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Vanitas is a young man with bluish dark wavy hair and light blue eyes. One side of his hair is cut shorter than the other in an asymmetrical fashion, with one level on the left side, and two levels on the right. He wears earrings on both sides. His right ear is embedded with one piercing, and his left ear is embedded with two ear piercings and a dangling hourglass earring that seems to have previously been owned by Blue Moon Vanitas.

Vanitas wears a baggy coat with hanging sleeves and a tail that bells out and floats. The coat is far too big for him (itโ€™s shown to fit Noรฉ perfectly in official art), so side of the coat often slips off his shoulder. Underneath, he wears a striped vest and a belt. Attached to this belt are a pair of knives whose hilts are rigged with wires, a book holster containing The Book of Vanitas, and tool cases. In his pockets are a pocket watch, a pallet, and single wires. He wears spats and short boots on his feet and pointed gloves on his hands. A large light blue bow is wrapped around his waist and his shirt collar.


Vanitas has shown himself to be capable in a fight and uses a short, spiked dagger to attack. He appears to prefer not to fight, instead using other people as his shields while he uses his intellect to discern the causes of vampire's suffering.

Vanitas is able to fight well with a dagger and was able to push Noรฉ back during their first fight. His dagger houses a wire in the hilt that he uses to wrap around his target's leg in order to trip them over and gain the advantage.

While Vanitas appears to be strong he has a low level of endurance compared to vampires.

Vanitas is one of the two people (along with Misha) who know how to use the Book Of Vanitas. Instead of using it to kill vampires, Vanitas heals them.

Inverse Operation:Vanitas uses the Book Of Vanitas to interact with a vampire's True Name in order to remove irritants caused by the Maladies

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NAME: Unknown
NICKNAMES: Give me some!
ALIASES: Vanitas, Vincent
DATE OF BIRTH: February 7

HAIR COLOR: Blue/Black
AGE: 18
HEIGHT: 179 cm | 5'9
BIRTHMARKS/SCARS: Vanitas has various scars on his right shoulder, his back, and his left arm, as well as two marks of possession; one on his right forearm from the Vampire of the Blue Moon, and one on his neck from Jeanne

MOTHER: Unknown
FATHER: Unknown
BROTHER(S): Mikhail/Misha
Other Family: None


"Whether you like it or not, I will save you, without fail."


When Vanitas was a child, his parents were killed by a vampire. He was saved by the chasseurs and taken in. They trained him to become a chasseur, but somewhere along the line, Vanitas caught Doctor Moreau's eye and became his research subject. According to Moreau, Vanitas went through multiple experiments that nearly killed him, and yet he never cried nor complained. This could be the truth, but Moreau has proven himself to be a suspicious and unreliable narrator.

At some point during his time with Moreau, Moreau introduced Vanitas to a new โ€œtest subjectโ€ named Mikhail and informed Vanitas that his job would be looking after Mikhail from now on. Vanitas formed a very close relationship with the boy, coming to care deeply for him, taking on the role of an older brother and a protector in their relationship. Vanitas was the very first person in Mikhailโ€™s life who loved him unconditionally, and it had Mikhail caring for him deeply in return, finding safety and warmth in his presence.

The experiments continued until Vanitas and Mikhail were rescued from Moreau's lab by Vanitas of the Blue Moon, also known as Luna. Misha immediately took a liking to the vampire and saw Luna as his โ€œfatherโ€. Unlike Mikhail, Vanitas despised Luna for being a vampire. Despite this dislike, Luna taught both Mikhail and Vanitas about cursebearers and various malnomen. As time went on, Vanitas became more attached to Luna, letting them hug him. The events in Vanitasโ€™s past after this are largely unknown, but Vanitas according to Misha, had killed Luna.

Since receiving the Book of Vanitas, Vanitas has dedicated his life to curing Curse-Bearing Vampires and considers himself a vampire doctor of sorts as a result; using the power of the Book of Vanitas to restore a Curse-Bearer's true name.


Vanitas seems to take nothing seriously, and almost always has a playful grin on his face. He acts impulsively, makes and carries out reckless plans, gets into friendly insult- fights with Dante, and carries a mischievous air about himself. Vanitas finds utmost amusement in othersโ€™ (most frequently Jeanne and Noรฉโ€˜s) abnormal reactions to things. Vanitas seems to be flirtatious and open to affection at the start of his relationship with Jeanneโ€” however, this is entirely because he finds her reactions to his behavior entertaining. When Jeanne begins to truly reciprocate Vanitasโ€™s over- flirtatious behavior, he recoils and begins to shy away from her.

Despite appearing confident and mischievous, Vanitas knows when to get serious and has a surprisingly short temper. Vanitas frequently snaps at Noรฉ, even threatening to kill the vampire when Noรฉ asks Vanitas if he could drink the latterโ€™s blood.

Vanitas often attempts to put up emotional walls and hide his true emotions under a playful demeanor and a grinโ€” or, if heโ€™s in a bad mood, under a completely blank expression. Vanitas seems to hate being vulnerable around people, refusing to sleep around anyone he doesnโ€™t trust (which is nearly everyone). He can put on and take off a smile whenever a smile is necessary. Vanitas is highly intelligent and is talented at reading people. He has strong memorization skills, remembering all of the Chasseursโ€˜ underground tunnels and paths as well as all the historical documents that Dante gives him.

Vanitas loathes himself. He acts without regard for his life on several occasionsโ€” purposefully goading August Ruthven into a murderous rage and getting into fights with various vampires. Vanitas tells Noรฉ that heโ€™s not interested in the kind of person who would fall for him, seeming to see himself as so unloveable that only a revolting person would ever fall for him. Jeanneโ€™s growing feelings for Vanitas send him into a two- week long emotional crisis where he can barely leave his bed. Vanitas despises the idea of anyone choosing to risk their life to protect him and is furious when Noรฉ steps in to protect him from Ruthven during the Bal Masquรฉ, berating Noรฉ about his actions days later. Vanitas seems to truly believe that he is unworthy of love and is almost terrified by the idea of anybody caring about him, whether itโ€™s platonically or romantically.

The confident, cheerful persona that Vanitas puts up begins to crumble in situations where he isnโ€™t in control, or when his past or his self- hatred is dredged up.

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