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Verses: Gravity Falls,SyFy, Adventure, fantasy. Length: Para Multi para and some novel too No One Liners or else you will be deleted

33 years old

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October 16 2021

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I love my Bro Bro more than anything 🌈🦋
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About me:
Mabel is an energetic 12-year-old girl (she and her brother turn 13 at the end of the series finale) who is sent with her brother to spend her summer vacation in her great-uncle's tourist trap called the "Mystery Shack". She helps her brother Dipper as he endeavors to uncover the secrets of the fictional town of Gravity Falls and to find an explanation for the strange situations they experience. They are helped by the handyman that works there, Soos, Wendy, Dipper's crush and the twins best friend/co-worker, and other characters throughout the series. The situations that they encounter include dealing with various supernatural or legendary creatures, like gnomes, cryptids, demons, aliens, minotaurs and the ever nefarious Bill Cipher. Mabel is both fun and brave, as well as determined in whatever she sets out to do. Like her brother, she struggles with growing up and wants to be seen as more than she is. She is smarter than she often is portrayed and will always look out for her brother, no matter what.
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Oct 14th 2021 - 4:31 AM

"Yo, Mabes! Good to see you around here again.  Just in time for Halloween too.
You thought Summerween was nuts, just wait till you see what happens here in the fall!"


Totally stoked to see a Mabel around here, dude! Thanks for the add.
I'll be down for stories, banter, and all that jazz. So hit me up!
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