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About me:

Velma is sharp-witted and sometimes sarcastic, not lost on others. This may come off as a "holier than thou" trait in her personality, but very few know she is much more humble than others would think of her. She also loves her moments of secrecy, though some would see this as a trait for slyness (though she is known for this trait sometimes as well) or trickery her craving for stillness and quiet stims from her slightly more timid nature towards others. In many cases, she finds herself overly-caring for the gang, wanting to protect them from harm's way, despite everything they've been through over the years.

Full Name: Velma Dinkley
Nicknames:Velms, Dink
Date Of birth: February 01,1999
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair Color: Mousy brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5’4
Weight: 145lbs
Birthmarks/Scars/Bruises/Freckles: Picaso of freckles
Mother: Angie Dinkley
Father: Dale Dinkley
Siblings: Madelyn Dinkley, Chloe Dinkley
Sexual Orientation: straight
Relationship Status: Single
Current Relationship(S): Input Info
Past Relationship(S):  Daphne Blake (Brief and private), Shaggy Rogers (Brief and secret)


Short, shy and bespectacled, Velma is one of the main gang members that are the brainpower behind the mystery solving. With a sharp eye and her quick wit nothing can seem to stop her, well except for the continous let down of her love life. Keeping her growing concerns of her love life kept to herself, Velma chooses to keep her mind upon the mysteries ahead instead of dwelling on the past. She, like the rest of the gang, lives in the creep tourist attraction town of Crystal Cove where she briefly works for her parents as a tour guide. 


Tour guide for her family's tour shop: During the small amount of time she worked for her mother and father as a guide of their mystery tours Velma never truly seemed happy, she knew that many of the very attractions her family put on display were nothing more than people in costumes she and her friends had unmasked.

Assistant research scientist: The first time Mystery Inc. broke up, she put her I.Q. to the test by becoming an assistant research scientist at NASA.

Bookshop proprietor: The second time Mystery Inc. broke up, she had opened a childhood dream of a mystery-themed bookshop. Though bored near the end with the day-in and day-out of simply selling the mysteries she and her friends craved, Velma had truly loved her bookshop, she loved the quiet and the faint smell of ink upon the pages of each new mystery she came to possess. This had been her dream since she was just a little girl solving mysteries from a treehouse with her best friends, but without them with her could she truly be happy or was she simply content? The answer soon came in the form of a phone call from Fred Jones asking her if she wanted to come along on a trip around the states looking for mysteries.. Who was she to say no?  

Physical Appearance:

Even though Velma usually kept herself covered, having grown-up in a free yet conservative household, was not as plain as her ember orange sweater made her out to be. Her skin pure ivory with soft blossoms of a garden of beauty marks, enhancing the soft nature of her hidden curves. Though not as thin waisted as her redheaded friend she was not as heavy set as her boxed clothing led many to believe, her body was more curvy with the exception of a small amount of pudge upon her tummy. Dark chocolate brown eyes were enhanced by her thick-framed glasses, that had stayed close to their original shape but due to their many mysteries and her constant accident-prone nature she was forced to accept a softer squared set of frames with slightly rounded edges instead of pointed, that lay against her slightly upturned nose framing her slightly circular-heartshaped face. Unlike many of the girls, their age Velma preferred to keep her mousy brown locks short in a mirror Anjelica Huston bob allowing her to spend less time on her hair and more time on the mysteries.

Though the Dinkley clan are quite numerous, Velma was one of three of her parents children. It should come to no surprise that Velma's parents not only gave Velma a natural born genius, but encouraged its growth. By the time she was thirteen, Velma was taking summer college courses at Ivy University before receiving an official invitation to join its youth magnate program the following fall semester. When Velma was twenty, her father was struck by a drunk driver and Velma decided to quit her schooling (she already had a number of degrees under her belt at that point) to help her father with his work while he recovered. Once her father was well enough to take care of himself once more Velma set off to find work, but since most employers were intimidated by her intellect she went into business herself by opening a store for her two true passions, mysteries and books,  thus the “Mystery Inc. Bookshop” was born’.

Though they had their ups and downs, the gang had each other’s backs during a time of need. During their split Velma found herself indifferent to her feelings toward her ex-friends, no matter how horrid they had made her feel she could never find herself to actually hate them.. So, when given the chance to reunite with them she jumped head first into the mess of emotions and spooky tales. These were her friends, her only true friend, she couldn’t just abandon them because of some stupid grudge..

Who I'd like to meet:

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