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Name: Hubert von Vestra
Nicknames: Hubie The Bert
DATE OF BIRTH: 17th of the Great Tree Moon Imperial Year 1160
ETHNICITY: Adrestian
EYE COLOR: Light Green
HEIGHT: 188 cm
Personality: Hubert is a cold-blooded, pragmatic and distrustful yet reasonable individual willing to do whatever he deems necessary in order to ensure the success of Edelgard's goals, safety and happiness, even at the expense of his own desires. Even though Hubert always displays a sinister demeanor with those around him, he can be fairly affable with those he gets to trust, and his interactions with Bernadetta hints he frequently keeps his act because he takes delight in seeing people's reactions to it. While highly valuing unconditional loyalty, Hubert does think for himself and is more than willing to play around Edelgard's orders and even go against her back if he believes they will be a detriment for her in the long run.

Hubert was born as the eldest son of Marquess Vestra, the head of House Vestra of the Adrestian Empire. He began serving Edelgard early in his youth and was taught to be faithfully loyal to her, which in due time made Hubert develop feelings towards Edelgard. In the Insurrection of the Seven, Hubert's father allied with Duke Aegir and spearheaded the capture of Emperor Ionius IX and his scions, forcing Lord Arundel to take Edelgard and flee to Faerghus, which made Hubert develop hatred towards his father for betraying House Vestra's legacy. Hubert then escaped the empire and tried reaching Fhirdiad where Edelgard resided, but was captured three days later. When Edelgard and Arundel eventually came back, she and her siblings were isolated and experimented upon by "those who slither in the dark", preventing Hubert from helping her. Only Edelgard survived; she swore to destroy both those who slither in the dark and the Church of Seiros, who she blamed for propagating the Crest-worship that led to the deaths of her loved ones. To this end, she took up the secret identity of the Flame Emperor and began orchestrating attacks on the Church, and Hubert was one of the only ones who knew the truth of her actions.

In 1180, Hubert and Edelgard enrolled in the Officers Academy at Garreg Mach Monastery and became members of the Black Eagles house. Throughout 1180, he studies and fights alongside the Black Eagles, all while silently preparing Edelgard's ascension to the imperial throne, disposing of the corrupt imperial nobility, his father included, and concealing his knowledge of the Flame Emperor's true identity and their collaboration with "those who slither in the dark". When Edelgard declares war on the Church of Seiros, he claims his father's title as Marquess Vestra and fights on the Empire's side, potentially abandoning Byleth should they be teaching the Black Eagles and choose to side with the Church, and achieves victory. Afterwards, he and Edelgard return to Adrestia and spend the next five years battling Faerghus and Leicester while researching "those who slither in the dark".

In non-Crimson Flower routes, Hubert fights in the Battle at Gronder on Adrestia's side, and in two optional missions in Brigid and Arianrhod, but is forced to retreat in the end. On the Azure Moon route, Hubert communicates to Edelgard the death of her uncle once he is killed in Derdriu, and warns her of the negative consequences transforming into a Hegemon Husk may have for her health and future. Hubert later defends Enbarr alongside the Adrestian army before ultimately meeting his demise. On the Silver Snow and Verdant Wind routes, once Edelgard is slain, it is revealed Hubert left a letter revealing the location of Shambhala, the headquarters of "those who slither in the dark" so the victorious army can wipe them out on his and Edelgard's behalf should both be slain in the previous struggle, as they had planned to deal with them once Adrestia had conquered all of Fódlan.

In the Crimson Flower route, Hubert sincerely thanks Byleth for choosing to side with Edelgard right before she declares war on the Church, and fights alongside them and his fellow Black Eagles in the ensuing imperial invasion of Garreg Mach Monastery. After Byleth's return, Hubert and Edelgard officially co-found the Black Eagle Strike Force. Afterwards, he explains to Byleth the empire's temporary alliance with "those who slither in the dark" before proceeding to fight alongside them and Edelgard for the rest of the war. When Arianrhod is destroyed during Adrestia's conquest of Fódlan by "those who slither in the dark" as payback for Cornelia's death, Hubert reveals they employed a "javelin of light" to commit the act, and that it is likely they have already used them in the past in order to destroy Ailell.

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Jul 12th 2022 - 2:37 AM

There's a smirk, and it paints itself with a certain coating of thrill. An attentive glance, ears picking up at the subtle details—the words and how they wrap around the tongue. Language could be the sweetest honey or the bitterest vinegar.

And Hubert, of all people, is a natural with them. Cunning and cool.

Dimitri inches closer, sizing him up. They have both grown taller over the years, both worn heavy by war and atrocity.

"A warning? And what will you do, I wonder? Stare me down with those eyes of yours? Or will you take it upon yourself to do to me what I aim to do with Edelgard? I plan to sever her head cleanly from her shoulders and hang it onto the gates of Enbarr. Perhaps it would do you best to build a shrine for her there in advance. It would certainly save you some time, do you not agree?"

Jul 6th 2022 - 10:55 PM

"And yet here you are. Surely you are not here because you enjoy my company." A sigh shakes him weary.

"What do you want from me? I am afraid I have nothing left to give. If you treasure your life in the slightest, perhaps it would do you well to stay out of my sight."

It is an empty threat, for Hubert has never been the target of his scorn.

Jul 5th 2022 - 11:09 PM

Briefly stunned into silence, his mouth thins into a line. Brows furrow, but not with rage—simply, a grimace.

Had this taken place just a couple years prior, he may have taken it with more grace.

"Are you mocking me, Hubert? I can pose the same question to you."
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