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*Under Construction* but will adjust my character data to meet the needs of whomever I'm roleplaying with. Very adaptable, very versatile.

23 years old

United States

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June 03 2023

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About me:
Name: Caster Howlett
Eye color: silver/gray (but can change on occasion)
Hair: black
Height: 6'2"
Weight: a very deceptive 250lbs
As stated above Caster's eyes typically appear to fall somewhere within the gray to silver spectrum but are subject to change hue in various situations. His hair is considered medium length and raven black in color, often messy and rarely styled. He is slightly above average height standing at 6'2" but tends to walk with a casual gait that makes him appear much shorter and less intimidating. Despite looking very thin when clothed he averages about 250-280 pounds of weight due to a massive amount of compressed/concentrated muscle mass, a deformation that has been linked to his demon lineage. Although his father is half demon and his mother is full demon Caster has no truly distinguishable demonic features so only those who've bore witness to his otherworldly feats of strength can usually tell he's far from normal. He has abnormally sharp canines but not so abnormal they would typically provoke questioning. Unless he's working or expecting a fight caster can usually be seen wearing simple street clothes to make himself less discernable amongst the public.
The cynicism he's become famous for is simply a projection he uses to keep people from ever getting too close with him. Even though he's often viewed as a selfish cold hearted narcissist himself he actually does retain a strong sense of both sympathy and empathy for others and is not incapable of feelings of love and compassion. Sometimes he even goes out of his way to lighten the mood by seizing any opportunity he can to slip in an inappropriate joke even if the timing is neither opportune nor appropriate.... ESPECIALLY if the timing is neither opportune nor appropriate..... However, his demon blood and mortal blood are both constantly at odds with each other which brings a lot of duality to his personality so he does in fact have a dark side (whether that side is the demon or the mortal is unknown) and you never know which of his personalities you're going to end up dealing with.
~Coming soon~ For now just know that he has mommy/daddy issues lol. His mother was a pure blood demon while his father was half demon half human. Both of his parents want to kill him and actively attempt to do so quite frequently. As of now he resides in the mortal world and offers his services as an assassin. ~working to update this asap so please be patient. Hopefully this is enough information for you to consider discussing a RP with me but if you need more info just ask. As this character profile continues to develop some of this information may change so don't be surprised if things in the profile don't always align with our RP. Currently a lot of my ideas are still up in the air but I want something to work with in the interim.~

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May 31st 2023 - 7:44 PM

๊งH O P E H I M U R A๊ง‚

Hi.. There... Another victim... Maybe?? I mean.. Well.. You look like a good enough victim for me anyway unless you could be something more than that. I don't care much for these greeting things.. Its nothing to do with yourself. I just have had many years of greetings and I grew tired of them. Mainly because I always got to eager and killed before the greeting even finished but you don't have to worry about that. I've turned a new leaf, at least I think so. I'm like a year or so, sober from killing. Well nevermind, My name is Hope Himura. I don't know what I am anymore since when I was killed I lost myself also don't let my multicolor, bubblegum hair deceive you. I'm not what it seems...

OOC: I hope you won't be offended by my generic greeting. I guess it's better than no greeting. I just try my best to get out responses and not miss anyone as I would like to keep everyone equal. Also if its alright with you. Can we keep chats or banter in comments and roleplay in messages. Just so that we can keep everything organised as I kinda get all confused alot. I also do very dark roleplay so hope that is also ok.. Anyway... I really hope you have a nice day and hope my response was to your liking. If not.. I failed and must try again...


May 31st 2023 - 8:31 PM

Caster glanced down at the watch on his wrist before taking one last hit on his cigarette, smoking it all the way down to the filter line and gave it a farewell flick sending it carouseling through the air.
"For f***s sake kid, you talked through my entire smoke break"
He lamented as he straightened his back, rising to his full height before letting his gaze finally descend on her.
"Yeah yeah.. I get it. You kill people.... Or you used to? Whatever" He said with a dismissive hand gesture.
"Don't we all... Well thanks for introducing yourself I guess but if you're looking for a victim" he paused to use air quotes around the word "Then I'm afraid you're talking to the wrong guy "
A toothy grin suddenly formed on his face and his eyes narrowed.
"But since you're taking a break from the trade why don't you give me a ring the next time you need someone disposed of properly. I'll even give you the child discount"
He laughed as he walked passed her waving his hand high in the air so it was unmistakable that he had no intention of even glancing back at her.
OOC: No worries ^__^ I'm not offended in the least, I understand how IC works. I appreciate the greeting whether it's automated or not. Dark roleplay is just fine with me and I like the idea of keeping the chatter separate from messages so I'm happy to oblige. Thank you for the add or accepting my request lol (can't remember) either way I'm happy to have you on my friend list.

May 26th 2023 - 3:11 PM

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