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Characters: Siegfried Schtauffen, Nightmare
Verses: SoulCalibur VI, Crossovers
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Anime, Crossover, Fantasy, Spar/Fighting,
Member Since:December 28, 2022

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About me:
Who I'd like to meet:

The Azure Knight
Gender: Male
Birthday: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Height: 172cm
Weight: 157kg
Blood Type: Unknown
Weapon: Soul Edge (Zweihänder—type)
Name of Weapon: Soul Edge
Style: His memories

Soul Edge
Soul Edge… A sword that has left countless indelible scars on history. The cursed blade devours souls, and most warriors who have sought it out have found only a horrific death.
Its past is one of doom and destruction, and now it finds itself in the hands of the mentally unstable Siegfried. The troubled man fails to see that it controls him like a marionette, and he dances to is accursed tune.
Soul Edge takes the form of its “vessel’s” preferred weapon—in Siegfried’s case, the Zweihänder. This is so it can push its owner’s power to the limit to better claim the blood and souls it craves.

His memories
Soul Edge has been part of many a battle, and the blade carries within it the memories of those who wielded it, and those who faced them. Such memories influence the fighting style of the blade’s current master, so even if its wielder lacks experience in combat, they can battle like a seasoned warrior. This alone makes those who oppose Soul Edge tremble with fear.
When facing Nightmare, one must never forget that he is able to at least partially unleash the power of the sword. If he does, be prepared for a blow designed to kill in one fell cut.
The souls of those struck down and devoured by the sword are like books that get added to the blade’s seemingly never-ending library of fighting styles. Is there anyone who can stop the river of blood this sword leaves in its wake?

His dark, azure armor invokes the night; his helmet covers all but his red, glowing eyes; his trunk-like right arm holds a great sword with a cursed eye glaring from its center... Could such a monstrous being really exist? Appearing from out of shadows like the advent of nightfall, this barbaric knight reaps the souls of the living as if they were mere stalks of corn. His name came to represent fear and desperation to all who heard it. Those who found out that the rumors were true, that he was no fairy tale villain, would be struck down in a single blow before they could even open their mouths to scream.

Nightmare's true form belonged to Siegfried Schtauffen, a young man entranced by the cursed sword, Soul Edge. He killed people and claimed their souls in the hope of bringing his father Frederick back from the dead. However, despite charming Siegfried with sweet words, Soul Edge was not as powerful as it had been while in the hands of Cervantes. Even so, Siegfried refused to acknowledge he had killed his own father, seeking revenge instead against his imaginary assassin... With his damaged past, it could perhaps be said there was no one better suited to the sword than Siegfried himself. Soul Edge's thirst for souls was unquenchable, as was Siegfried's in his quest to revive his father. In time, Nightmare was beginning to represent a threat surpassing even that of the pirate Cervantes.

A Soul in the Purgatory
Gender: Male
Birthday: February 6th
Birthplace: Ober-Getzenberg, Holy Roman Empire
Height: 172cm
Weight: 70kg
Blood Type: A
Weapon: Zweihänder
Name of Weapon: Requiem
Style: Self-Taught
Mother: Margaret (still alive)
Father: Frederick (killed by Siegfried)

A massive blade that Siegfried found to replace the cursed sword. The name Midnight Requiem embodies Siegfried's regret over his deeds as Nightmare. He wishes to settle the score with the cursed sword to atone for the father he killed and the people whose lives he took—even if that means he will face hardships along the way. Siegfried walks a lonely path, but can he ever find redemption?

Though not naturally built to wield such a large sword, Siegfried still chose the Zweihänder as his weapon of choice.
You might be fooled into thinking the style required to swing this sword is all power, however, it's quite subtle. The blade's great weight can be used for both offense and defense, while slight changes in the wielder's stance allow for giant moves with minimal movement.
The strikes Siegfried employs are designed to crush more than cut, and can make mincemeat of armor. Those foolish enough to think they can seize victory if they get in close will likely find themselves swept up in a series of carefully-planned movements and strikes, all leading to the attacker’s inevitable demise. If you are unfortunate to find yourself hit directly by a blow from this sword, death is all but certain and immediate.
Siegfried’s discolored arm is a reminder of his time as Nightmare. Now, whenever the young man is wounded and backed into a corner, Nightmare appears in the form of a blue flame that taunts and tortures his soul. However, he has learned how to master and utilize this power in battle.
Siegfried has but one reason to fight: to fully free himself from the cursed sword’s grasp.

After losing to Kilik and his comrades in the form of Nightmare, Siegfried awoke in an unfamiliar place. Though slowly clawing back control of his consciousness from Soul Edge's grasp, he was unable to free himself from the unforgiving memories of his time spent as the cursed sword's puppet. Before long he was confronted with a memory he'd kept repressed deep inside: the memory of having killed his own father... "What have I done...?" he groaned. The remains of Soul Edge lay at his feet... For Siegfried, his true nightmare had only just begun.

Siegfried's meeting with Sophia strengthened his resolve to seal away Soul Edge once and for all. Even so, his mind was slowly being taken over by the cursed sword. Though able to cope, just about, while awake, his sleep was dominated by terrible nightmares. During this time, the sword would try to take control of him and force him to do its evil bidding. It was relentless. However, a ray of hope appeared in the form of a voice... A voice belonging to none other than Soul Calibur, now trapped in subspace. The sword had once been used to defeat Soul Edge, but now being slowly eaten away by evil. Sensing the danger, Siegfried risked his life to protect Soul Calibur, and after a long, hard-fought battle, he was able to free his mind from the cursed sword. Was this a victory? He could not be sure...

Little did he realize that, years later, his actions would lead to the spirit sword's revival.

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