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"Tch, don't even think about touching the horns."
โ€ข Bratty muse with an ego.
โ€ข IC banter welcomed!
โ€ข An unlikely succubus who isn't all she appears to be.
โ€ข More details within.

27 years old

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March 03 2024

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Characters: โ€Ž๐Ÿ‘‘ Alruna Darkrose
Verses: โค๏ธ urban fantasy, mha / bnha & whatever else I may be feeling. selective adds.
Playbys: โค๏ธ a con artist with dreams of living the life of luxury.
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Open, Psychological, Slice of Life, Supernatural,
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About me:
Who I'd like to meet:

Basic Information

NAME: Alruna Darkrose
NICK-NAME[S]: "Runt", according to her siblings. Give her a better one?
AGE: 120 (2/14)
WEAKNESSES: Her horns. Don't touch those.

Physical Information

GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'1"
WEIGHT: You feel a minor chill for asking.
PHYSIQUE: Pear-shape. Wide hips, thick thighs.
EYE COLOR: Golden pupils, red irises. Bears a soft yellow glow.
HAIR: Black
SKIN TONE: Red shifting into a darker gradient at her arms, legs, tail, and horns.
OTHER: Freckles on her cheeks, shoulders, hips, and buttocks. Mole on her left cheek below her eye.


Alruna has no issues speaking her mind even if it lands into trouble. She's sassy and only charismatic when there's something to gain from a situation. Her behavior at times could be compared to a spoiled teenager who believes the world revolves around her and only her.

  • The Brat

    What happens if a succubus strays from her usual nature?

    Alruna was born the runt of her family with more siblings than she could care to remember. She wasn't quite like her siblings, lacking many abilities to be successful in the living world.

    Due to that detail, it caused a lot of unrest within the family, namely with her eldest sisters, as they felt that Alruna had tainted the family name. Mysteriously, her mother and father disappeared when she was only a few months old, which became yet another dark family secret. Many events later, her two eldest sisters became the leaders of the Underworld, which was strange considering they did not bear noble blood.

    Not wanting to undergo an even greater hellish treatment from her sisters, she made a last-ditch effort to escape into the living world.

    She looked down on humans, viewing them as nothing more than mindless peons to leech off of. While they possessed energy for her to feed on, she had internal issues about being intimate with any of them. Kissing was the way to go even if it wasn't optimal. Because of the low energy gained from it, she had to feed more often.

    To get by in life, she used her sex appeal to lure others in to feed off their energy when the opportunity presented itself. Then she'd rob them of their valuables and disappear before they could take notice of anything that was amiss.

    Alruna is a superficial and fickle succubus, her goals often changing on a whim. She comes up with ploys to gain fame and fortune, nevertheless, they almost always don't play out as expected.

    If one were to discover the ugly truth of what she was beneath that promiscuous facade, her ego would shatter.

    This is how Alruna feeds to stay alive. She does this by engaging in intimate situationsโ€”primarily by kissing. The after-effects on victims will depend on how much she takes from them.


    It's only potent to weak-minded individuals, bearing little to no effects on strong-willed individuals. Like any drug, it may be addictive. Her saliva possesses therapeutic effects, relaxing her victims to make it easier for her to swindle them of their belongings.


    Severe injuries only take 1-3 days to heal. The drawback is that she'd need to feed more often.

  • Nobody likes them but they're needed

    โ€ข Messages preferred for all interactions.

    โ€ข Please be patient. Like most, I have a life beyond this website. I'll try to tip off in statuses if something comes up that's going to heavily delay things.

    โ€ข Don't be weird OOC. I ain't about that.

    โ€ข Character is multiship (if anything happens). Alruna will never be committed to a single person. I prefer to keep storylines separate from one another.

  • Verses

    Primarily urban fantasyโ€”and isekai if it works. If Alruna can work into it, she'll fit right in. My Hero Academia? Sure, she'll just be seen as a 'mutant' even if she is truly a succubus. Nobody will really question it.


    I enjoy comedy, darker themes, supernatural elements, horror, adventure, drama, psychological, and slice-of-life.

    Alruna's whole existence is begging for someone to put her face into the ground. She's a haughty brat who gets in over herself and needs a reality check sometimes. Sometimes her plans go as intended and most times it doesn't. She'll drive your character up the wall one way or another.


    Random starters, in-character approaches, and story discussions are all fine with me. Keep the weirdness at the door, please (like trying to vore my character, inflation, feet - you get it).

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