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"It's your words that gave me courage. They became my light that would guide me towards the right path again."

25 years old

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January 29 2023

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Orientation: Straight
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:College graduate
Characters: Jellal Fernandes, ジェラール・フェルナンデス, Jerāru Ferunandesu
Verses: Fairytail, Eden Zero
Playbys: Daisuke Namikawa, Robert McCollum, Terri Doty (child)
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Anime, Crossover, Manga, Video Game,
Status: Single
Member Since:December 02, 2022

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About me:
Jellal Fernandes (ジェラール・フェルナンデス Jerāru Ferunandesu) is a childhood friend of Erza Scarlet. Before he lost his own memory, he was a Dark Mage who desperately sought to revive Zeref via the R-System. Jellal currently serves as a member and co-founder of Crime Sorcière. As a child, Jellal was forced to help build the Tower of Heaven together with other slaves, such as Erza, Shô, Simon, Wally and Millianna, wherein he acted as the leading figure of their group. There, after a failed escape attempt and the reclusion that followed it, he was possessed by what he believed was the legendary Dark Mage Zeref, supplanting his former kind personality with a more violent one, which made him almost completely insane. He exiled Erza from the island and took control of the construction of the Tower of Heaven in order to resurrect Zeref, and thus create a world of "true freedom".He bombed the ship that was supposed to take the slaves off the island, and told them afterward that it was Erza's doing, as she had gone insane with her newfound Magic Powers.Believing that she had truly escaped on her own and thus betrayed them, the slaves helped him build the tower for the next eight years as a way of showing their gratitude for saving them from certain death. While growing up, Jellal was taken under the tutelage of the Oración Seis leader Brain, having taught Jellal some of his skills and Magic, namely one of them being the Square of Self-Destruction. Meanwhile, Jellal had worked his way into the Magic Council using a Thought Projection of himself, named "Siegrain". Sometime after this, Jellal, as "Siegrain", ran into Erza Scarlet, and prevented her from attacking him by lying to her, saying that he was Jellal's twin brother.
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