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How does it feel, being forced to submit to the very prize, that you were trying to abuse? That false confidence of yours, doesn't mean a damn thing in the presence of true perfection.

25 years old

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June 24 2021

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Orientation: Straight
Body type:Athletic
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:Grad / professional school
Occupation:Employed Super Agent/ Overlord
Characters: Jaakuna Warasaki.... Kurai Yohei refers to the organization that she works for, including all of the
Verses: Original story. Jaakuna the Super Agent
Playbys: Chris
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Anime, Comedy, Horror, Mystery,
Member Since:June 10, 2021

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Kurai Yohei
Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands
Title: Agent #1(initially), the agent of arrogance/ Ruler(later on) depending on time frame
Division: Infiltration and Espionage

Date Employed Febuary 2nd 2015-current

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About me:
As a child, up until she was 13, Jaakuna started out rather cheerful, and loved her family. Initially, She was desperate for acknowledgement from her aloof father, who unknowingly to her, was the leader of a Yakuzu faction, known as Onihito; as well as a demon lord. She had received abundant love and care from her human mother, Natasha, but her father seemingly was indifferent to both of them, until it was revealed that he wanted her to be the successor of his empire. Upon finding this out, she fell into a state of shock, but wanted to do anything to gain his approval. She was forced into brutal physical and mental training day after day for 6 years, from 13 all the way until she was 19. She grew emotionally numb, and arrogant over the years, as her father drilled into her head, that she was the ultimate being meant for success. Although very standoffish to others at this point, she still maintained a sense of justice and love for her mother. Things would change however, when her mother was stricken with an illness that had slowly been developing. Jaakuna eventually accepted the fact, that her father was not going to be there for his wife, and decided to follow her own path and become an fbi agent, and take a path that would make her mother proud. However, things would take a turn for the worst, when she found out that the illness was in fact killing her mother, and the only way for her to survive was to receive a complete lung transplant, which had a 50% survival rate. The corrupt hospital that took her mother, agreed to only go thru with the procedure, if the balance was paid upfront. Desperate, Jaakuna did everything she could to come up with the money, and even went to her father, who refused; claiming he had more important matters to take care of, and that people dying was a natural phenomenon. Needless to say, Jaakuna was outraged at both her father and the corrupt society she was apart of. After losing the light from her mother, in the dark world she lived it; she fell into a period of despair. She moarned silently, until she was confronted by a mysterious woman, who turned out to be the leader of an evil organization that was in opposition to the yakuza. Af first reluctant, but filled with a desire for revenge, decided to join this organization in hopes of getting back at both her father and the corrupt society that allowed her mother to die. She now aims to control it, and rid the world of all it's vermin.
Who I'd like to meet:
Jaakuna stays to herself for the most part, and is quite standoffish to most, but she has respect for individuals with a high resolve, intelligence, and/or battle strength. The chance to mingle with other super villains, would be a plus, although a conflict of interest might ensue, lol.

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