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Viktor has the captivating kind of celebrity charisma and is naturally flirtatious. His well-known strength is his penchant for breathtaking new creations and surprising his audience. Though he pushes himself and is constantly trying to better his skills, he likes doing things at his own pace and in other areas is generally an easygoing, free-spirited young man who doesn't really take well to orders (Yakov yells in exasperation that he never does anything he's told).

Viktor's also a bit of an airhead and, according to himself and Yuri Plisetsky, tends to forget a lot of things, as Yuuri Katsuki sees proof of after he forgets what the stakes of the Hot Springs on Ice event were.

He's very self-aware, knowing what he can and can't pull off and exactly what he has to do in order to play best to the audience. This adds to his charisma in that he knows precisely how to charm people with what he has. That said, he's also sensitive about his appearance, even his hairline.

Being a nigh-imperturbable man in perfect control of himself, even when losing his temper, Viktor is well-adapted to navigating the positive side of the emotional spectrum. However, he's not very good at managing others' emotional distress, and while he can be serious if he needs to be, he's blunt to the point of being tactless. This makes him a bad person to cry in front of, as he's awkward at best and insensitive at worst.

Even though he mostly exhibits a childlike and almost flippant demeanor, his core does emerge every so often: a wildflower, beautifully soft but determinedly hardy. Though this side of him only gets a peek when he talks to close ones regarding more philosophical topics, it's very at home on the ice. Skills

Legal & Physical
Name: Viktor Nikiforov
Nicknames: Vitya, Vik-senpai and Vitya
Aliases: my friends
Date Of Birth: 25 December
Place Of Birth: St: Petersburg
Current Residence: Tokyo Japan
Ethnicity: Russian
Hair Color: silver
Eye Color: blueish green
Weight: 60kg
Birthmarks/Scars: none
Family & Relationships
Mother: deceased
Father: deceased
Sister(S): none
Other Family: none
Sexual Orientation:Gay
Relationship Status: Married on the 25th December 2022
Current Relationship(S): Ren Jinguji 20th Jan 2022
Past Relationship(S): Yuuri
Education & Employment

Degree ballet dance and music
Occupation: ice skater
Job Description: Ice Skater
Employer: none
Skills: champion ice skater
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Viktor Nikiforov

Viktor is the first character shown in the series. He appears as a young boy and still unknown in the world of skating. However, little by little he becomes known as Victor Nikiforov, the most surprising skater to date.

Victor's rising career continues to do so by harvesting success after success. Accumulates championship prizes in Europe and worldwide, making it a reference in the sport.

With 27 years of age and having won his last prize, the fans and critics wondered what would be the next step of the boy, since he was close to retirement age.

Despite the criticism, he continued skating but without the same passion as before. He lost the ability to create amazing choreography, so he found himself at a point where he no longer had inspiration.

In that context he discovered a video uploaded by a boy named Yuri Katsuki, who imitated the same Viktor routine. This aroused his curiosity to such an extent that he decided to go to Japan to become his coach, and thus make the most of his potential.

I remember the Undying. Child of three, they called me. Three mounts they promised me, three fires, and three treasons.
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I will take what is mine with fire and blood

It is worth noting some other relevant events in the plot and related to the character:

-Viktor's decision to become Yuri's coach is enough to cause a stir in Russia.

-ViKtor moved with Yuri to ensure the proper training.

-Although she is there in order to help that young promise, another Yuri boy, of Russian origin, who comes to remind ViKtor of the agreement they had agreed to years ago, also appears on the scene. At this point, Victor decided that Yuri Katsuki and Yuri compete with each other to decide who will be their apprentice.

-After Yuri Katsuki wins the competition, both he and ViKtor return to concentrate on training. During that time, Victor has contact with the people Yuri knows, as well as with the world around him.

-Later, in the story it is revealed that Yuri and ViKtor met at a dinner party, and Yuri asked him to be their coach. Victor could not remember this fact.

-Although he does not have enough coaching skills, VicKor makes an effort to support and motivate Yuri (although the latter is very anxious).

My partner

Ren is known to be flirtatious and a smooth-talker. A consummate ladies man, Ren was always shown to be surrounded by girls and he has fond of flattering women with his words.

He is also shown to be carefree, being the third son of the Jinguji family and thus, having no responsibility thrust on his shoulders. At first, this has led people to believe that he was apathetic and cared little about being an idol. However, it was shown that he resented being forced to enroll in Saotome Academy to advertise the family business by his brother, even though he did love singing.

Through Haruka Nanami's help, Ren managed to find meaning in music and began to find passion in singing. He becomes more devoted to her, calling her 'little lamb' and 'my lady', is shown less in the company of other women, although it has not stopped his flirtatious nature.

He can be serious depending on the situation, but most of the time he remains easy-going, often teasing his more uptight and formal roommate and childhood friend, Masato Hijirikawa. Ren deeply cares about his fellow ST☆RISH members and is always there for them when they are in need.

dear friend

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🎷Or@nge Rh@psody🎷

Jun 15th 2024 - 11:23 PM

"Alright my love I don't want you to worry and yes I do feel so tier a lot with the pregnancy." He yawns and falls asleep in his nest of pillows.
🎷Or@nge Rh@psody🎷

Jun 14th 2024 - 6:05 PM

Perhaps you're right my love I guess it wouldn't hurt to have security at night." He rest his head on his husbands chest holding his love had.
🎷Or@nge Rh@psody🎷

Jun 9th 2024 - 11:29 PM

"Perhaps you're right my love and perhaps we should go stay at the house outside the city until this blows over." He looks at his love and nods as he closes his eyes to fall asleep.
🎷Or@nge Rh@psody🎷

Jun 9th 2024 - 9:12 AM

"This kinda thing never happened to any of starfish members and we never had the need for security Viktor we always walked around the public like nothing and never bother us at him, I just find it to strange that a fan would go this far and break a window." Ren said to his husband he was concerned that it would be something more then just a craze fan out for mischief and fell asleep feeling his loves hand rubbing his cheek to get him to sleep right away.
🎷Or@nge Rh@psody🎷

Jun 6th 2024 - 7:34 PM

"okay Viktor sounds good, and it's strange that fans would come to break in that has never happened before they never bother us at home they never misbehave like this, that's why I feel scared." He yawns and snuggles on his husbands chest closing his eyes slowly falling asleep 
🎷Or@nge Rh@psody🎷

Jun 5th 2024 - 7:05 PM

I will be okay with some cold juice love don't worry will go shopping tomorrow and I just got afraid once again, and you know why too "
🎷Or@nge Rh@psody🎷

Jun 4th 2024 - 11:20 PM

"This will do love and I want something cold like juice that will calm me down Hun." He came down with his husband and lays down on the nest of pillows being so thirsty covering himself with the blanket.
🎷Or@nge Rh@psody🎷

Jun 2nd 2024 - 5:55 PM

Can I come with you too love I don't want to be along I'm to nervous and I haven't felt like this in a long time, please Viktor let me stay up with you." Ren didn't want to be alone in the room he was afraid to be alone after an attempted of a breakin in their home.
🎷Or@nge Rh@psody🎷

May 31st 2024 - 12:17 AM

"Okay love I'll wait for you then." He looks at him and goes back to bed to wait for his husband was about scared from the breaking in and wonder if everything was okay. Ren smiles as he saw his husband walking back in the room and in bed with him snuggling in his arms. "Is everything okay love and what the police said about the breaking?."
🎷Or@nge Rh@psody🎷

May 30th 2024 - 8:29 AM

I'm glad it was only that love I was scared he might had come back to hurt me again." Ren hugs his husband tight being relief that it was just some curious fans and not who he thought it was. "We should then go back to rest Viktor I feel tier and nervous too."
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