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Before Anyone Else ♥

Gin Ichimaru Orientation: Straight.
Status: Taken
Taken: 11/22/2022.
Engaged: --/--/----.
Married: --/--/----
Song dedications: Profile Song: A Perfect Circle - The Noose

Comments: The moment Rangiku saw Gin lying on that concrete slab was felt her whole world crumble. Her heart screamed out to him, begging for him to not die on her. When Ichigo forced Aizen to leave the area, she took action. With the help of Ichigo's friends, they brought Gin to Isshin's clinic, where she kept him alive until Isshin was conscious. She begged him for one more favor, to save him. It was a long recovery, but with the help of Kisuke and Yoruichi, she was able to resign her position and exile herself along Gin's side in Karakura Town.


Main: Gin Life would have never been the same if I had allow you to die that day. I fought so hard all my life to find reasons or why you did the things you did. However knowing that you had tried to betray Aizen, it gave me hope for us. So I repaid the favor by saving you. I'm glad I did. You tried to explain your reasons, but the more I heard of it, the more I felt at fault for everything that has happened to you---to us--to everyone. However every time you call me Goddess, my heart mends. I want to be selfish and keep you for the rest of my life.
Main: Engetsu My lazy Captain, you're just as lazy as I am. We fight a lot, but that's okay since we know in the end its mostly me trying to get you to work. Shhh not more than me.. -cough-. Anyway, I love how we turned the clocks back before Ichigo was born, focusing on division ten before Toshiro became captain. Its fun being my young self again. You're my favorite captain, and now my favorite drinking buddy. Too bad we lose you to the human world eventually.



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Characters: Rangiku Matsumoto
Verses: Bleach
Length: Multi Para, Novella
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About me:
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Name: Rangiku Matsumoto.
Nicknames: Rani, Ran, Goddess.
DOB | Age: 09/29 | ??.
Hometown: Rukongai.
Currently resides: Seireitei.
Occupation: Shinigami.
Position: Lieutenant of Squad 10.
Hair color: Strawberry Blonde.
Eye color: Icy Blue.
Height: 5'8".
Weight: 128 lbs.
Blood type: A-.
Scars or birthmarks: Beauty Mark on her chin.
Family: Orphan.
Personality: Rangiku tends to be a slacker who dislikes paperwork and loves to drink. She is not the slightest bit modest about her appearance, frequently referring or complaining about her large breasts in normal casual conversation, much to the embarrassment/amusement of anyone around at the time. She is not above using her considerable feminine charms to get her way, as shown when she tries - albeit unsuccessfully - to bribe Ichigo Kurosaki into letting her stay at his house.[8] In fact, she would even consider stripping naked if no one compliments her on her outfit, regardless of how skimpy it may be.

Her easy-going and free-spirited personality makes a sharp contrast to the serious Hitsugaya, but the two seem to be quite close regardless. Rangiku met the young boy prior to him utilizing his power and encouraged him to enter the Shinigami academy. As a lieutenant, she is extremely casual around him, almost constantly by his side and showing deep loyalty to him on several occasions, even though her laziness frequently annoys him.

While she seems somewhat self-centered, she is sensitive to the feelings of others, evident when she sees the concern Hitsugaya has for Momo Hinamori, the guilt Izuru Kira shares with her when Gin Ichimaru is revealed as a traitor, and when Orihime Inoue feels depressed about her role in Ichigo Kurosaki's life. Despite her lackadaisical image, she can be extremely serious when needed and is a capable fighter and strategist, best-shown when she uses clever teasing to manipulate the third Espada's Fracción into squabbling among themselves long enough to drop their guard and leave them open for an attack.

Rangiku's favorite food is dried persimmon, just like that of Ichimaru. She also shares Orihime's very strange taste in food. She dislikes bamboo shoots because she finds their taste too strong and their texture unpleasant. She likes Japanese dancing, and in addition to her shihakushō robes, she enjoys buying superfluous amounts of clothing from various department stores in the Human world. When she feels like drinking, she finds free people and invites them to come out with her, and then has them treat her to drinks, so that she wouldn't have to spend any money. She is drinking buddies with Shunsui Kyōraku and Shūhei Hisagi..

{+} Likes.
* Sake
* Fashion
* Shopping
{-} Dislikes.

* Not having Sake

Rules: Don't say I didn't warn ya.

* I will not roleplay romance or erotic with you. Rangiku is taken.
* Do not try to convince me into cheating on Gin. I've had this happen and I regret to inform you, you cannot convince me or Rangiku. Sorry.
* The amount you roleplay is not an issue.
* Do know that I write as much as I can and that can go from two paragraphs to ten.
* I'm very picky when it comes to adds to avoid erotic and romance roleplayers. I do add Bleach OCs if it says you are somewhere on your profile. Yes I do check.
* I am slow at responding, even to OOC chatter. If you wish to talk to me more, I have a huge Bleach Hangout with over 20 active bleach members. Discord
* No. I will not show you my boobs.
* Yes I love to drink. Lets have some Sake.
* RP stays in RP. My relationship in RP differs from mine OOC.

Who I'd like to meet:

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Nov 26th 2022 - 5:50 PM

Oh sure. My bad for the late response. I fell asleep while logged in XD

Nov 23rd 2022 - 6:34 PM

You don't suck, you're doing a really good job with your reply. But since battling isn't a big part of our rp we can cut the training a bit short if you want? More than anything I just wanted Isshin to get Rangiku motivated to train a bit and be slightly less lazy which has happened.


Nov 23rd 2022 - 6:02 PM

Yeah I like to write for fun not to be anal, stuck up about stuff. xD I've also had to refresh myself on Isshin's fighting style and you've done really well with having Rangiku fight in our rp. I'm looking forward to seeing how you have her tackle his bankai. If you'll give her a new ability or have her awaken her own bankai. I'm sure you'll do a great job.

Nov 23rd 2022 - 1:13 PM

It's honestly refreshing to hear you say that since I'm rusty at rp fighting as well. I used to do it often when I first started rping but then people got too well, anal about it so I just stopped. But I'm glad to have our rp be a well rounded one that has a lot of different aspects involved in it.

Nov 22nd 2022 - 10:22 PM

Well when you mention negative 30. I can understand why you'd like the heat...I couldn't imagine that. It is really nice to go swimming or even just take a bath and soak in the warm water for awhile. I haven't been in a river in years but that natural water does feel different and just has a nice feel to it.

I'm glad you enjoyed it so much and that's alright. I understand distractions happen. That's life and it took me awhile to write it up but I'm glad we've gotten off to such a strong start with our rp. Your reply was great and I didn't notice any detail you missed so we're all good and even if you had missed a detail that'd be alright, we're all human we're gonna make a mistake here and there.

Nov 22nd 2022 - 10:13 PM

I was more afraid of my starter being too short for you, haha

Nov 22nd 2022 - 10:07 PM

We're going the AU route wih Gin surviving. What episode were you refferring to? It's been awhile for me as well XD

Nov 22nd 2022 - 9:24 PM

I personally don't care, since I'm not a stickler for every bit of detail. However, if you truly wish to do it over, then go ahead ^_^

Nov 22nd 2022 - 9:16 PM

I can't stand the heat. You just feel sticky all the time and you can only take off so much clothing haha. But the beach does sound nice. I like swimming and I love hearing a thunderstorm while it's raining at night. That's really peaceful.

I think so as well! I hope you like the reply. It's been awhile since I've typed up ten paragraphs but I enjoyed it! I'm looking forward to your reply and Isshin will just have to whip that kitty into Bankai shape.

Nov 22nd 2022 - 8:03 PM

Yeah that's what I think about too but thankfully you're smart and just drop it at the door and dash like the name of the service. I also live in a small area outside of the city where hardly any crime happens so it's nice. Same here, I love the cold weather tho.

I really like that idea! I'll add it into the reply! Rangiku also hasn't gotten her Bankai, I hope we get both of them with the anime being back!
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