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Characters: Haruko Sakumoto.
Verses: Inuyasha + Crossovers.
Playbys: Individual Portrayal.
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Slice of Life, Supernatural,
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About me:


Name: Haruko Sakumoto.
Stage Name: Black Dahlia.
Alias: The Black Tulip.
Nicknames: Haru, Saku, Sakumoto-Sama.
Gender: Male.
Date of Birth: September 28.
Hometown: Kyoto, Japan.
Currently Resides: Feudal Era Kyoto , Japan.
Occupation: Demon Slayer.
Relationship Status: Single.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.
Sexual Position: Dominant / Seme / Top.
Comments: If I could have it my way I would always be with you, but you have also changed me in every way a person can be changed. You have also saved me; saved me in every way I can be saved. You have changed this heart of stone into a softer- more free version of myself. I care more now. I imagine more now. I cry more now. And most importantly: I love more now.
Song: Black Dahlia - Hollywood Undead.
Lyrics: I loved you, you made me hate me, you gave me
Hate, see? It saved me, and these tears are deadly
You feel that? I'd rip back every time you tried to steal that
You feel bad? You feel sad? I'm sorry, hell no, fuck that
It was my heart, it was my life, it was my start, it was your knife
This strife, it dies, this life and these lies
And these lungs have sung this song for too long
And it's true, I hurt to remember I loved you

Hair Color: Blue-Black.
Eye Color: Golden yellow.
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 210 pounds.
Complexion: Soft ivory.
Body Modifications: None.
Scars / Surgical Scars: A lot of battle-scars on his back particularly the one from the tip of his shoulder to his abdomen and the incision of a surgical wound on the right side of his ribcage.
Family: Mother: Sayuri Sakumoto.
Father: Hikaru Sakumoto.
Sister: Akemi Sakumoto.
Brother: Akiyama Sakumoto.
Brother: Iwao Sakumoto.
Languages: English, Japanese, German, French.
Ethnicity: Japanese-American.
Nationality: Asian.
Species: Half-Demon (DogDemon and Human).
Likes: Cuddling, Strawberries, Cooking, cleaning, collecting stuffed animals, animals, cats, classic music, sleeping, eating sweets, taking long walks, reading, writing, and drawing things.
Dislikes: bullies, gold-diggers, hypocrites, loud-mouths, obnoxious individuals, arguments, sharks, spiders, needles, doctors, people who smile too much, dentists, bright colors, staring at something too long, his glasses, other dogs barking orders at him.
Born into a semi-wealthy noble family Haruko had everything he could ever want as a child and growing up. He did not know how lucky he was with everything he had and slowly started to realize as he got older that things were taken from him and it was part of life but he had the decision to make; he could sit and cry about it like the child he was or make something of himself. After his parents passed away he solely inherited his father's inheritance. He became rich once more and went out of control. He enjoyed partying, taking things too far, and causing fights for the hell of it.

He discovered his taste for same-sex orientation at a party when he was drunk and stupid as he had intercourse with another male.< The two became lovers until he found him cheating on him at another party while he was gone in the military where his father used to be stationed. His father was a warlord and his mother was a geisha dancer. They met on one of his father's "long trips" and they fell in love his father removed her from the geisha life to a life of gold and riches. The dragon's keep however was short-lived and he immediately put his mother on a short leash and kept her from spending too much by gambling and owing too many people money.

Haruko had offered to play poker with one of the dealers she owed money to amused them so they allowed it and miraculously the solution was resolved when he won by extremely extra beginners luck and he took his winnings and his mother's freedom back home where he cared for her until he could no longer care for her himself.

Status: Write something here.
Soulmate: Write something here.
Since: --/--/----
Engaged: --/--/----
Married: --/--/----
Our Song:Write something here.
Lyrics:Write something here.
Comments: Write something here.


Haruko enjoys talking as much as he likes drinking and doing drugs. He was born into a wealthy family and was able to continue his life after his parents passed away. He is quite passive-aggressive. Depending on the situation and his current mood at the time; Haruko will either be kind, talkative, assertive, social, and caring towards other people. On the other hand; he is more of a jackal and hyde type where he can snap and be a brash, sadistic personality type.

Overall Haruko is not the introverted kind but the social butterfly moving from clique to clique as he moves along in his journey of life. He enjoys the presence of being around people almost to an addiction; he doesn't like the quiet because it speaks the truth. He is a lonely person and only wants a lover, a kind and loving family one day. A boyfriend or girlfriend to come home to after a long and tragic time of battle. Haruko is still mourning his parents' death and drowns his sorrow in partying and doing alcohol and drugs much like his mother did when his father passed away in battle. They informed her and she broke in pieces that Haruko was forced to pick up and watch her destroy herself with the bottle of alcohol and other misc drugs. She was sick and could not even care for herself anymore and when Haruko turned 18 he managed to get his mother into a nursing home much to her disapproval.

She didn't like it and kicked him out of his childhood home. This made him live on the streets and forced to live an unstable lifestyle of running from cops, hanging out in gang-related situations, and somewhat getting into trouble as he tried to get out of it and get his life back together; his true nature eventually came out and he was either fired or did not show up because he was out dealing drugs and doing them with his clients.

Haruko was very much rough around the edges and he gets jealous and frustrated and says mean things sometimes - he doesn't mean them and instantly regrets it. At heart, Haruko is simply a very kind-hearted and caring person trying to make it in the big city on the streets with crime lords and drug dealers. It was something he knew he probably would not be able to get out of unless it was something drastic.


As someone with a dark past, Haruko was somewhat distrusting and distant from other people. He feared he would always be on his own. He is a half demon which means he would transform into a human and without his demonic powers for one night in the month in a particular time. Sometimes called the "Black Shuck." he appears as a giant spectral black dog which (according to legend) is an omen of death and betrayal. If someone sees the black shuck and he blinks his red eyes and disappears after; they're going to die in less than a week.

Haruko's heritage is shrouded with mystery. He was once reincarnated from being the black shuck in england and drafted from england to japan where he settled down where he was not hated and feared by everyone. He was certain he would not have his past follow him. He could not stop his transformations as he became a terrible beast.

He was certain that it was all in the past and it was not going to haunt him anymore. He had gotten away from the black shuck before and did not look back as legends say if you run from a black shuck then you will have a lot of bad luck and eventually you will meet an untimely death afterward.

He stands at about six foot one and looks to be about 19 or 20 but is actually 218 years old. He is a half breed with a human mother, and a demon father. He was a demon and fell in love with his mother who was very beautiful where his father fell in love with her and had Haruko who is a young man by the time they both pass away and leaving Haruko their mansion of a home and their money.

he didn't care about it; he wanted the family he knew and loved more than anything and hoped he could find something like that with his own family one day. He has a fair complexion, hair that is straight and tied at the end in a ponytail, his hues golden or crimson colored. His hair was long because it was tradition in the feudal era for men to have long hair with a few exceptions to the rule.


Destruction: An ancient pokemon known to bring disaster if it is seen by people before it happpens is just what this creature does. It fills the hearts of the people around the towns and cities with fear of the monsterous tales of destruction and mayhem that follow in it's path. Danger lurking around every corner when they are near and after they vanish, a disaster happens.

Telepathy: This does not happen a lot, and it is very rare to see one so that does give some relief to the people. It is able to talk to the people in front of it just as any other person does because of iti's genetic psychic powers that were tested on in Team Rocket's Lab after it escaped the lab it still retained some of the re-modeling they did on it's genetic codes.

Telekenisis: It can move items, objects, or even people out of its way if it thinks it is in impending danger or if it needs to protect its territory, loved ones, or friends. It will do this without hesitation by any means necessary.

HyperBeam: An attack that takes two turns, but one that must recharge on the second turn but takes twice as much damage as the opponent's hit points.

Ice Beam: A frigid cold beam that beams right at the enemy either freezing it or making them so cold they can hardly attack or will make it very difficult to attack.

Flamethrower: A hot attack that can burn through almost anything and especially through other Poke'mon such as Vileplume or Victorebell.

Zen Headbutt: A powerful dragon's technique that can only be learned from a TM bought at Mossdeep city.

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