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Characters: Kiwari, Kawaii Kiwa
Verses: OC, Crossover, Mature
Playbys: Myself <3
Length: One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Anime, Crossover, Open, Romance, Slice of Life, Supernatural,
Member Since:September 15, 2021

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About me:

Hihi~ my name is Kiwari~ Pleasure to meet you! Before you ask, I am gay <3 Gayer than any river, hahaha~! I'm quite bubbly and energetic! I love to play games, mostly dating or life sims X3 Oh? Ah...u-um...yeah, my random horns...*touches his small stubs of horns* I was born of a demon dad and a human mom, so yeah, I'm a half-demon, tehe~ B-but don't worry! I don't have any dangerous powers, hahaha. Although papa said that my stronger powers will come once I find a 'mate'. I guess he means a lover :p

To be honest, I doubt I'll find anyone to fill that selection XP I'm just too loving to any guys! Yeah...papa didn't like it that I like d1cks than [email protected] :/ oh well *shrug* what can ya do but enjoy your fun~

Powerwise, I can transport into any universe. And summon other demons as well, but...they don't listen at all ;3;

'What do you think of futas? Girls with dicks?'

A: I never met one before and, possibly, I wouldn't mind meeting one! Even though I can give myself a girls hole, I still like it in my @ss. So, I guess they're...interesting?

'Would you f0ck a girl?'

A: be honest, no. Don't get me wrong, you girls are fabulous on ya fashion! But...whenever I tried to do anal, they bitch about it and only like it in the p0ssy. No thank you. I only done it with a girl when I was in middle school. A year before high school. Yes. It was in middle school I learned I was gay =3=

'Does Kiwa have a pure demon side? Like other half-breeds?'

A: Yes! Yes he does. Although he only comes out if he feels Kiwa is in danger. Like; if someone wanted to suck up his soul; that side will take over and his eyes will change from a deep blue to a deep red in an instant, the horns grow about an inch longer with each transformation. To answer that one, two times. So, normally when they pop out; about 3 inches away from his head. Add two more inches and that's how long his horns become once transformed into 'full demon'.

'Why does his horns pop up when he sees something/someone he likes?'

A: XD It's a joke that he gets 'horny' when he sees someone or something he REALLY likes. Instead of a boner, his horns pop out. But if there are many people around; he gets a regular boner.

Any other questions, feel free to ask me in messages and I'll post them here for others to read~

Who I'd like to meet:

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