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Never, ever wander the wood,
For those who are lost would flee if they could.

Their souls are eternally and endlessly trapped,
Their bodies used and their sanity has snapped.

Flee, flee as fast as one can.
But none can escape, be they God or Man.

21+ for dark horror themes. Multi para and Up.

28 years old


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July 28 2021

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Characters: Nunani the forest of Eternity and Taqukaq the Herald of the End Times
Verses: High Fantasy, Modern, Sci-Fi, Magical, Horror, dark and gory themes.
Playbys: Nunani the Forest of Eternity, The Black Forest, The Forest of the End times. The Elder Wendigo, The
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Psychological, Science Fiction, Thriller/Suspense,
Member Since:June 12, 2021

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About me:
(WARNING LONG ASS FUCKING STORY. HIGHLIGHT TO MAKE EASIER TO READ.) Nunani is a strange phenomenon of a collection of awareness in an absolute void. Before Reality came into being and even before time started, Nunani was a formless collection of awareness. A mass of energy that took the form of pure knowledge through the course of several trillion years as it grew more and more. This was before the big bang even birthed existence into being. Galaxies, planets, suns, entire timelines, none of these have come into existence yet.

There was only an endless empty void of nothingness save for the formless invisible collection of awareness forming that was Nunani. Nunani grew as more things came into being and more knowledge began to exist. It was as if it was the invisible collection of Reality’s knowledge. The chemical composition of matter, the exact formulas for expanding matter into galaxies, Nunani simply began to gain a frighteningly intimate understanding of the building blocks of reality and existence. It began to exert will into the manipulation and control of this reality.

It began to create things from nothing, creating matter where there was none and constructing them atom by atom, molecule by molecule, before deconstructing it perfectly the opposite way. Nunani continued this for an unfathomable span of time, learning the intricacies of every aspect of reality. It wasn’t until it had accidentally tampered with mass expansion until it really began to delve into its control over reality.

One day, it began creating matter and expanding it and to its surprise, the matter kept expanding even when it stopped exerting its will over it. It noticed it was slow at first, but then surprised Nunani with a sudden and extreme explosion that mass-birthed several other similar explosions. It was the Mass Bang, creating billions of Big Bangs that spawned billions of other realities and multiverses. This had spawned the entirety of reality in what was previously the black void of nothingness.

Nunani was suffice to say, dumbfounded at the mass expansion of matter and before it laid a strange wooden table with the entirety of reality. It looked so small on the table, but as Nunani focused its awareness on the table, it could see the intense, tiny details of the reality that lay in the table. Nunani looks at the black space that surrounds the reality and edges the table, it appeared to be a similar void to what Nunani lived in, but there was still matter there, there were still particles in that void and it wasn’t a true emptiness. Nunani looked deep into reality and saw the different universes, the multiverses, the parallel timelines, the paradoxes and everything that reality had to offer it.

It was a treasure trove of knowledge and Nunani delighted inwardly at the opportunity to learn. Nunani decided that upon looking through reality it wished to take a particular form most common in reality and descend into it and explore reality. Nunani looked through reality and saw one common constant amongst any location, universe, planet with life. It was entirely reliant on the forest around to provide it with live until the planet dies and the denizens either die with it or retreat into space with artificial constructs and air. Nunani decided to take the form of a collection of all the forests it saw throughout reality.

This would originally make Nunani the forest of eternity as when Nunani took form, it became apparent to it, just how much it had expanded, the forest stretched on endlessly in the void of nonexistence that it resided in. The forest took on every type of forest it ever witnessed in its study and focuses into reality. It had massive red wood trees, a black forest of jagged spikes, dead trees and crushing darkness, large giant luminescent mushrooms growing larger than most trees, mass collections of exotic and massive fauna, there were even forests of world trees, spanning out to be the most massive of them all, many being the size of entire worlds. Nunani could not directly enter reality yet, it was a massive, endless forest surrounding a table that held reality.

Nunani continued to study it for a long time before coming up with theories, as it watched reality and time go by Nunani began to watch the life that came forth. At first it was primitive, but time quickly passed for Nunani watching the table outside of existence. The life forms grew more advanced and began to learn skills, magic, war, technology. Nunani studied and learned all of these with a childlike delight. Happy to find more knowledge as it was an entity of awareness, the more it learned, the more it grew in power. It was impossible to say just what Nunani could do given the unending size of the forest it had grown to become.

Nunani had learned so much, from how to create gods, to how to deconstruct them as well. It was interesting watching the “Immortal” races like gods, dragons, and advanced aliens, grow and dominate most of reality. Many of them believed themselves immortal, living millions if not billions of years. Nunani watched as millions turned to billions turned to trillions. It tuned to eons, and it turned to stars dying and taking galaxies with it. Nunani watched and observed it all as it practically all fast forwarded for Nunani. Nunani could not interact quite yet, but it could learn. It learned magic and even had the time to master every school of magic and even create its own form of magic. It learned sciences and understood physics and engineering. It wasn’t until timelines were reduced to dust and the gods that fancied themselves immortal were nothing but ancient semi dead husks that were more a symbol than a god as even they could not escape the march of time. Many of these gods even spanned the life of reality. Nunani watched as time ended.

Nunani watched as universes crumbled to dust and reality fades away into a fully black void after it goes out in a bang of exploding suns and collapsing black holes. Nunani noticed an important detail here, the only part of reality Nunani has ever been able to interact with was at the very end of reality. The things that started the end, it caused the black holes to collapse and the suns to explode over time. It was a strange orange substance that hung on the table like a large boulder. It was large, it eventually became reality as it ended. It was an amber boulder, Nunani heard of the ancient Amber heart stone, it was talked about in reality when it first began destroying reality and consuming it.

Nunani controlled one of its trees to grow its rolls and wrap around the amber heart boulder. It was heavy, even for Nunani. It did contain what Nunani witnessed as reality after all. It pulled on the amber heart boulder harder until it suddenly gave. When it left the table and Nunani pulled it towards one of its largest red wood trees, the boulder began to crack and sizzle, turning into a semi malleable form and burning the roots holding it. The root let go as it soared towards the large tree. It struck dead center of the tree trunk and began burning into it until the amber heart boulder became embedded into the heart of the tree. Nunani observed the dying tree with curiosity. The tree became disconnected with Nunani's consensus of the rest of the forest of eternity. It was not longer part of the forest, Nunani delighted at the thought of a possible new companion after what it witnessed transpired.

Eventually, it suddenly felt the now corrupted looking black twisted tree begin stirring to life. It began to shape, crack, twist and take new forms. The once proud and mighty red wood tree had turned into a black, twisted, jagged and wicked looking treant. It was a tree man, standing 50 feet tall, bearing the amber heart boulder in its chest, protecting it with a breastplate of charred black wood. Then suddenly, Nunani felt the treant reconnect to the consensus. The collection of this connection had sent forth an explosion of new information into Nunani, corrupting, purifying, shaping Nunani's forming consensus.

It felt as if it had learned every inch of possible knowledge that belonged in that reality Nunani just witnessed. Nunani instantaneously came to the decision, that now that Nunani had nothing else to do, would archive this knowledge. Nunani enjoyed the idea of libraries it witnessed in reality. So Nunani built a library out of itself, making a large grand building partly made out of tree and fungi that formed a massive library littered with tree roots, vines, bright fungi, mindless dryads being controlled by the mass consensus that is Nunani. In nearly an instant Nunani created a nearly infinitely large library and placed the information it knew into the empty books that lined the shelves. There were no words imprinted on these books, no writing. There was just a psychic link on the book and if one were to read it, the entirety of the books contents would simply flood into their brain, oftentimes causing vivid hallucinations of the setting and description of knowledge.

After what seemed to be an eternity, there was but another mass bang. Nunani quickly studied, curious if this was a new but reality it was not. The big bang had re-birthed the very reality that the Amber heart boulder had destroyed. This made Nunani happy as studying reality and its denizens was a fun hobby for it. Nunani had continued its studies, comparing and contrasting from its previous studies. Then a new occurrence happened that never happened before. A powerful orange portal opens up and dumps out one of the human women that Nunani had studied. She was dying, suffocating. Nonexistence did not have an atmosphere and many transdimensional beings that accidentally left reality were ripped to pieces being forced back in. Nunani put up a barrier to prevent this from happening, but it did not know about the atmosphere until now. Nunani had produced a totem that erected an atmosphere around the woman to sustain her life whilst she was there outside of reality.

Nunani had nursed this woman back to life and when she came to, they introduced each other. Nunani and Taqukaq. Taqukaq told Nunani of her curse, which forces her to randomly teleport somewhere in the universe at random times. She says the teleportation only sends her to safe areas about 1% of the time, the rest she is often dumped into monster nests, active volcanic islands and other dangerous places, the only rule for the curse is that it always pulls her away before something kills her. Nunani ended up casting several ritualistic spells for her. Taking months of preparation. These spells rooted her to Nunani's realm unless she wanted to leave. This way she was able to stay. It even gave her control over the curse and simply teleport where she pleased to accompany Nunani on its trips into reality. Nunani and Taqukaq grew close and despite that she was human and that it was an entity of awareness that took the form of a forest, they both fell in love. Taqukaq taught Nunani about human emotions and Nunani magically bestowed emotions onto himself. So that it could feel the happiness, misery and love that she could. Nunani taught her about its library and about the nature and laws of reality, to include its conception.

There was only one flaw with this, Nunani did not have a mortal capacity for emotion. Nunani's emotional capacity was nearly limitless. Humans regulate their emotions through homeostasis, but Nunani didn't have that. Humans could only get so angry, so sad, so happy. There were limits to what they could feel, Nunani had no limits and while this paid off at first with its happiness with Taqukaq, it eventually backfired on Nunani. For another being wandered into Nunani's domain outside of existence. A black obsidian wolf named Inuaqti. A being that could travel freely through reality as Nunani could. Nunani, was a loving being of nature seeing as it took its form as an entity of awareness. Nunani allowed the wolf into its forest, noticing that the wolf didn't need an atmosphere to breathe. Nunani delighted in another companion to share time with.

Unfortunately Inuaqti had betrayed Nunani's trust and stole into the wood, hunting the human woman Taqukaq. Inuaqti had attacked Taqukaq but Taqukaq was taught to fight and to survive by Nunani. Taqukaq had become a devastating force to be reckoned with. But Inuaqti was the embodiment of murder and death for spirits. Nunani had believed that Inuaqti had killed Taqukaq and fled from its domain. The reality was that Taqukaq, in her panic, lost the focus of the seal Nunani had placed on her curse, it was that instant of loss of focus that saved her, as her curse kicked in and took her away. Inuaqti fled and Nunani in its never ending and limitless rage had descended upon reality, not with curiosity, not with kindness but a rage that would ignite planets that got too close. (Not literally.)

Now that Nunani had the black treant bearing the Amber heart Boulder, Nunani was able to absorb a small portion of its forest into the amber heart boulder, about as much of it that can possibly fit in reality. Then the black treant falls forward into the table, shrinking until it descends into reality. Nunani followed the fleeing Inuaqti across the cosmos, across multiverses and across time and space. Nunani's hatred and rage powering its wrath as woe befell those that stood in the way of what now became Nunani the Black Forest. Leaving consumed worlds and dying stars in its wake, Nunani hunted Inuaqti. Delighted to learn that the nature of the Black ent, that was made from Nunani’s original form was never meant to exist, and the Amber Heart Boulder forced Reality to allow it in, this formed a strange barrier of reality around ONLY the black treant that prevented anything that comes from reality to be able to even come into contact with it. Only one treant out of the trillions Nunani uses.

Nunani tracked Inuaqti to Earth to hunt and kill the beast. Inuaqti had begun to spawn massive black obsidian monsters called phantoms and he let them loose off the world just as Nunani descended. Inuaqti was deceptive and clever. Nunani learned how to be deceptive from his enemy Inuaqti as a result of this hard lesson. The humans called Jailors had been fighting the phantoms for decades. Humanity had all but lost to the phantom menace. (Get it? Star wars reference,) But a small order of humans that mastered powerful sealing magic had tracked Nunani, believing that the forest was the cause of the phantoms. They had trapped Nunani and though Nunani could not be harmed, this does not mean that it could not be defeated. They had spent years preparing for the ritual to seal Nunani's very being inside a human body.

Uyaraq, a powerful Jailor in training, volunteered for the ritual. The success rate was below 5% and attempting was nearly guaranteed death, but for the few humans that survived the sealing process became immortal and powerful beyond the scope any human could possibly obtain otherwise. Humans became bestowed with the power of what was sealed inside of them. Uyaraq had lived on for 500 years, hunting and killing off the phantoms effortlessly. He became the grand-master of the Jailors and under his leadership, Humanity was destroying the phantoms. The only issue was that humans were not meant to live that long. Uyaraq went insane in his long life, he began hearing voices, seeing things but it wasn't that he was going insane. It was because his exhaustion was weakening the seal and Nunani stole into Uyaraq's mind, plaguing him with nightmares and hallucinations.

This weakened the seal even more until the end. 500 years, Inuaqti had returned to mount one final assault on Humanity's final bastion. Moscow Russia, Renamed VainGlory after the fall of humanity. Inuaqti, knew that Nunani was breaking free and he knew that if the host was killed, that which was sealed away should die aw well. Inuaqti attacked the city and Uyaraq met them alone, charging ahead in the massive ice field. Jailors were trained to kill phantoms and beasts, they weren't the best fighters against other humans, but a Single jailor could destroy an army of monsters. Unfortunately, it seemed as if that was just a boast, but then again, Uyaraq was incredibly weakened from Nunani's torment. The army had torn Uyaraq to pieces but they didn't kill him, what killed him was the entire forest of Nunani bursting out from his chest, killing him and the entire phantom army. Nunani nearly captured and killed Inuaqti but he escaped. Nunani wasn't happy about the last 500 years being wasted so it quickly and viciously turned on humanity, wiped out the jailor order and hunted humans to extinction before Nunani continued its hunt.

Nunani continued studying reality and time while hunting the wolf. Taqukaq found her way back home after relearning the seals Nunani had placed on her and regained control of her curse. Once she returned and reunited with Nunani, Nunani bestows her and blesses her with the entire amber heart boulder. This gives her incredible power and removes her humanity as she becomes the heart of the forest. Near the end of the cycle of reality, Taqukaq found and killed Inuaqti and then as reality ended, she too died as a being who belonged in reality. Nunani had learned true loss, but it waited as Reality eventually restarted. Nunani had a new purpose, Nunani wanted to get reality to become immortal like itself. Nunani began wandering through reality, learning it's secrets and then teaching them to the denizens of every planet. Nunani would teach them wisdom so they do not destroy themselves with knowledge. Every cycle lasted longer and longer as reality grew healthier and healthier due to Nunani's efforts. It searched for dying planets and either revived them or destroyed them, preventing their rot from spreading.

Nunani continues this after 9 billion cycles of reality. 9 billion times that Nunani has seen reality be reborn, 9 billion times Nunani has had to destroy it. 9 billion times Nunani watches its only love rip away from it as reality dies. 9 billion times Inuaqti has torn into Nunani's world and betrayed it. Nunani notices that as reality lasts longer, the time that the big bang occurs is always the same, the time before the next big bang, growing shorter and shorter as each reality lasts just a little bit longer. Nunani theorizes that if it can get reality to last long enough to still exist by the next big bang, it will create an endless loop, allowing reality to go on forever. But there is still so much work for Nunani to do.

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Ahri Koniomi

Jun 30th 2021 - 3:55 PM

Greetings My friend, 

My name is Ahri Koniomi. I am a nine tailed fox. I am an assassin, Not just any assassin I am a Mage Assassin. I am magic I do not do dark magic I am very powerful. I am also dangerous so choose wisely. I am sweet and kind, very protective of my friends. I hope we can be good friends, am very loyal to my friends all I ask is not to back stab me in the back. You;ll forever have my protection. 

--Ahri Koniomi
Zinnia of Treeborne

Jun 12th 2021 - 11:29 PM

// Nunani...Man, I haven't heard that name in two or three years. Very nostalgic to be honest...

OH! How rude of me. My name is Zinnia. You probably don't remember me, but I used to RP a character with a twin brother. Her name was Celeste and she would use a big giant shield to shield and as a weapon. If you don't remember, it's okay. I hope this will be a great opportunity for a potential friendship in the future. In the meantime, I wanted to also extend my graditude for accepting my friend request. I look forward to discussing a role-play with you.
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