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Roubaix, Hauts-de-France

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Status:In a relationship
Here for:Friends,
Orientation: Gay
Body type:Slim / Slender
Characters: Yugo
Verses: Wakfu: The Animated Series, Any, Crossover, Open
Playbys: VA: Erika Harlacher
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Action, Adventure, Any, Fantasy, Open, Slice of Life,
Member Since:March 16, 2023

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About me:

Gender: Male
Age: 22 (Mentally)
Species: Eliatrope
Height: 4'0"

Relationship Status: Claimed
Current Relationship: Eichel


Across time and space!
Jumping trough the gates!
A hero lies in you!

The legend unfold!
It's history foretold!
Here's the start of our adventure!

At the speed of light!
Ready for the fight!
Claim the power deep inside you!

Let your spirit fly!
And you see!
Your future!
Shining bright!
Your heart will guide us through the night!



Yugo is a kind, good-natured and optimistic young Eliatrope with a complicated and convoluted history that even he doesn't fully understand. Being an Eliatrope, he always wears a hat similar to the other members of his species to hide the glowing dragon-wing like protrusions of pure Wakfu that can be found underneath. His species ages extremely slowly, so despite being mentally 22 he still remains quite short-statured and small in frame (even though he's just rather short in general).


He has a heart bigger than his diminutive body should possibly be able to contain and would never put himself before his friends, but this friend-forward mentality has gotten him into trouble in the past. A prominent member of the Brotherhood of the Tofu, Yugo has been involved countless times in saving the World of Twelve alongside his dragon brother Adamaï and his friends Az, Amalia, Evangeline, Percedal, and Ruel. Growing up in a small village named Emelka alongside his adoptive father Alibert led to him leading a rather sheltered early life, so he's never one to miss out on having fun, exploring, or going on an adventure... but the adventure usually finds him rather than the other way around.

Yugo is adaptive, quick thinking, and smart; usually gaining control of whatever he seeks to learn in a short amount of time. He's not a hero to be taken lightly. Every day he becomes more adept in the use of Wakfu, his main specialty being the ability to create portals that he can leap through, but this is just one of his many abilities. When you see an energy sword or shield, that's when one knows they truly messed up.


Being an Eliatrope, Yugo can utilize and concentrate Wakfu like the rest of his kind. Although he cannot cast what one would consider to be traditional spells, he can use this energy to do quite a vast assortment of things.

Portal Creation - Yugo has the ability to summon portals by rotating his hand in a circular motion and throwing them to where he would like them to appear. Yugo uses these to out-maneuver and confuse his opponents in battle, allowing him to shift instantly between all attack ranges. He has also demonstrated the ability to redirect virtually any attack thrown at him, either at his foe or just to avoid getting hit. Initially, he could only conjure a single set of portals at a time and was limited to areas he could see. However with the passage of time, he now has the ability to form multiple portals and can use them to access areas much further away. Though these powers may seem mighty, Yugo is still definitely not perfect in battle and still takes his fair share of hits even with the ability to create portals at his side.

Portal Boost - While training with Adamaï, Yugo discovered that by rapidly forming portals successively in front of him, he can achieve a form of high-speed movement, appearing as little more than a stream of energy moving midair. Yugo makes use of this when dealing with midair enemies, and can use himself as a ram in this state.

Portal Blast - An ability that creates a powerful beam of energy. This is done by overlapping two portals at once. As his relatively short life has progressed, Yugo's mastery over this particular power has improved greatly, being able to summon the blasts nearly as quickly as he can make the portals themselves. He also has the ability to adjust the size and power of his blasts.

Wakfu Sensing - With the help of his brother Adamaï, Yugo was taught the ability to perceive the Wakfu of the world around him, enabling him a sixth sense that allows for him to see without his eyes by perceiving the Wakfu not only around his body but also the Wakfu of living creatures, plants, and how it shapes the environment.

Flight - The Eliatrope people have wings atop their heads made from pure Wakfu. The wings are attached to their skull, and sprout out of their cranium. The wings are bio-luminescent and are a turquoise color.

Cooking - Under his adoptive father Alibert, Yugo became a surprisingly good cook, often helping Alibert cook and serve meals at his inn.

Physical Skills - Yugo is a young and active boy filled with energy, so he can perform various physical skills and activities, such as running, jumping, climbing, playing Gobbowl, fighting, etc.

Wakfu Weapons - Yugo possesses the ability to create a sword and shield made of pure Wakfu. Though he has little to no experience with actual weaponry, these energy weapons have came in handy many times over the course of his life.

Longevity - Like all Eliatropes, Yugo ages quite slower than the average person. This is due to the dragon blood present in the veins of all members of his kind.

Semi-Immortality - Like his Eliatrope and Dragon siblings, Yugo is semi-immortal and can potentially live forever. He can still die but should he physically perish his Wakfu returns to the Eliatrope Dofus he shares with his twin dragon brother Adamaï. This is where he would remain until both he and his brother recovered enough of their Wakfu to be reborn once again as newborns. Yugo and Adamaï do not remember their past lives, and they can continuously undergo reincarnation as long as their Dofus remains intact.

Much more information (and spoilers) on Yugo can be found on the Wakfu wiki!




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