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"Even the smallest of roses have their thorns."

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Characters: Marie Rose
Verses: Dead or Alive
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About me:
Marie Rose is shown to be both devoted and loyal, seen in how she behaves towards Helena who she is a servant to, and Honoka who she befriends during the course of their time together. She is also caring and protective as she tried to prevent Hayate from seeing Helena despite him being requested by Helena himself, and she was also quick to try to fight Bayman when she was separated from Honoka in the M.I.S.T. Labs, proving that she isn't afraid to take on danger of any size if it means protecting those she's attached or loyal to. On the other hand, Marie Rose can act very childish and doesn't seem to take losing lightly; she appears to be crying on the ground like a little girl when she loses a match, but if watched long enough, she lifts her face out of her hands before resuming her apparent fake crying. Ironically, despite her often acting childish, Xtreme Venus Vacation reveals that she hates being compared to a child or treated like one. She also has little problem with wearing some revealing outfits, although she does have her limits, as during a Cover Girl photo op, even she was ashamed at having to show a significant amount of herself to Helena when she alongside Kasumi had to do a very suggestive "prayer pose" near the god statue, and she also objected to her Davi outfit's more revealing alternate form. She also at times tends to get distracted by other activities over obligations, as evidenced by how she got herself and Kasumi late for a meeting with the Owner by choosing to get a tan. Aside from this, Marie Rose also tends to speak in a very formal manner, owing to her background as one of Helena's servants, although it's implied she has trouble avoiding acting formally to others in situations not requiring it, such as when on vacation. Marie Rose purports to not care too much about her lack of physical development in comparison to the other females in the series. Despite this, however, she is implied to be jealous of Honoka for her large assets. She also admits that she at times wishes she had a more mature body, although only in the sense that she not be mistaken for a child by people.
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