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"A knight's top priority is to ensure the safety of others... Or something like that!" | Prefers Fantasy RP, but open to anything | Does both PG and Mature | Para, Multipara |

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Characters: Arthur Rhineford (OC)
Verses: Fantasy, Berserk, Fire Emblem, Fate,
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance,
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About me:

Arthur 'Art' Rhineford is the youngest member of the prestigious Rhineford knights; a family known for their peerless intensity and merciless tactics. Despite his heritage, Arthur detests violence and any sort of stressful situations. He often opted to rest in the fields rather than train with his siblings and cousins. Years went by and many noticed that Arthur lagged behind his peers. While a stalwart defender, and proficient with a lance, many feared that he was just too slow and inattentive to truly become a worthy member of the clan. He was promptly sent out to explore the world and hone his talents; or find a vassal who would willingly take him in.

Art spent the next couple of years wandering the globe, helping out here and there when at all able. While he has accrued a bit more experience, he doubts he will ever return back to his old home, now enamoured with a hunger for adventure. Now twenty-one years old, Arthur is looking for his next adventure. While he may seem uninterested in acting as a knight is supposed to, he will not hesitate to protect those that cannot protect themselves, even if he must sacrifice himself.

Arthur is a gentle and serene young man. He is often seen with a gentle smile on his features and never hesitates to help out those in need. He has a carefree outlook and prefers spending time out in nature rather than be cooped up indoors. It is very difficult to get him upset, and he prefers to avoid conflict. Art has no qualms with apologizing even when he's in the right, if it means he can get off the hook. Of course, even if things do get violent, he is more than capable of handling himself in a fight.

Due to being raised in a family of royal knights, Arthur is an adept with a lance. Although he is skilled, he has a tendency to focus on the spot he means to strike and nowhere else. This often leads to enemies striking him in his blind spots. Outside of battle, Art is a big fan of whittling and fishing.

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Jun 22nd 2021 - 6:49 PM

Hey there! It's a pleasure to meet you!
The names Mailyn, but you're more than welcome to call me Mai if you'd like! ^_^ /

I'll keep this short and sweet- I'd love to hash some things out for a storyline sometime soon! From the info on your bio, Art seems like such a good person! Definitely the type that Mai desperately needs in her life!

This character of mine might be new, but I'm going to be pulling some things from an old muse and the lore I created years ago (It actually incorporates an original polytheistic religion with Greek, Norse, and Japanese mythologies), so I think that I could easily fit into a more old-world verse if that's what you're interested in??!

I definitely think (hope) we could come up with something great! ^_^

Regardless, I ​​​​​look forward to hearing from ya, and until then, I hope you have a wonderful day!!
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