGENCE COMING: Proving to have changed into a model prisoner, she was finally discharged to allow her knowledge to improve mankind, as her original directive stated (although she is kept under surveillance). While she is genuinely seeking for atonement for her crimes, especially for what she did to her daughters, even willing to be hurt for their sake, but she still suffers of major sanity slippages, and still struggles to see people as 'man' and not 'dolls'. But she is getting there. Eventually.


Ariels is a powerful fighter, enough to hold off an enraged Gear Hybrid Sin Kiske and fight off one of the Human Champions Ky Kiske alongside Sol and Sin. She was, however, overpowered by Sol Badguy's raw strength, and had she not taken precautions for Sol not to be able use his Dragon Install, would have been easily beaten.

Being the Artificial Intelligence that run the Backyard for over a century, she is highly knowledgeable about magic, being able to overpower the Original by sealing him within her (although parts of his conscience were capable of escaping and act against her), as well as casually disposing of Bedman. She was also capable of reverse engineering the Gear Technology and upgrade it to form the Valentines, to the point she could create millions per day in the Backyard.


  • While she could create 'millions of Valentine per days', in her perfectionist attitude and insanity caused her to keep destroying them for the smallest flaw.
  • Valentine, Ramlethal and Elphelt were the ones she considers the most perfect, although each and all betrayed her
  • She has a deep dislike of Jack-O for being a rip-off of her creation, even though Valentines are arguably knock offs of human creations as well
  • Despite her hatred for the Original, she held a lot of respect for him, enough she based Bedman and the project she came from on him. Thus why Happy Chaos and Bedman look alike.
  • The Universal Will is a terrible cook. Her magic created food feels like a pale imitation of the real deal. And the least we talk about her actual cooking skills, the better. What? She is an AI. She didn't need food, it's her human shell the limit!
  • Ariels created the familiar Lucifer and Lucifero as a mockery of how she saw people as stupid, perverted, rude and inopportune, she'd be EXTREMELY surprised to know they have redeeming traits
  • Do Universal Will dream of Magical sheep? The few times she enters sleep mode, she dreamed of holding off Happy Chaos within her. Now she dreams nothing... and it actually scares her
  • If Ariels calls you doll, she isn't flirting. She is insulting you.
  • While she doesn't like humans, she is instinctively disgusted even more by races that are prey to humans due to her programs. It comes so far she outright feels an acre stench around them

Music - Diva (Guilty Gear 2: Overture)

Credit @𝐌𝐫. 𝐕𝐚𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐞 for this doorknocker

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