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Characters: Mugen[Cao Jiao-Long]
Verses: Mantra Against The World[Custom] - Urban Fantasy - Omniversal
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Action, Crossover, Horror, Manga, Psychological, Supernatural,
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About me:
✘反叛者不知道失败 / / He Who Rebels - Knows No Failure 面部照片 信件 私人场景 藏身处


I am the lie you told yourself

The dream of something more

A discarded member of the diminishing Cao Clan that was once of the 10 families at the forefront of discovering Acel Humans after they'd arrived on the scene. Having been a part of the few Cultivation Families remaining in the Grand Union Of Asia as they tackle the ever-changing complexity of the modern world. Cao Jiao-Long is the middle child of the Main Family who is counted among martial artists titled the "4 Slothful Directions" by a number of their peers. He of course is called the Lazy Sword Dragon by his peers. A title that reflects the fact that he actually doesn't train as much as others would think he does, and yet has the power to back up any threats he has made without much effort. What many people have failed to realize is that Cao Jiao-Long is actually the serial killer Mugen whom he was assigned to take down by the government ages ago. Of course, his sect knows of his identity given how most if not all of the murders involved someone being turned into stone. He strung nearly the entire world along for no more than 2 years before he stumbled onto the secret of his mentor towards the end of her life. In truth, she had been the one doing the killings, and Mugen simply took on the accusations believing her to be his mother. To that end he found every crime scene of hers, and turned the corpses he found into stone as a way of covering for her. Of course, Cao Jiao-Long killed her as a result of finding that such a truth was actually false, and that left the Deathless Swan Sect to be destroyed by the government after the fallout. Cao Jiao-Long took the name Mugen as his real name from that moment forward and took it upon himself to look after the surviving members of his sect that now act as his followers under the guise of a new sect that has yet to make a name for itself. Acting as a freelance killer within the underworld he has become known for the fox-like mask he wears, and a large pair of glasses that make him appear more harmless than he actually is.

basic information


• Birth Name: Cao Jiao-Long
• Current Name Mugen Mourn
• Gender: Male
• Blood Type: Unidentified
• Species: Assumed Acel Human
• Classification:Spirit Cultivator
• Ethnicity: Chinese
• Birthplace: Classified
• Birthday: Classified
• Time of Birth: Classified
• Acel Factor: Information Lost
• Profession: Witch Blood|Black Swan[Assassin]
• Languages: Mandarin - English - Japanse[A tiny bit]
• Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
• Archtype: Mystical Rouge
• Height: 5'7
• Weight: 148 lbs

Extra Information

Personal SkillS

Dance Of The Shenlong
A martial art that was created by Mugen in an attempt to mimic the established art of the Cao family. However unlike the art of his family that was meant primarily for defense, and countering he modified it to be less ridged. Choosing to wield a single hook blade paired with a Kukri of ordinary design. Using these weapons, the fundamental goal he achieves is firstly to disarm the opponent and then exploit their newly forged weakness by dashing about with immense speed. His strikes normally come from unpredictable angles that could only be made possible by how he practically slithers through the air using movements that resembled an immensely graceful dance by forming platforms of solidified air underneath his heels. A surprising factor that leaves most too surprised to react, and this element alone serves to aid in assassinations as well as ordinary battles. While these unordinary movements work well against first-time opponents it loses its edge during prolonged encounters, or when facing someone that has already seen it once before making it a technique that he primarily only utilizes once against every foe.

Juggling Swan Feathers
The Swan Feathers are a set of 10 sickles that Mugen had forged with the idea that the hilt of each needed to be lighter than the blade itself. This was done so that when thrown into the air they'd always fall blade first as a result. Now the martial art itself is unusual as it focuses on juggling blades, and tossing them around without ever allowing one to hit the ground. Normally this would be impossible however through the use of Qi he is able to dangle them in the air for a short while. While grasped within his Qi they'll follow after him giving Mugen yet another tool to aid with his agility. The blades themselves are sharp to the touch and have the chance to slice fingers off if thrown with enough force. This technique is something that our scarlet swan invented himself for the sole purpose of being more unique than others around him.

Acel Factor:

The secondary trait that all Acel Humans share is their ability to produce special cells within their bodies. They were officially deemed A-Cells by the government, and have been observed as the reason for their strange physiques. However what really shocks scientists is their ability to utilize strange inhuman powers freely by conjuring invisible fields of energy around themselves, and manipulating either themselves or the environment around them. The abilities produced by these fields can be mirrored, but never equaled. Meaning that any contest of strength will have an obvious outcome. Needless to say, all of these abilities have their limits, and often times one will simply perish as a result of exhaustion due to over-usage. This is why Evokers were invented. Special tools that aid in the manipulation of their fields during battle.

Accelerated Physique:

As an Acel Human Jiao has gained some rather significant advantages over ordinary humans. With the first being an Accelerated healing factor that isn't unique amongst them. Though some appear to heal more quickly, or to a higher degree than the others. While their general physical abilities seem to outclass that of even the most well-trained human beings by quite a large margin. Able to literally shatter beams of solid steel with the force of their blows. Traditionally they seem to not be very fast when it comes to running, but they have exhibited short bursts of speed that make them appear as mere after images through the use of a select few techniques. This combined with an almost supernatural sense of reflex has made them incredibly pristine in all forms of martial art techniques. A fact that has become well known as schools practicing both new schools of martial art as well as the more ancient ones.

Gifted Traveler:

It is unknown as to why, or how Acel Humans are able to do the things they do. But most have come to accept it. Such as when they simply vanish, and then reappear one day. They all have been known to tell with equally strange, and fantastical tales of adventure that could've come straight out of a fairy tale once they've returned. They were cast into different worlds for years at a time from their perspective yet in the eyes of those from their own world no more than a week, or even a second could've passed at the very least. It creates a suspension effect for some of the Acel Humans, but most find it to be the best perk of the bunch.

Evolving Timeline Points[10/9/21]

  • 10/9/2021 - Cao Jiao-Long would make his debut into the world once again as he attempts to locate the remaining half of the Bloody Soul Mantras that was said to have emerged in the Under World some time ago.
  • 10/19/2021 - After some debate Cao Jiao-Long has embraced the moniker of Mugen as his true name and has since begun to explore options that would elongate his life into something akin to immortality.
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𝔦 𝔯 𝔦 𝔰

Oct 28th 2021 - 6:52 PM

And I do love you - like how a human loves good food. 
That's TRUE happiness. 
𝔦 𝔯 𝔦 𝔰

Oct 28th 2021 - 6:15 PM

Yeah, just a vampire floating on through space. 
Won't freeze or starve or anything XD 
D: I need your blood more. 
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Oct 21st 2021 - 9:55 PM

// You need not apologize to me, as you have seen from my status that I have been busy with some personal issues. Which again I will thank you for your patience and understanding. 
If you are still interested in writing something up then I would be more than happy to discuss with you.

and please, spare me the embarrassment haha
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