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"This world is not my own. But I will defend it, and all the realms with all my heart and soul."

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Characters: Morris Welford
Length: Multi Para, Novella, One Liner, Para, Semi
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About me:
For Morris, this was supposed to be a victory…

Surely the heroes are meant to win in the end, right? That’s how it always goes in comics, fairy tales and even movies.

The defense of Ground Zero was a success, and Morris and his team of friends and unlikely allies had bested his brother Lorenzo. Even with the might of the almighty Ultima Weapon standing against them, The young Hero King and his group of comrades managed to prevail, albeit the victory was costly, and Morris soon knew no more.

When he came to, he found himself in a world almost like his own, albeit more alive, yet almost every bit as chaotic. Not understanding any reason for his being here, he soon became aware of the Nexus Link once again being the source of the problem, along with other dimensional tears and rifts running amok, so frequently that the earth was practically divided into different timelines and realities.

This almost seemed like a fresh start for the Hero King. But what about Diana? Paladin? His beloved? Lorelei? His children? Everyone? Were they lost to him forever? Was he lost to them, forevermore?

No… There was little time to dwell on that. This realm, as with the multiverse, was in great danger. Threats from beyond the stars, chaos wreaking havoc upon the people of the land. Gods and Goddesses waging war on everyone and everything. Entire Pantheons asserting their claims on mortals and realms alike. There was no lack of work for the Hero King.

With limited resources, and in a severely depowered state, Morris ventures forth, unaware of the tragic tales of loss and faith that awaits the Hero King.

Who I'd like to meet:

Name: Morris Tobias Welford

Age: 23

Title(s): The Last Hero King, Hero King of Defiance

Race: Human

Height: 5’6

Weight: 107 lbs

Power(s): Soul Scale, Do-Over, Contract, Inheritance, Hero King’s Ascent.

Soul Scale: A trait Morris possesses, this ability allows Morris to respond in kind to escalating threats from supernatural beings and supernaturally augmented foes. The more powerful the threat, the more powerful Morris becomes in terms of power, speed, durability, and resistances. The longer the fight, the more powerful Morris becomes, eventually becoming capable of overcoming the threat.

There is a drawback, however. The ability will not activate versus other humans, even if said human has extraordinary combat abilities (Such as individuals from Tekken, Baki the Grappler, King of Fighters). It also does not work against robots, androids and cyborgs. Strangely enough, it will however respond to individuals such as mutants and psionics.

Do-Over: Should Morris be killed, he will reawaken at an earlier point in his life, usually several minutes prior to time of death, but has been shown to be pushed back several days, up to even a week. While Morris is not aware of this ability, higher beings surely will be. It should be noted that as powerful as this trait may be, there IS a finite amount, and there is no telling how many more times it can be done, or how Morris could acquire more Do-Overs.

Contract-Leviathan, the Lord of the Whorl: Having defeated the legendary Primal with the help of his comrades, Morris forges a pact with Leviathan. As a result, he has access to Aether, a life-force power alien to his own world. While Aether itself is considered akin to a slow acting poison to Morris, he can release said Aether to create powerful Water-aspected attacks, or allow his body and/or limbs to take on certain shapes and forms similar to the Primal in question. This allows Morris to make use of traits such as the Water spell series (Water, Watera, wateraga), Aqua Breath, blasts of concentrated aether, and extends itself even further, allowing him to summon the Primal itself and even use it’s trademark move, the devastating Tsunami.

Unfortunately, since Morris himself cannot naturally produce aether, he must obtain stores of it by allowing Leviathan to feast on the life force of victims. While animals are an acceptable resource, actual human beings allow Morris to store up far faster, and will actively go for this when faced against fodder such as bandits. Lastly, it allows Morris to have control of water in all its forms, capable of swimming freely, breathing effortlessly in water, and even going so far as to forcefully extract the liquids from an individual, killing them instantly. The limitation to this ability is unknown.

Contract- Bismarck, The Devourer of the Limitless Blue: Having overcome the overwhelming Primal with the assistance of his comrades, Morris forged a pact with Bismarck. Much like with Leviathan, he has access to Aether, but now has an unnatural mastery over it, an unusual trait for one who cannot normally acquire it on his own. Also requiring sustenance, Morris must now acquire over twice the amount of Aether needed to keep both Primals fueled, and while this may lead to a faster acting poison, Bismarck’s regenerative nature helps counteract this immensely. Having aspect to Wind-Aspected and Thunder-Aspected aether, it can allow Morris to make use of the Aero spell series as well as even further Water spell series and Thunder spell series. This allows Morris to mix and match elements, going so far as to freeze water with wind to make ice, and even allowing the Hero King to manipulate the very weather, allowing for stormy rains, sleet, and even snow. Pushing his aether towards its limits allows for Morris to have access to Bismarck’s devastatingly powerful attack, Breech Blast.

While the need to fuel both Primals are exceedingly well beyond what one normally would need, the benefits outweigh the costs. Morris has an active shield protecting his body from attacks, and when shattered can regenerate after a period of time of not receiving damage. He is also unaffected by the change of currents, able to move at incredible speeds without causing his body to liquefy as a result. Lastly, he is able to make use of the Aether currents a realm has, using it to “Teleport” or “Fast Travel” to locations on the fly.

Inheritance: This passive activates whenever Morris comes upon a memento of a dearly departed individual that was close to him while they were alive. While in possession of said mementos, he gains stat increases. These stat increases vary and are similar to the deceased individual’s traits and abilities. The loss of a friend who was a mechanic grants Morris more understanding on how machines work. The loss of an astrologian allows Morris to perceive the stars and to an extent, predict the future. The loss of an accomplished fighter may grant Morris a boost to his fighting stats, or even grant him a move similar to the late fighter’s skill set.

Hero King’s Ascent: A blessing bestowed upon Morris by the First Ones. Morris has the rare ability to ascend into what is known as the Hero King State. In this form, Morris is taller, going from 5’6 to 6’2, and is absurdly powerful. Combined with armor and a sword of mythical proportions, when the Hero King appears, victory is all but certain to the blond.

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[[OOC: Hey! Thanks for accepting this vampiric samurai! :D I appreciate it a lot. If you are wondering who my character is, he is Nagoriyuki, a vampire samurai. I would totally love to become good buddies and write together. But I also don't mind doing small banter here and there. ]]
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