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Characters: Skuld
Verses: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Cross-overs (Within Reasons That Make Sense)
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Adventure, Crossover, Fantasy, Slice of Life,
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Full name: Skuld
Birthday | Age: 03/04. | 15.
Hometown: Daybreak Town
Current residence: Unknown
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Occupation: Keyblade Wielder/Union Leader
Family: Unknown
Species: Human


When Skuld becomes a Keyblade Warrior, she joins the same Union as Ephemer. After that she tried to form her own group, but no one wanted to join her until Ephemer did. For a long time, it was just the two of them, but her group ended up growing bigger and bigger. Thus, they were able to continue gathering Lux together.

However, after some time, Ephemer decided to leave the group and the Union, believing that Skuld would be fine now that she had new friends. Therefore, the young woman continued the intensive gathering of Lux with her group, but eventually realized that the latter was beginning to lose members. In the end, Skuld found herself alone again. At the same time, Ephemer ends up disappearing without warning and without a trace.

Meeting The Player:

One night, Ephemer appears in Skuld's dreams and asks her to join the Player. She also tells him that the end of the world is near and that it would come suddenly and without warning. Not understanding the reasons for this appearance, Skuld decides to search for the Player to find out if she knows more about this dream.

The young woman ends up finding him with her Chirithy in the Fountain Square of Daybreak Town, while they noticed that picking up Lux was becoming more and more complicated. Skuld questions the fact that Lux's collection has become a competition between Unions and bearers, rather than a desire to preserve the Light. When he asks if they know Ephemer, they are surprised that she knows him, so Skuld decides to explain her situation to them. The Player tells her that Ephemer also appeared in her dream, telling her that she was waiting for him.

Not understanding the meaning of this, Skuld offers the Player to go where he and Ephemer were supposed to go. Chirithy wants to prevent this, as Augur Ava has already told the player not to go there. Skuld deduces that if she did not want us to approach this place, it is because there is surely something to hide. She adds that this is probably why Ephemer asked her to accompany the Player.


At that moment, the conversation is interrupted by a loud noise and a shaking of the ground. Armed with her Keyblades, Skuld and the player go to the source of the noise. There, they discover Invi and Aced fighting on the rooftops of the city. Skuld wonders why the two Augurs are fighting and realizes that Ephemer was right in her dream and that the end of the world is near.

As Skuld and the Player decide to move on, they encounter three Darklings, who ask them to give them their Lux. The two friends fend off the creatures, who are forced to flee. At that moment, Dark Chirithy appears in front of them. He tells them that the Lux are the source of all these clashes, and that's why they should give it to him. The player's Chirithy understands that Dark Chirithy has allowed herself to be invaded by darkness. The latter asks them why they hate the Dark so much, since each person has a part of Light and Dark in him.

At that moment, the Player's Chirity, the Player, and Skuld understand the shocking truth: the Darklings are ancient Keyblade warriors, who have allowed themselves to be corrupted by the gathering of Lux and the darkness. Dark Chirithy tricks the Player and Skuld into accepting the darkness and controlling it for even greater strength. The Chirithy replies that it is not the "Master of Masters" teaching, and asks the corrupt Chirithy who is his master. The latter replies that he is close to them and that they will soon understand before disappearing.

The Test:

Skuld and the Player decide to go to the underground passage that leads to the Tower of Augurs. Led by Chirithy, they soon reach the top where they are confronted by the Players' Union Augur (unless the latter is part of the Vulpes, in which case Wrath appears). The Augur explains that they cannot be here, and that they must leave or the same thing will happen to them as Ephemer. Skuld is shocked when the Augur explains that he made Ephemer disappear, as he is from a different Union. Therefore, the Player decides to avenge his friend and confronts the Augur.

After The Player is defeated, the Player, Skuld, and Chirithy wake up in the underpass. Ava is there and congratulates them: she explains that her trip to the top of the Tower and the fight with the Augur was just an illusion that she had caused. It was a test, during which she measured the power of her hearts, which knew to be powerful enough to reject sadness, anger and therefore the Darkness.

Ava explains to them that she has started rounding up the Dandelions. the light. Ava explains that she sent Ephemer to this other world, so that they can guide the survivors to this new world. Skuld is relieved to hear that Ephemer is safe, and Ava offers her and the Player to become Dandelions. Skuld agrees, but the Player is hesitant about the unchosen left behind. He leaves the place.

Becoming A Dandelion:

Skuld finds the Player and his Chirithy in the Fountain Square. She explains how difficult it was for her to start out and how lonely she was until she met Ephemer. Today, she thinks that if Ephemer appeared in her dreams, it was because he was worried about seeing her alone, and that's why he asked her to find the Player. Skuld tells him that she understood many things thanks to him, but that she really wants to find Ephemer. So she accepts Ava's proposal. Skuld and the Player shake hands and promise to meet again.

Later, Ava gives a speech to the Dandelions, including Skuld. She explains to them that they are going to train, reliving all the missions they have successfully completed so far, in another world made of dreams. She adds that the War will soon begin and the friends of today will be the enemies of tomorrow. This conflict will have no winner and total annihilation will result. However, Ava explains to the chosen ones that they are the "seeds of hope", and that they will survive as long as they do not participate in the conflict. Her mission will then be to allow the survival of the Light and the warriors of the Keyblade. She then asks them to continue training until the moment of departure.


Orientation: Bisexual (Male Lean)
Relationship status: Single
Married to: N/A.
Taken since: N/A
Engaged since: N/A
Married since: N/A

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