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The above table code must remain at the top. FULL tables below can be rearranged.
Full Name: Luigi Mario
Nicknames: Green Arrow, Green Mario, Mr. L, Kitsune Luigi, Dr. Luigi, Silver Luigi, Fox Luigi, Go Green, Green Lightning
Aliases: Ghost Buster
Date Of Birth: August 17th, 1983
Place Of Birth: Brooklyn New York
Current Residence: Haunted Mansion
Ethnicity: Human
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5ft 3in
Weight: Unknown
Birthmarks/Scars: None
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Sister(S): Unknown
Brother(S): Mario Mario
Other Family: None
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single (Ships with Rosalina)
Current Relationship(S): No One
Past Relationship(S): None
High School Plumbing Academy
College Poltergeist College
Major Paranormal Activity
Degree Paranormal and Elimination
Occupation: Ghostbuster
Job Description: Catching Ghosts
Employer: Professor E. Gadd
Skills: Plumbing, Paranormal Elimination, Builder
Verses Luigi's Mansion - Mario + Rabbids - Mario Galaxy
Writing Style Multiple paragraphs to novella Dues Starters (0) | Comments (0) | Messages (0)

Luigi's abilities are usually exactly the same as Mario's, such as in Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros., and Super Mario World so as to not give players advantages over each other. In most instances where one player can choose between the two brothers, however, Luigi is given his own gameplay quirks. This first occurred in Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, where Luigi can jump higher than Mario but has lower traction and speed. In the American Super Mario Bros. 2, Luigi once again features the highest jump, but comparatively low speed and power. Luigi's high jumps but low traction would return in Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World, which, unlike its original version, allowed players to switch between Mario and Luigi at any time on the map screen. In three-dimensional adventures, such as Super Mario 64 DS, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario Galaxy 2 Luigi is usually faster than Mario (at the cost of poorer acceleration), but retains his classic high jumps and poor traction.

As aforementioned, Luigi has a higher top speed, but poorer acceleration than his brother in Super Mario 64 DS, along with poor traction and increased agility. In this game, the two brothers are the fastest in all speeds. Luigi's jumps are perhaps at their strongest in this game; not only can Luigi jump higher than his brother, but he can also scuttle to slow his fall. His backflip has the same effect as being caught in a Tweester or stomping a Fly Guy, allowing for a very slow descent. Unlike Mario, however, Luigi cannot Wall Jump in this game. As a result of his agility and lightness, Luigi can walk on water for a short time. Luigi's Power Flower ability is Vanish Luigi, allowing him to disappear for invincibility and the ability to walk through certain obstacles.

In Super Paper Mario, Luigi's specialty is the Spring Jump, which sends him just off the screen to bound over obstacles and damage enemies mid-air. His standard jumps are also higher than any other character's and he has lower traction once more. However, the player can simply press down to stop instantly in this game (due to his Spring Jump).

Electricity is sometimes depicted as Luigi's answer to Mario's fire. In Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Luigi is given the ability to harness and release electricity with a technique known as the Thunderhand, alongside his other specialty, the High Jump, to coincide with Mario's Spin Jump. This is referenced in Super Paper Mario with Mr. L's nickname of "The Green Thunder," and in Mario Strikers Charged where Luigi's Mega Strike involves controlling electricity.

Aside from this, Superstar Saga also depicts him as being good at acting and disguises, as he dressed up as Princess Peach via her extra dress, with his acting being convincing enough that both Fawful and Bowletta ended up tricked into swapping out the real Peach with Luigi. An earlier instance of such was in Super Mario Adventures, which showed Luigi dressing as Peach and a nurse, with both disguises being convincing enough to fool a Big Boo, Bowser, and the Koopalings.

Occasionally, Luigi utilizes tornadoes against his foes. In Super Mario Strikers, Luigi's Super Strike is the Vicious Vortex, which has him surrounded in a green vortex before kicking the Soccer Ball. Luigi's Star Swing in Mario Super Sluggers is the Tornado Swing, which has him swing the ball while it is engulfed in a tornado. In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Luigi's down special, Luigi Cyclone, has a vortex appear around him, shared with Dr. Mario's Doctor Tornado.

In addition to actual gameplay differences, Luigi often executes his moves differently than his brother. In Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World, Luigi jumps with his legs back and descends with them forward, kneels when sliding, and appears to spit fireballs rather than throwing them. The Super Smash Bros. series and Mario Kart: Double Dash!! give Luigi green fireballs, and in the former games his fireballs levitate. Perhaps most famously, Luigi's jumping animation in Super Mario Bros. 2 is merely his walking animation sped up; although Luigi's "kicking" jumps were momentarily ignored, they returned in the Super Mario Advance series, complete with a high-pitched warbling sound effect in Super Mario Advance 2 and 4. Luigi's aforementioned scuttle from Super Mario 64 DS also involves walking in mid-air, and he "kicks" during his Triple Jump in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 instead of flipping like Mario.

Luigi has also exhibited many unique traits in various sports and spin-off games, despite usually being a balance character like his brother. In games such as Mario Kart Wii, Luigi has a higher top speed than Mario, but has lower handling and acceleration. In the Mario Golf series, Luigi hits with less power than his brother but features better control, although his shots consistently curve left. Luigi is slightly faster than Mario in Mario Superstar Baseball, and reveals his special pitch and swing (the Tornado Ball and Tornado Swing, respectively) in Mario Super Sluggers.

Our whole lives are just stories.
Special Someone?

Writing in his Journal - A special someone? As much as I ventured amongst the Mushroom Kingdom; as well as the very dark side of it, I could only think of one that is beyond my reach. So beyond that it stretches beyond the stars. It was said that if I were to wish during a falling star during my gaze on the stars above, I would finally grab ahold the hand of that special someone...

Momma-mia, this is too embarassing...
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Green Arrow

Luigi Mario (ルイージ) is the younger twin brother of Mario from the Mario series. He's the deuteragonist of some of the series' titles (Despite this, he is considered the deuteragonist by the overall franchise by some regardless). Making an appearance in almost every Mario game and starring in three games as the protagonist, over time, he has become a well known character. His role in games appears to be a deuteragonist to his older brother, Mario. He never seems to like going on adventures without Mario. In some games, usually in the Mario & Luigi series, Luigi is simply referred to by enemies as "Mr. Green Hat", "Green Stache", "Mr. Lime Green", and other generic names, making him out to be somewhat unnoticed by Bowser and his minions. For example, in the Super Mario Galaxy series, if Luigi shows up at the final battle with Bowser instead of Mario, Bowser will be surprised that Luigi has come instead of Mario, who he is used to fighting. Other than his color being green, he was planned to be exactly like Mario, but as his popularity grew, he developed a personality and style of his own. His jumping ability surpasses Mario's by far and he is normally depicted as cowardly and scrawny, but when he does get the courage to step up, he can be tough and overcome his fears.

Luigi made his first appearance in Mario Bros. for the Game & Watch. Here, he helps Mario load cases of bottles into a bottling plant. Luigi is seen on the left, while Mario is placed on the right. Luigi is also the one who loads the trucks. Other than his position, Luigi mostly remains identical to Mario in this game.

Luigi made his next appearance in Mario Bros., where he serves as a second player. He is a recolor of Mario with no new actions, giving him no different characteristics from Mario.

After the Donkey Kong incident Mario encountered alongside Pauline and Donkey Kong Junior, Mario began working a blue-collar job with Luigi, both working as plumbers in a sewage system, fighting off turtles, flies, and even crabs. Once the Mario brothers defeated an enemy, their payment would come out of the pipes that were clogged by the various enemies in the level.

Luigi's appearance in this game is often mistaken as his first. There are no other differences in his physical appearances, aside from his green and black color scheme. In remakes of the game, such as the one ported with Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, his color scheme is changed to the one used in Superstar Saga. His attributed remains unchanged however. Luigi was portrayed by an unknown actor in a live-action commercial for Mario Bros. Atari 2600 release. In this commercial, he is portrayed as a coward, though whether or not this influenced his current personality remains unknown.

During the events of Super Mario Bros. Bowser and his army, invaded the Mushroom Kingdom and planned on ruling it. With Bowser's Dark magic, he turned all of its inhabitants into grass, blocks, and various other objects, letting him take over the kingdom with ease, but once Bowser learned that Princess Peach can undo his spell, he kidnapped her and several other Toads. He placed the Toads in seven different castles heavily guarded by enemies and False Bowsers, and took the Princess, to his own castle guarded by himself. When the Mario Brothers heard of this tale, they leaped into action to rescue the Princess, traversing seven different worlds and castles, rescuing Toads along the way, until they made it into the final castle, under the control of the real Bowser himself. Mario (or Luigi) would have to face Bowser and defeat him. Once defeated, Bowser would fall into the pit of lava below, and Mario (or Luigi) would have to release the Princess from her cage giving one of them a kiss on the cheek. In Super Mario Bros. gameplay, he is the second player's character, with no differences between him and his brother Mario; he's still just a palette swap.

Again today I will go soaring through the sky! My enemies, I'll dish 'em up in a stir-fry! Gracious goddess of light watches from up above! At dinnertime I always show the cook some love!
Luigi's Legacy

Before the events of the game, Luigi wins a mansion in a contest he hadn't even entered. Overjoyed, Luigi tells Mario to go ahead and meet up with him there. Luigi walks through a gloomy, haunted forest that leads to a big haunted house. The mansion is actually the one Luigi is looking for and he gets nervous. Upon arriving, Mario is nowhere to be found. While searching for his brother, Luigi meets Professor Elvin Gadd who proceeds to tell him that the mansion is haunted and that Mario was taken captive. Handing Luigi his Poltergust 3000, a vacuum that can capture ghosts, Luigi sets out to find and rescue Mario. He captures all the portrait ghosts, the 50 Boos, and the game's main antagonist, King Boo, whom he has to fight with Bowser. Luigi defeats King Boo, gives the remaining portrait ghosts to E. Gadd, and rescues Mario and cries tears of joy.

Luigi's cowardice is more prominent in this game than most others; every time a ghost appears nearby or something makes a loud noise, Luigi gets startled, making him jump slightly into the air and prevents him from moving for a short time. Luigi also has a Health Meter that depletes whenever he takes damage, and if it reaches 0, Luigi dies. Unlike most other Mario games, Luigi cannot jump with a button command, which limits his movement. However, Luigi can use the Poltergust 3000 to suck in ghosts after stunning them with his Flashlight and shoot out fire, ice, and water blasts. Luigi reappears as the main protagonist in the Nintendo 3DS remake of Luigi's Mansion, though he now receives a slime-themed counterpart in Gooigi, who appears in the remake's co-op mode.

In the sequel to Luigi's Mansion, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Professor E. Gadd calls for Luigi's help from Evershade Valley and transports him over there with E Gadd's Pixelator. Once there, Luigi is told the Dark Moon has shattered and that the valley's normally friendly ghosts have become mischievous and hostile. E. Gadd then sends Luigi to the first mansion, Gloomy Manor, to retrieve the improved version of the Poltergust 3000, called the Poltergust 5000, and to see what he can find out. In the process, Luigi catches ghosts, including the powerful Poltergeist, with the Poltergust 5000. He later enters the manor's cellar, where the Grouchy Possessor takes control of a massive spider and attacks Luigi. Luigi manages to catch this ghost, return the spider to normal, and recover the first Dark Moon piece. He is subsequently transported back to E. Gadd's lab.

Luigi's next destination is the Haunted Towers, which were revealed due to the collection of the Dark Moon piece. Here, Luigi catches more ghosts (such as The Three Sisters) and rescues one of E. Gadd's Toad assistants. In addition, he encounters Polterpup for the first time, but when Luigi captures this ghost, he escapes. Luigi eventually encounters a staircase being controlled by the Harsh Possessor. He catches this ghost, returns the staircase to normal, and recovers the second Dark Moon piece. He is then returned to E. Gadd's lab.

Next, Luigi goes to the Old Clockworks. Here, he catches more ghosts (including the Ancient Poltergeist) and rescues another Toad assistant. He also finds Polterpup and catches the ghost again, but he again escapes. After recovering the clock hands (that were stolen by a group of Greenies), Luigi goes to the top of the tower and locates the Overset Possessor. The possessor controls the clock on the tower to attack Luigi, but is caught. Luigi then recovers the third Dark Moon piece and returns to the lab again. Luigi then goes to Secret Mine. Here, it is discovered that certain ghosts are being powered up in the mine. Regardless, Luigi catches them and finds the Shrewd Possessor, who controls a pool of ice. This ghost is also caught, and Luigi recovers the fourth Dark Moon piece.

E. Gadd then tells Luigi that the final Dark Moon piece is in the Treacherous Mansion, although he warns that his Parascope is picking up extremely high paranormal signals from the area (which frightens Luigi) before sending Luigi there through the Pixelator with the mansion key. Just as Luigi goes to unlock the mansion's front door, the key is stolen by Polterpup. Luigi chases the ghostly dog and retrieves the key, finally catching Polterpup in the process. After entering the mansion, Luigi catches more ghosts (including the Strong Poltergeist) and rescues more Toad assistants. A photo received from one of the assistants reveals that King Boo and his Boo minions have trapped Mario in a painting (much like in the first Luigi's Mansion). Recognizing the location in the picture as the Train Exhibit in the Treacherous Mansion, E. Gadd sends Luigi there to rescue Mario. However, Luigi and E. Gadd soon discover that it was a trap, and Luigi is ambushed by Big Boo; a large Boo made up of many smaller Boos (who Luigi subsequently captures). Back at the lab, Luigi and E. Gadd ponder where King Boo and the painting are. Soon after, the Parascope picks up strong readings from the Treacherous Mansion's terrace. Luigi is sent there, where King Boo appears and opens the paranormal portal, which releases a large number of ghosts into the mansion, then escapes with the Mario painting inside. E. Gadd tells Luigi to capture the ghosts in the mansion, as the paranormal activity is so strong that their dimension could collapse upon itself. Luigi does this then enters the Paranormal Portal, arriving in King Boo's Illusion.

In the portal, Luigi finds the final Possessor ghost, the Tough Possessor, who clones himself and controls multiple suits of armor. The final Possessor is caught, and Luigi finds the final Dark Moon piece. E. Gadd attempts to transport Luigi back to the lab. However, King Boo interrupts and sends Luigi into an illusion. Here, Luigi and King Boo fight. Before the fight, King Boo reveals that he was the one who shattered the Dark Moon and captured Mario. Luigi is ultimately victorious, catching King Boo, taking his crown, and rescuing Mario with the Dark-Light Device. Luigi, Mario, and E. Gadd rejoice, and a Greenie takes a photo with them and the now once again friendly ghosts (due to the restored Dark Moon). Luigi then takes in Polterpup as his pet, and Polterpup is later seen sleeping on Luigi, with Luigi seemingly overcoming his fear of ghosts.

Luigi's controls and personality are mostly retained from the previous game. Luigi still can't jump, but he isn't as easily frightened from ghosts, being able to still move around while being startled. Luigi's Health Meter also returns, functioning the same way as it did in the original game, though players can recover from a Game Over if they have found a Gold Bone. While the Poltergust 5000 can't shoot out elemental blasts, Luigi can still use it to suck up ghosts and objects, cause a wider and stronger beam of light, and reveal hidden objects.

**Important** You will note the line above starting with has been added in. When you switch players with one of your own, make sure to add that line to your music player code. While the code is not needed in this layout, it's best to get in the habit of adding it in. Firefox does not always properly hide a 'hidden' object without a code like the above.

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Dopamine. ​(Piper)

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I have memory loss apparently!!

Did you find your Mario?
Dopamine. ​(Piper)

Sep 2nd 2023 - 5:21 PM

You are definitely a worthy player 2! Glad you added me. : ]

How did you find me ?

Sep 4th 2022 - 10:17 PM

*waits for Mario to pass him so the blue turtle shell hits him instead* >:)

Aug 26th 2022 - 11:00 PM

Hey Partner!

Jul 6th 2022 - 7:43 PM

Story of my life. That's why my character is The Handler and not any specific monster or a generic Hunter Character. It so happens I can use the female face to my advantage and have her ALSO be the middleman between you fighting whatever monster is on the menu. So I kind of luck out there functionally.
Hey Partner!

Jul 6th 2022 - 1:28 AM

I dunno man, I feel it was definitely this way back when I first quit rp. I don't think much has changed.
Hey Partner!

Jul 6th 2022 - 12:39 AM

Yeeeah, that is the name of the game around here, but I'm surprised that the OG LUIGI isn't pulling any bites! It's not like you're an obscure character. It'll be all right, though. I made this profile yeeears ago.

...Idk if that is reassuring at all, but still.
Hey Partner!

Jul 6th 2022 - 12:27 AM

Uh-oh, what happened?
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