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June 15 2021

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About me:
Veaxxith, is a rare gem of a woman. However, the reason that she is began long ago when her ancestors prayed to a dark and foreboding god who was banished from the world. They yearned for power and their women to be fertile to keep their line strong and their wish was granted. Until they betrayed him. He cursed them at that point with dark fertility so that they were to birth horrendous monsters. One could say the monsters and beasts that inhabit the world now, are a result of this betrayed. However, he also granted them a respite, that when their line is dwindling away, a child will be born with a different curse. A fertility to bare any offspring, but also with the power to transform into the form or creature that their partner wanted through a small ritual. Veaxxith is the result of that curse and she knows the history of her family and what she has done. If she could, she would freely offer herself to this dark god in return for her line being spared. Now she wonders the world and realms, offering to bare the young of whoever came her way. It was in her blood now and it is what she secretly craved as well.
Who I'd like to meet:
I know that this page seems like it's focus is breeding and all of that and you are correct, but I am happy to do things that don't revolve around it. Just realize that her body will always be heated and needy. Even when nothing sexual is being done. You are free to throw me random starters, discussing, or IC starts as well and and about the ritual. If you desire her to be a neko, she can. A dog girl. She can, a demon(Present picture for form), an angel(present picture for form), a futa, a monster)present picture for form) herself. She can certainly do it and any child born will be a hybrid of what she became and her partner. She also has a mark on her stomach above her womb. It glows when she is indeed pregnant. The ritual itself, what it entails can be discussed.

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