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All verses! Any setting. Discussions encouraged! Photo comments loved! Let's create something great! 18+ only for some rp's but happy to rp almost ANYTHING.

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Orientation: Bi
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About me:
Name: Sariel

Age: Considering she is the Goddess of Creation...

Sexuality: Bisexual

Powers: The Creation of anything!

Location: Anywhere she desires to go at any given time!

Likes: Nice people. Sushi. Visiting different locations all over the world and other worlds.

Dislikes: Rude people. Sour cream. People who abuse others.

Sariel, The Goddess of All Creation! A power title for a powerful Goddess! How did it all begin? How was life created? How was SHE created? Well those are all details to worry about at a different time! Sariel is a kind Goddess, and despite her powers and endurances, never actively flaunts it about. She loves living among the mortals who inhabit the worlds she has created. Watching them grow and expand as a race, creatures and with their own minds, creating their own things for their lives!

Sariel in general is very kind, and loving towards just about everyone she meets. She gives a strong motherly, big sister like vibe to many and easy to strike a conversation with. She is quite distinct in appearances as well. Long beautiful blue hair, a busty heavy chest and hips to go alongside it. Sariel can freely alter her form to suit her needs. Short hair, long hair, bigger or smaller breasts? For those on the kinky side and managed to share a bed with her, she can even have a nice large extra..... Oh my! Here we go with details again!

With those details in mind, Sariel can easily be accessible in any setting. Be it modern day, fantasy to even sci-fi experiences. I can easily adapt her to your world if need be and always happy to adjust and make things work for all!

Who I'd like to meet:

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