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About me:
Name: Azuno Alvanor

Age: 19

Race: Human

Class: Summoner

Abilities: As a summoner, Azuno possesses the ability to conjure allies, weapons, and artifacts via a series of randomized, soul-bound magic cards. Given the nature of these cards, he cannot control what’s added to his deck, and therefore has to improvise with what he’s given. The more he uses a specific card, the better likelihood he’ll receive that card once again when his deck is reshuffled. The unpredictable nature of his skill-set has given Azuno a jaded view of his class, treating his role as a summoner more with scorn than admiration.

Bio: Born into a family of renown heroes, Azuno naturally developed many aspirations for adventuring at a young age. These same aspirations applied to his twin sister, Azuna. Unfortunately, fate would have different plans for the boy.

On his thirteenth birthday, both him and his sibling were finally assigned with a class. But It couldn’t have been any worse. While Azuna got the prestigious role of “Knight”, the same class as their parents, Azuno was not so fortunate. Instead of anything even remotely related to a warrior class, he was instead cursed with the most unpredictable class known in the civilized world, “Summoner”.

As a summoner, your skills and powers were not dependent on your own skills, but the skills of others, the skills that the cards may or may not grant you. He remembered praying to every deity for something different, but it was all for naught. One could not change their class once assigned to one, thus was the rule of the world. He remembered the look on his parents face when they found out, the desperately restrained disappointment that permeated the room. At least his sister would have the privilege and responsibility of continuing the family’s heroic legacy.

As for him, he was sent away to train under a family friend. An old, grizzled, ex-military type that happened to be a summoner as well. The tutelage was an… Unorthodox one to say the least. Less about spars and physical training, and more about variables, chaos theory, and knowing what type of cards to play relative to the present moment. He was a demanding instructor, and never once smiled. But at the end of the day, he was grateful for everything he learned from him. On his sixteenth birthday, he was finally deemed skilled enough to venture out into the wild world, to use everything he’s learned to carve his own path in life. If only he knew just what kind of hell the real world actually was.
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