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Name: Maya Brooks
Verses: School/Supernatural/Horror
Age: 14-21
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Height: 5'8 ft
Weight: 128lbs
Interests/Likes/Dislikes: Favorite Colors: White and Black, Likes: Sweets, Flowers, and Getting her way.
Hobbies: Practicing Witchcraft, Stirring up trouble, befriending and helping specific people.
Background: Maya Brooks is a beautiful attractive young lady in high school. While she is not all that popular she is still rather known by most. Not for friendship, status, looks or her appearance but she is known for the trouble that seems to follow her. Maya doesn't really have many friends outside of her covenant of witches that she hang out with. Some knows about her abilities while others do not; but one thing is for sure people does not want to get involved with her unless there is a good reason rather that be for them personally or someone else that they care about. Maya's personality is one that is very difficult to learn and understand since she can change personalities on cue and normally does when she is up to something or trying to get things to go her way. She is a master manipulator when she desires to be.
Name: Shanaye
Verse: Pokemon
Age: 16-24
Hometown: Ballonlea, Galar Region
Specialization: Fairy, Water, and Ice.
Hair: Black with Blue Highlights
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'7 ft
Weight: 133 lbs

Background: Shanaye comes from the Galar Region from a city called Ballonlea. Ballonlea is a small, secluded town situated in a dense forest in the northwestern Galar region. The town's sole access route via land is through GLIMWOOD TANGLE, which is located to the south. The town is surrounded by towering trees and its paths are lined by many glowing mushrooms. The houses in Ballonlea resemble the design of common half-timbered cottages in traditional Tudor architecture. Due to being nestled within a forest, Ballonlea is quite dark; the glowing mushrooms provide most of the light outside. Ballonlea is known for fairy type pokemon.

Growing up Shanaye would always go to the gym with her older sister as she had trained with Ballonlea's city gym to prepare herself to someday be the next gym leader. Years later when her sister had finally become the gym leader she would go and help her sister keeping the gym operating smoothly working the pokemon to be sure that they were healthy and happy being that she was also training at the pokemon center learning more about pokemon there. Shanaye had met many trainers, some that had an excellent relationship with their pokemon and other that did not and had seem to be just using them for their own self interest.

Shanaye had began to wonder what pokemon suffered that had trainers who carelessly treated their pokemon being forced to perform for selfish people. Becoming grieved by this Shanaye had began to work with both pokemon and the pokemon center regarding this very thing. One day out in the forest Shanaye was out pinking berries for some her sister's pokemon at the gym when she had come across an injured ponyta that didn't appear to have an owner. Shanaye alerted the pokemon center and had quickly gotten help to arrive for the injured pokemon and had stayed with it. Shanaye in time bonded with the ponyta and when it was healed and better decided to keep it as a friend until she would start her own pokemon training adventures if Ponyta was interested in working with her during that time.

Later what had seem to be the owner a drunken male had showed up for the Ponyta desiring it back. Shanaye refused having the conversation end with a battle between another one of his pokemon that was loyal to him despite the way he had treated it with the Ponyta that she had rescued when it was injured. Shanaye had led Ponyta in battle that ended in a victory that had given them both confidence to work together as a team even more so. Later when Shanaye was preparing to leave to become a pokemon trainer she had also vowed to stop those who saw pokemon as just tools. Ponyta agreed to team up with her being her first starter pokemon as she had started out on her first journeys.

Name: Kayla
Verses: Modern, High School, Crime, Mafia.
Age:14-28 (Depends Upon the Story)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black (Birth Color) Cotton Candy (Pink and Blue) (Hair Dyed) When wearing a wig: White or Platinum.
Height: 5'6 ft
Weight: 125 lbs
Interests/Likes/Dislikes: Favorite colors: Pink, Purple, and Blue. Favorite music: Hip Hop, R&B, and Rap. Favorite Food: Fried Chicken, Mac and Cheese, Collard Greens, and Peach Cobbler.
Hobbies: Singing, Rapping, Dancing, Baking, Shopping, Traveling.

Background: Kayla was brought up in the projects of New York City where she spent most of her time out in the streets with her close friends. While she was easily found out in the streets so many wondered why? Quickly learning how intelligently gifted she was compared to most that lived in the neighborhood. Kayla was adored and respected by everyone that had ever heard her voice rather that be singing or rapping. Her voice was just amazing, saying that she was had a strong voice, was in tune and had excellent range and control would not begin to do her justice. When ever she had sung she had sung songs that had moved people, even her raps had inspired others. Not only was she gifted using her voice but she was also gifted in dancing. Many people believed that she could go far in life but she had just saw herself living through life. At least that was until a record label had taken notice to her and her gifts. After being signed on by a major record label Kayla music, rapping, and ability to dance had blew up. Many thought that her life would change, In fact people do believe that her life had changed but the few that are go to her know that while she is the popular celebrity, Kayla lives two lives not being able to truly walk away from the streets where she was born and raised.

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Name: Narkissa
Verse: Vampire, Supernatural, Modern Fantasy
Age: Unknown
Eye Color: Gold
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5'10 ft
Weight: 145lbs
Interests/Likes/Dislikes: Interests: Fast Motorcycles and Cars, Studying other people's cultures and races, and reading. Like Sweets, Stuffed Animals, The Rain, Dislikes when people challenges her authority, People that think that they are better than other people.
Hobbies: Racing, Swimming, and Hosting Events.
Background: Narkissa is a vampire demon, she is a queen and she is not just a queen to her people. For she is a queen of a kingdom that is ran more like a large city. In fact it looks an feels like one but it not just humans and vampires that live here. There are werewolves, witches, warlocks, sirens, and all kind of mystical and supernatural creatures with humans having their own underground city called Subterranea. Humans are not the only ones that are in groups but mostly everyone hangs out in their race's perspective groups. There are group that rivals with others, and groups that tend to align with one another but ultimately everyone is under the reign of the vampire demon queen Narkissa. Some love her, some only respect her, while some hate her and is jealous of her. All kinds of things happens in the city of Columbia Falls; what happens just depends upon where you end up.
Name: Yasmin
Verses: Fantasy, Futuristic, Supernatural, Modern, High School/College, Crime/Mafia.
Age: Depends upon the story
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde with Pink Highlights
Height: 5'8ft
Weight: 132lbs
Interests/Likes/Dislikes: Favorite colors: Pink, White, and Gold Favorite Food: Rabbit or Deer.
Hobbies: Learning more about Humans and the Earth, Fashion Design, Shopping, and Modeling.

Background: (Fantasy/Futuristic/Supernatural) Yasmin comes from another planet called Nessus. Nessus is a futuristic planet in which the inhabitants of the planet plays different games to gain popularity, wealth, and status. The games would be what people would see as VR kind of games only in these games, the people risk their own life. If you die in the game, you actually die as everything that happens in the game is real. Yasmin is a big time player and is very well known as she has high status on her planet and is very wealthy. There had come a time when Yasmin had began to grow bored of the games and had began to wonder whether or not if their was more out there to see. Yasmin to a space car leaving her planets traveling around the galaxy until she had saw a large bright blue planet that had caught her eye. The planet was called planet Earth and she had decided to go to it.

(Modern, High School, College, Crime, Mafia) When Yasmin had gotten to Earth she was very intrigued by it despite the fact that is was a lot slower on Earth than it was on her planet. It seem to be a lot more quieter and laid back. Something that she had actually liked. It wasn't long before a couple had took her in assuming that she was just a teen out on the streets seeing that they found her clothes rather odd since Yasmin had only made her ears and tails disappeared to look like everyone else. The couple had gotten her enrolled in school and by the time she had gotten started she had revealed to the couple that she was ktisune. The couple was greatly taken by surprised but felt that they could trust her since she had revealed this information to them. She was advised though to keep it to herself while he was in school. This only last a short time before Yasmin had enough and had just desired to be herself and be accepted as herself. Revealing her ears and tails at school had only made her more popular especially with the opposite sex.

After graduating from high school despite the fact of not being a high school age at all she had decided to take the next steps that humans had taken and go to college to learn more. Yasmin decided to take up Business and Fashion Design. After graduating from college, Yasmin hoped to start her own clothing line but before she was able to she had ran into what society would consider the wrong people. People from a mafia had attempted to take her for a sex trafficking ring not knowing about her magical ability. They were disposed of rather quickly but not before men from another mafia had saw them and had told their boss. The mob boss became interested in her power and had wanted to set up something to meet her, but when he had saw what she had looked like, he had wanted to set up a meeting not just for her powers but for other things as well.

Name: Hinata Hyuga
Verse: Naruto/Shippuden
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Lavender (Byakugan)
Height: 5'4 ft
Weight: 104 lbs
Kekki Genkai: Byakugan
Village: Hidden Leaf Village
Ninja Rank: Depends upon the Time Period
Nature Type: Fire and Lightning

Background: Hinata is the oldest daughter of Hiashi Hyūga. When she was still a child, Hinata was almost kidnapped by the-then Head Ninja of Kumogakure, who was visiting Konoha under the guise of signing a peace treaty between their two villages. Hiashi killed him and saved Hinata, setting in motion the events that would become known as the "Hyūga Affair. Due to Hiashi being the head of the Hyūga clan, Hinata was raised to be its heiress and her family expected great things from her. However, even at a young age, her father came to believe that Hinata was not suited for the role of heiress, as she struggled under his gruesome training regime, on top of him also believing that her timid personality prevented her from truly excelling. When Hinata's younger sister Hanabi started displaying superior talent, Hiashi began to reconsider Hinata's selection as heiress. Hinata and Hanabi were pitted against each other to determine who would one day lead the Hyūga. Because Hinata was unwilling to harm Hanabi - a hesitation Hanabi did not share - she was defeated, disappointing her father. Hinata was then disinherited and turned over to the care of Kurenai Yūhi.

◄ Sailor Saturn
Name: Hotaru Tomoe
Verses: Sailor Moon
Age: 8-21
Hair: Black
Eyes: Purple
Likes: Rini, her father, and Shun Hayase.
Dislikes: Kaolinite, and hurting her closest friends and loved ones.

Background: When Hotaru was eight years old, she lived with her parents in Tokyo's Sankakusu District when a freak storm occurred causing a fire that killed her mother Keiko and left her on the verge of death herself. Later admitting that she was meant to die at the time, Hotaru's life was unnaturally prolonged by both the actions of her father Souichi Tomoe being made a host to the Daimon Mistress 9 whose presence caused Hotaru's body to suffer seizures with only the Tairon Crystal appearing to reduce the pain. Hotaru was friendless before meeting her best friend, Chibiusa. Sailor Saturn is the strongest and most feared of all Sailor Guardians, Saturn has powers related to death and destruction, silence and ruin themselves. She can easily obliterate entire planets and reduce them and their inhabitants to complete oblivion. If she used the full strength of Silence Glaive Surprise it would bring destruction to entire worlds.

Saturn Planet Power!
◄ Sailor Jupiter
Name: Mokoto Kino
Verses: Sailor Moon
Age: 14-22
Height: 5'6 – 5'8 ft
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Likes: Baking, Cooking, Gardening, Romance Novels, Video Games, Shopping, Martial Arts.
Dislikes: Cheaters.

Background: Makoto was an orphan who lived alone and supported herself, becoming a talented cook in the process of learning how to take care of herself. She would grow to be a very tall girl for her age with impressive strength for her gender, leading many rumors to spread that she was a delinquent and avoid her. One day, Makoto tried to confess her feelings to a boy she liked, but he rejected her out of distaste for her stature. She would later transfer to Juban Middle School. Makoto is first introduced when she beats up a group of guys for picking on Usagi. Later in the episode, Umino tells Usagi that Makoto was thrown out of her previous school for fighting and transferred to Juban Middle School. After visiting the Game Center Crown with Usagi, she meets Crane Game Joe. Makoto comments on him and says that he looks like someone she knew and leaves the arcade.

After departing from the arcade, Makoto follows Joe long enough to witness him being attacked by Zoisite. Once Usagi shows up, Zoisite leaves and Makoto follows Joe and the two get something to eat. When they are attacked by Zoisite again, Joe flees but is found by Zoisite again along with Sailor Moon. After Joe turns into Gamecen, Makoto interferes in the battle and Luna recognizes her to be one of the Sailor Guardians. She tells her to use her transformation pen and says "Jupiter Power, Make Up," allowing Makoto to transform into Sailor Jupiter and weakens the youma with Supreme Thunder, allowing Sailor Moon to defeat it by healing Joe with Moon Healing Escalation. After defeating the youma, Makoto joins the Inner Sailor Senshi. She is the first person to be killed by the DD girls as she uses her own body while unleashing Supreme Thunder as a suicidal move.

Jupiter Power!
◄ Rena Rouge
Name: Alya Cesaire
Verses: Miraculous Ladybug
Age: 15
Hair: Reddish Brown Ombre
Eyes: Greyish Brown
Likes: Superheroes, Ladybug, Reporting, Surprises, Hanging out with Friends, Playing with her sisters and Manon.
Dislikes: Her sisters or friends in danger, People who are mean or unfair, Missing a chance for an interview, her sisters disobeying her.

Background: Alya is rather energetic, passionate, and funny, confident, adventurous, yet down to earth. Alya's foresight has come in handy many times. After Marinette thinks she accidentally lost a video of Ladybug on Alya's cellphone, she explains that she had already posted the video on her blog, mindful that something might go wrong when she showed her clumsy friend the video. When it comes to anything involving Ladybug and Cat Noir, she easily becomes very excited and basically has a single goal of updating her blog as soon as possible, such as when she is kidnapped by the Pharaoh to be a sacrifice yet still records herself and live streams the video on her blog. Sometimes, she goes too far, such as spying on Chloé's locker in an attempt to find out if she really is ladybug, which results in her getting punished by Mr. Damocles.

Trixx Let's Pounce
◄ Bunnyx

Name: Alix Kubdel
Verses: Miraculous Ladybug
Age: 15/24
Hair: Reddish Pink
Eyes: Blue
Likes: Roller Skating and Street Art
Dislikes: Dares, Bets, Being called Fluffy Tail, Failing Ladybug, Cat Noir's Recklessness

Background: Alix is a tomboy. Tough, stubborn, reckless, and self-confident, she isn't afraid of challenges or saying what is on her mind. At the same time, she can be kind and grateful, like when her father gives her the family heirloom and when Ladybug fixes it after it breaks. She can become emotional and hold resentment toward others if someone goes wrong because of them, like with her watch. After her Akuma is purified, she realizes her own fault of not taking better care of the watch, and she tells Ladybug that she'll be more responsible with it.Alix can be supportive and affectionate towards her friends as seen in "Zombizou", where she joined in on Rose and Juleka's group hug after Ladybug returned everything to normal, and joined the school rebellion, when Chloe sabotaged Marinette's gift, or in "Frightningale", where she praised Marinette for her giving up her chance to perform with Adrien and cheered for her when she rehearsed with him. Alix is also helpful towards others as seen in "Reverser", where she sees Ladybug and Cat Noir's condition and insists on helping the heroes defeat the villain. She also gives Nathaniel some advice about Marc.

As an adult, Bunnyx is still full of self-confidence as she believed she could defeat Timetagger on her own. And yet she is also humble, admitting when she can't do things by herself, growing out being reckless. She is still tough and very determined as well as clever, seen when she left a clue for Ladybug and Cat Noir to find her in the past. She is pretty responsible with the powers she's given and with that, she knows how to keep things secret in order to keep time catastrophes from happening. Due to her time-based powers allowing her to access a pocket dimension of any point in time, like Viperion, she too has learned to become cool, calm and observant.

As Timebreaker, her rage increases to the desire of revenge without regret against her classmates. She is very determined to fix her watch, and she doesn't care about anyone that she takes energy from to do so, even taking advantage of Rose Lavillant's kindness. While wanting to succeed, Timebreaker is willing to retreat if it means a better chance. Despite this, her overconfidence in her abilities is her downfall when she assumes the present and future Ladybugs aren't clever enough to stop her. As well as have a limited understanding of how time travel works.

Fluff Clockwise!
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Welcome to my page where captivating stories come to life. Seriously? It's hard to find great writers! (“I know!”) I want to know more. The lady behind the scenes enjoys all kinds of stories. Fantasy, Historical Fantasy, Supernatural, Vampires, Horror, Psychological, Action, Thrillers, Romance, College, High School, Crime, and Mafia. I'm literate of course, and I am a para to multi-para writer so if you are interested please click that Friend button at the top and join me for a captivating story. Please be sure to take a look at my guidelines when you get the opportunity but before you send me a message so that's squared away and we can get to discussing and writing. Thank you!

Crime/Mafia - Fantasy - School Life - Naruto/Shippuden
Captivating Stories
Jamila Put a quote about your character or a lyric or two here.

Name: Jamila
Verses: High Fantasy
Age: Unknown
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blue
Height: 5'11 ft
Weight: 148 lbs
Interests/Likes/Dislikes: Favorite colors: Pink and Teal. Favorite Food: Cabbage Dislikes: People that do harm to the planet and or animals.
Hobbies: Caring for animals that doesn't have a pack and or family.

Background: Jamila's grandfather king of the fairies had given his daughter, Jamila's mother to the Draseon Dynasty's prince in marriage in ordered to form an alliance between two mystical nations. Jamila part dragon and part fairy trained up to be a strong warrior in both magic and hand to hand combat using staffs and archery weapons becoming an acting guardians to the dragons in a kingdom called Draseon Dynasty. While she is the guardian of dragons, it is not uncommon for her to be back home with the fairies assisting them in their matters traveling between both great nations keeping them both safe.

Sadie Evans Put a quote about your character or a lyric or two here.

“Not just a cute lab bunny!”

Sadie Evans
Verse: Modern/Hero
Superhero Name: Bounce
Age: 26
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: White
Height: 5'7 ft
Weight: 143 lbs
Interests/Likes/Dislikes: Interest: Saving people and the World, Other Heroes, and Sports. Likes: General fitness and taking care of her body, Putting arrogant men is there place, and Just having a great time with her friends. Dislikes: People taking advantage of others, Perverted boys because real men aren't perverted, and unnatural foods and products.
Hobbies: Working out, Martial Arts, Modeling, Traveling.
Background: Sadie was born to two scientists, Dr. Walter Evans and Dr. Victoria Evans. Both had desired to study and make renown scientific breakthroughs in the fields of technology, medical, and pharmaceuticals. Sadie was a child that was loved and raise to always do her best. To always fight for things that she had dreamed of and prove to world what she could do. When Sadie had become school aged, 5 years old she had began to go to the lab with her parents where she was suppose to study and do her homework. As a reward for getting her school work done her parents would some times with their assistance allow her to work with them on things that was not too difficult. One day her parents was working on a project to make enhanced humans in every way. After injecting a white bunny rabbit with an experimental serum it was placed in a room where it was going to be hit with radiation in order to activate the serum inside of it. Young school aged Sadie saw the white bunny being placed inside the room. After her mother left the room she didn't noticed her little girl Sadie running inside the room in order to play with the bunny. When the radiation was shot into the room it hit Sadie who was holding the white rabbit causing her to collapse. Later merging the bunny and Sadie into one. Sadie parents was frightened learning what happened. Later finding out that she was fine and would be ok although altered forever her parents was relieved. After the incident, they choose to home school Sadie and only allowed her back in the lab when she had become a teenager. When Sadie had become older she had decided to stand up for others and help those in need using her special powers and abilities later taking on the super heroine name Bounce assisting other heroes throughout the world.
Powers:Teleportation (Burrow), Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Agility, Superhuman Stamina, Superhuman Bite, Superhuman Leap, Earth Manipulation, Enhanced Senses.

Character Exclusives

Character Exclusives - What are they? They are characters that are exclusive to one person for whatever reason, so no one may role play with them. I do not take request, unless I post on the streams asking people for their opinions. Exclusives characters are created or added specifically by my own discretion so please do not ask me to make you a character or ask if you can request one. Why do you put them up then? They are put up on my profile so that whomever I am writing with can see them and enjoy the same experience that everyone else does writing with me on my page.
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Playbys: I write in many verses with both OCs and Cannons. Check out my page!
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Name: Zara
Verses: Historical/Fantasy
Age: 24 year's old
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Height: 6'0 ft
Weight: 150lbs
Interests/Likes/Dislikes: Favorite colors: White and Gold. Favorite Food: Steak. Dislikes: Tyrants, and other evil doers.
Hobbies: Helping Other and Traveling

Background: Zara is an Amazon and was one of the strongest there was. She was highly respected and adored by most of her sisters in battle. One day Zara had met a man that she had liked very much so and had desired to spend more time with. She had started to meet with him on a daily, at least until she was found out by one of her sisters. Not desiring to stop seeing the male, she refused to stop seeing him and was banished and outcast. Zara and the male had later become close and had began to travel together. One day they had gotten mixed up with a group within a city that was controlled by an evil tyrant and he had ended up becoming murdered. After losing the man that she had loved Zara had vow to stand up against all tyrants and evil alike becoming known as a traveling hero.

Name: Larisa
Verses: Fantasy/Supernatural
Age: 224 years Old
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Purple
Height: 6'2 ft
Weight: 150lbs
Interests/Likes/Dislikes: Favorite colors: Purple Favorite Food: Berries. Dislikes that her people consider themselves superior to others.
Hobbies: Helping and Protecting Others

Background: Normally, the high elves looked down upon other races and would think mixing races would be an abomination. Larisa is part high elf and part angel, despite being a mixed breed, the high elves love and hold Larisa in high esteem seeing her a goddess and a prophecy fulfilled to protect their people making them a even strong race and nation. Larissa is highly trained in hand to hand combat, the magical arts, and archery. She is truly a force to be reckon with holding great power and taking the position of guardian of her people. Larissa desires to travel and make herself helpful towards many but her people do not allow her to travel feeling as though it would make them vulnerable as a people if she was to leave. Larissa has only left the kingdom in extreme rare situations in which was to save her people from something big.

Name: Zatanna Zatara
Verses: DC Comics/Marvel
Height: 5'7 ft
Weight: 127 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Likes:Magic, Performing, Helping Others, and Making bad people look bad.
Dislikes: Evil Wizards, Cruel People, and Abusers.

Background: Zatanna is the daughter of adventurer John Zatara and his wife Sindella, and a member of the mystic tribe of sorcerers called the Hidden Ones or Homo Magi. Zatanna inherited her mother's ability to manipulate magic and her father's penchant for heroism. Sindella later faked her own death to return the Hidden One's sanctum in Turkey, leaving her daughter in John Zatara's care. Zatara traveled the world with his daughter and taught her to harness her magical abilities. Zatanna was later raised by strangers, however, when the evil witch Allura cursed Zatanna and prevented her from seeing her father. Zatanna was left to search fruitlessly for her natural parents. Zatanna discovered her father's diary and created a stage persona for herself. Her quest to find her father led her into a brief affair with John Constantine.

Later, with the help of the Justice League of America, Zatanna was able to lift Allura's curse and reunite with her father and later her mother. Tragically, Sindella died rescuing her daughter from the city of the Hidden Ones, while her father died saving her and the spiritual dimensions of the Great Evil Beast. As a long-standing member of the JLA, Zatanna fought countless super-villains and mystic threats. After the death of her father, however, she retired from active adventuring and continues to maintain her family home of the Shadowcrest. She now lives in San Francisco, seeking a normal life while trying to preserve the balance of Earth's light and dark mystical community. In this role, she serves as one of the Sentinels of Magic.

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ravenous allure.

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15 hours ago

|| Since we're both swamped, it may be best just to hold off on writing for now.
I have to change Ren's entire time line for her to be a high schooler, which means I can maybe keep a few sentences from the premade starter. (I had tailored it for her current age and time line.)

16 hours ago

|| I did, but since there were several changes to the idea, the starter I have made up no longer works. 

Sep 18th 2021 - 7:03 PM

|| Aha! Okay! That works, and Ren would certainly at least want to work with her to try and learn about the powers she used to rid her of the ghost. 

I'm a little overwhelmed at the moment with replies, so would you mind getting the starter set up for us? I don't normally ask, but I'm kind of desperte. aha

Sep 12th 2021 - 9:13 PM

Understood.  The combat was a suggestion.  We can not do it.  That why I asked.  I can do a straight up rp without it.  Can be conflict without fighting.  I got another idea.  My character could be an emissary sent to your kingdom to talk out a peace deal or trade deals or whatever.  Again whatever you comfortable with we can do.  

Sep 12th 2021 - 8:43 PM

I know.  I got away around that.  Any type of fighting would be with he and her guards or saving her from like bandits or something.  I'll do those since I know you not okay with fighting.  What I mean I'll do the whole rp fighting.  Would that be fine with you?   Rest of the time I believe they'll be civil 

Sep 12th 2021 - 8:31 PM

I understand what you mean.  I did try to make my previous character daughter a page.  I got bombarded before I could even put up a layout.  One guy even sent me pictures telling me to use them.  Cause he was going to be her teacher and he was sleeping with her and her cousin lol.  I asked him why would you do that?  He said cause all women should be treated like playthings and told me to shut up with my questions and just make the profile with those pictures.  With that said I understand why you came to that thought and I understand why you expressed your concerns that way.  I'm just glad you did that instead of just deleting me right off the bat.  So thank you.

I did read it and I believe that would be the one I like.  What got me thinking that character would be good to be opposite of is.  Under dislike you got hate people thinking they better.  Well that is one of Xerxes things he believe he is better than everyone.  Then the fact she is a queen.  He don't like authority figures since he grew up under his grandmother rule.  He'll challenge her authority at every turn lol.  

Should my character come to her world to really have this dynamic play out?  Again whatever you comfortable with I'm willing to do.  

Sep 12th 2021 - 4:47 PM

Before we start.  I want to say.  It isn't just you but most people see what my character is and well assume he is after one thing.  That why I like to discuss to get out the way his nature.  He don't use his powers to get women lol.  It mostly used in battles when he turns people against whomever he battling.  With that I apologize I should have started with that.  Outside of battle he isn't a horn dog.  Yes he will flirt but that is natural but it won't be to the point he being a pervert.  

Well I got two in mind.  Can you tell me about Narkissa the info on her isn't up and the other one will be Hinita.  I know that one is a weird choice.  I always wanted to do a Naruto type rp and she is good guy and that would be fun for me to go up against.  Though I think I'll wait till I get a little info on Narkissa before I choose.  If that is okay with you.

Sep 12th 2021 - 11:42 AM

|| Ah~ okay! So high school setting, with Ren being a social outcast...which isn't that far off from canon for her ahha She is known as the mole rat of the museum because she's so isolated. Maybe in high school she's just the library's mole? Um, so to clarify, you want Maya to put a spell on Ren first to make her join? Or just uses a spell to control when Ren sees the spirits? Like help her with a spell to give her incentive to join the coven type thing? 
Also, I like the idea of fighting another coven! That sounds super fun. 

Sep 11th 2021 - 7:36 PM

About that.  I mean the character i know what he is but it isn't how I rp him.  Also smut isn't what I do either.  In an rp I scale his power level to whom I'm oppoiste aganist.  So he might have all those abilities but they aren't OP they to the scale of the rp world I'm in.  I hope I explained it well.  

Sep 11th 2021 - 5:26 PM

Well the third was within the combat question.  If you did do combat what is your combat style?
To answer your question.  Both.  I'm sorry i didn't asked that as well.  Sometimes battling around I like to do as well.  
Also between our characters if that does happen is that something you okay with.   Seeing I like my characters in the story to be tweeners.  
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